Roastie Ride 10.00 a.m. Group

It was dry when I got up and not too cold so it was looking good for the Annual Roastie ride.  The Stag Hunt in Ponsanooth has been the destination for the last couple of years and what a great choice of Pub. There were 11 of us gathered at HQ for the off,  8 or 9 had gone at 9 o’clock and others were making their way a little later or driving.  Our group was a good mix of electric and non electric.

Our route was to be Budock, Halvaso, top of Halvaso, Crane garage, left up to the Council gravel lay by,  a right and then a stop and a chat with Jane outside her house before we swung right to Stithians lake.  It seemed the perfect day to try out the Free Wheel route and I made it all the way to the turning to the lake.  Simon and Denise made it too.  We really must get a date in the diary next year for the Free Wheel challenge.  The cafe at the lake had closed for Christmas so we headed for the pub where we were served with a smile.  11 coffees just as you open and a restaurant and bar full of reserved tables isn’t sometimes what you wish for but it was no trouble for the Golden Lion.

Coffees and mulled wine drunk it was off the Ponsanooth for the roast potatoes. Some had already arrived and the others arrived soon after and we had a total of 33 Falmouth Wheelers in the pub by about 12.30.  The 9 o’clockers had gone via Portreath.  Adrian was there with his grandson, it was lovely to see them out  and great to see Mike join us too.  The roast potatoes really were delicious, already salted and piping hot.  The chips that came out later were equally as delicious.  A couple of Golden Spokes were awarded to Colin and Ian as they hadn’t been able to attend the last meeting.  Colin unfortunately had a visit from the wrong sort of fairy at this time of year, the ‘P’ fairy (not the panto fairy), just as he turned up the road to the pub.  Let’s hope Santa brings him a new wheel as I think that is what is required.

As seems to be the norm at the moment the rain started as we left the pub.  We left in dribs and drabs all taking slightly different routes.  Clive and I made our way to Penryn and home.  Others I understand we still putting the world to rights until 4.30. so I think that indicates a good pub, good beer and great company which pretty much sums up the day.


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