Ian’s Birthday Ride

Let’s start with Happy Birthday Ian, he really doesn’t look his age, no, he really doesn’t!  Colin was struck down with the lurgy and Dean was making a contraption out of copper pipe so that left what we thought was just Phil C and myself at the missing phone box but just in time Ian flew round the roundabout and off we headed to the other place. Keith, Fred and Simon were the only ones there but then Phil’s phone rang.  Phil S was trying to manoeuvre around a RTC at Penwarne and a closed road.  There was no way through the Policeman told him, not even for a bike.  That meant a second call to say he was having to make a detour and would meet us at the weighbridge.  We didn’t mind as it had just started raining where we were and it looked a little drier ahead.  We had already decided that we would try Baker Tom’s on the Pool industrial estate as it seems to be flavour of the month at the moment so the destination was set. Ian had gone back to find Phil and they soon caught up with us on the way to Halvasso.  It was the usual route, Carmenellis, left, over the hill, right and left and then just before the Releath triangle we took a right. As it was Ian’s birthday we let him lead us down a funny little lane that popped us out in the middle of Troon.  Well, that was a new road for all of us.  Deans Garmin would have like that one. We wiggled around Carn Brea pool and along to Baker Tom’s.  My goodness it’s a very busy industrial estate with no speed restrictions it seemed. We found a nice large table for 7 which was to be needed for 8 as Mike had driven over to join us.  The coffee’s were on Ian today which was lovely and in return we all sang Happy Birthday which he found extremely emotional, were those tears I saw?  The rain did its worst while we were having coffee which did leave wet bikes and wet helmets for the one’s that were daft enough to leave our helmets on the bike.  I’ll learn next time.  The usual route back with a little detour after Stithians.  Where we usually turn right we went straight on keeping Bernie’s place on our right instead of the left.  This brought us back to Longdowns and goodbye to the Birthday boy and back down Halvasso for us meeting what seemed liked the same rain cloud that we had left a few hours earlier.  Phil S was hoping the road had been re-opened and Phil C and I carried on to Falmouth.  My bike seemed to be suffering from the wet and mucky roads and was making a very poorly sound by the time I got home.  I was wet and mucky too but a shower soon sorted that out.  With no wind to speak of and only a sprinkling of rain a very pleasant 36 ish miles.  Oh, and did I say that it was Ian’s birthday today.  Baker Tom’s is very nice with endless toast and jam and a very nice Tea Cake for 90p what’s not to like.

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