Gender Fluidity

Although Martyn confessed to have not ridden for a “few weeks” his presence, in combination with Paul, Phil1 and Adrian, still resulted in a chase across to the other place. It took a “Lady” to be a “Gentleman”, in the form of Kath, to wait for me to catch up at the fruit wholesaler turn. Arriving at Halvasso Parkway after the others I therefore expected a decision as to today’s destination to be done. With a cold and strong South Westerly there was only one choice for me, the Boating Lake Cafe at Helston. The OGIL hadn’t visited the cafe since it was “gentrified” and there was a possibility that there might be a tail wind on the way home. I was interested to see what the others would think about the new decor and seating arrangements. Like Daren Brown, by inserting the words “boating lake” in to my conversations at every opportunity there was no dissent when I more formally suggested Helston, via Gweek, as a likely route. Mike 2 was back but was taking his return to OGILing in easy stages. Last week he put his lycra on, this week he rode over to meet us at “the turn”.  His plan was then to return home by the shortest, and flattest, route that didn’t include going back the way he came. After sorting out Kath’s wardrobe malfunction, her back pocket zip was stuck, she sent out a WhatsApp message to Jan who would be waiting at Kessel Quarry, and to any other would be OGILer who might be late, and we set off. We hadn’t gone far before Adrian had his bike turned topsy turvy and was inspecting a rear tyre. “Go on” he said, “it’ll only take 5 minutes to fix”, but as Mike said he would stay and help it was nearer 15 before he arrived at Gweek. Jan hadn’t arrived then but Phil1 and Kath volunteered to wait, ie were left, as the rest of us carried on. We would eventually all meet up at Mawgan.

The “Road Closed” sign at the entrance to the Trelowarren Estate, was ignored, as were the two logs blocking the road and the “Tree cutting” sign a bit further on, so it was best to ignore the two chaps busily cutting up a fallen tree when we eventually came across them. It was a breezy ride past Culdrose but eventually we all arrived at the boating lake.
The new management have made their mark on the cafe. I was undecided at my first visit but less so second time around. As well as re-panelled walls, and the replacement of the draughty central door with a window, low seating has been installed in two corners, along with a wood burner in one, complemented by a couple of bar type areas, and less ordinary sized tables off set by one large table in the “shade” of a planter with three poorly looking Olive trees. Fortunately the large table was unoccupied, although the cafe was busy, and we managed to get nine of our number around it. Simon and Phil1 drew the short straws and found a small table near by. I was sitting, almost comfortably, before the shock of the new prices hit me. £9.30 for eggs on toast and a pot of tea, about £3 more than before the transformation, seems a little excessive to me. Perhaps I was being a little unreasonable; there were a couple of slices of luke warm tomato and a bit of greenery (what, no quinoa?), although “toast” is now a lightly toasted, near tasteless, white bap. I hope the staff have had an increase in pay from the price increase.

The way back was uneventful, through the town, muddy lanes, hidden lanes, etc, with both Jan and Simon turning off between the cricket club and Chez Jim’s. We said goodbye to Keith at Crane Garage, Fred back at the turn and, when he caught us up,  Phil3 at Argal X. Paul’s flippant comment that it was so nice he might go for a swim later made sure that it was raining as we re-passed through Halvasso. 

Another 37 miles to upload to Strava. Dean (Retired)

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  1. It was interesting to hear about the changes at Helston Boating Lake cafe, as the slower 9.30 OGILs haven’t been there since it was closed for refurbishment at the end of January. The decor sounds quite nice but the new prices are outrageous – they’ll surely lose customers. For the six of us (Sonjia, Ann, Jane, Don M, Mike 1 and myself) who set out today, the destination was our old favourite Miss Molly’s, where coffee and a toasted tea cake – with butter and a generous dish of jam – is still only£4.50. We took the route via Troon, and battled into very strong, cold, head winds so arriving at Miss M’s was a relief. The fire was on and we soon warmed up, and after some good food – the toast is the real thing, huge slices of whole wheat – we had a much easier ride home via the Great Flat lode cycleway and Stithians. 34 miles for me. Liz

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