We are getting updates and changes regarding the Coronovirus daily. I can only stress that we make our own decisions regarding whether we ride as a group or not.  Health officials are advising ‘no small or large social gatherings’ and this seems to apply to being on a bike.  Cycling Uk are advising the cancellation of all Group Activities. Coffee shops may well be closing which will make the rides a little different too. Please can we all keep in contact with each other via Facebook and WhatsApp so that we can make sure that if anyone needs anything we are able to help out. We have the OGIL, Pilates and Wattbike WhatsApp groups already. We could make an inclusive Falmouth Wheelers WhatsApp group too but I would need members permission to add them to the Group. Email if you would like this group set up.
I shall make the decision now to cancel the March meeting and will keep you posted regarding the April meeting.



  1. Do we still keep riding?
    I’ve been thinking this through for a while now. This is how I see it.
    Gill and I are fit and healthy and have strong immune systems so we don’t worry too much about catching the virus. But if we did have it we then couldn’t see to Gill’s mums needs – but we would still be self isolating. So we aim to stay virus free.
    So I think whether you have it or not it is important to keep your distance from other people and possible contaminated surfaces. I’m learning to not touch my face on the rare occasions I’m away from the house and thoroughly washing my hands when I return. I suppose in some ways it pays to think like a burglar – no fingerprints or DNA! Once in the “clean” environment of home life is back to normal.
    As Margaret has already mentioned the really important thing is to reduce the pressure on the NHS. So protecting the vulnerable is essential.
    There are differing reports on how long the virus remains “potent” on a surface – I’ve heard from 20 minutes to 72 hrs depending what the surface is. We wash our hands after opening the post but any food stuffs that come into the house we rarely have to bother with as that’ll usually be 72hr+ anyway.
    I think cycling is not only safe, it is an essential part of our lives. The worry is having an accident and compromising our “clean” status if that then means a third party gets involved.
    I think if you can self isolate and ride with others that do the same it’s absolutely fine to ride in a small group. The main thing is to limit the spread of the virus. If you have any health issues – or live with someone that has I wouldn’t take the risk.
    That’s how I see it. Anyone got any thoughts? I may have ignored something very obvious….

  2. Do we keep riding? yes, we should – but having read Kath’s warning and Robin’s reply, I realise we all need to take the situation very seriously. I feel rather guilty now, that the 9.30 ogil group went into Baker Tom’s on Wednesday, and the six of us all sat at the same table. We won’t be doing that again until restrictions are lifted. But for our mental and physical health, we hope to continue riding, as a well spaced-out group for safety and support, taking snacks and a hot drink in a flask. No Wheelers’ shirts on show. On the plus side, we did notice far fewer cars on the roads, even on a weekday, which was nice. It’s more important than ever to avoid having an accident – The NHS has enough to worry about without having to cope with injured cyclists. Take care and stay safe – and well. Liz

  3. I think Cycling UK have put an end to the debate as to whether we ride in groups – however small. But Liz makes a valid point – that for safety and support reasons you may still want to ride with others, but in a small well spaced out group. If you don’t stop anywhere en route, I think there is zero risk of spreading the virus – or getting it.
    But you have to be a lot further than 2 meters behind the person in front – it’s about spittle, sweat etc……

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