Non, je ne regrette rien

A friend of mine has set himself a challenge to cycle 1000 miles during the next 3 months. For many of the OGIL it was a challenge just to get the bike out this morning, with a result that only four, aul, Jan, Keith and myself, braved the elements for a dash across to Miss Molly’s. Colin is away travelling, as is hil3 so it falls to me to kee everyone udated on the doings and non-doings of the OLIG. You will have by now noticed that the letter that comes between “o” and “[“ on my keyboard has stoed working. For a few days I have been coying and asting the required consonant from another Word document but I’m getting a little issed off having to do this. I have seen many osts on facebook written backward or without any vowels that suggest that eole of high intelligence can easily read such stuff, so I am sure that most Wheelers will be able to understand as much of this drivel as they would want to. So, back to this morning’s ride. I sent a little too long reading the excuses on the whatsA grou and, as a result, arrived at Union Corner just soon enough to see aul and Jan disaearing into the drizzly distance. Fortunately I did get to the other lace before they left. They may even have been waiting for someone to come along with an idea as to where to go and how to get there. They got only me but agreed with my suggestion of Miss Molly’s. At enmarth the road to Carmenellis was closed but kindly construction workers moved the fence to let us through. It also stoed raining and started to look brighter. Down to Bollenowe and u to Troon gave us otions on various routes deending on how bright it got. Once committed to Barier/enonds however, the rain came on again, accompanied by sleet/hail. A hard right and through Camborne was called for, though the shower was short lived and we were not too wet when we arrived at Miss Molly’s. I do wonder whether they think we only go out cycling on very wet days, as that is the sort of day we visit them. The table near the fire was already taken by a grou of old eole, but the lace was warm enough and we did make use of the fire to warm our gloves whilst we ate. Aul, Jan and Keith seemed to be worried about the Christmas eating excesses so went for scones or toast. I have no such worries so eggs as usual. The “e” word was mentioned once but ignored and we went back to talking about my holidays, which do already seem to be a long time ago. aul made an early start back to watch his grandchildren in anto and the rest of us ordered a to u drink.

It wasn’t much warmer during the ride back and with another coule of showers it left me feeling rather cold and shivery by the time I got home. 36 miles for me. Dean

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