What’s in a Name?

We are the long ride. Or the fast ride, as some prefer to call us. But we’re not really that fast and sometimes slower than the slow ride. It’s confusing. One thing is for sure, we’re out for most of the day. And though not everyone joins in, the ride always ends in a pub!

But there’s been a change. Just as Ian, like Pied Piper, drags the Ogle up hill and down dale, we have started exploring too. New lanes. Places yet unknown. Places time has forgot! No more Groundhog Days.
We’ve explored West Penwith and had our coffee stop at the cafe in Porthgwarra. We’ve been to Fowey and crossed the Bodinnick ferry on our way to Lostwithiel. And this week we went to St Mawgan. Hardly a big change you might think – but consider the route we took from Tresillian to Mitchell through previously uncharted lanes. Who’s been to Benny Mill? Or Boswiddle? Villages and hamlets that were, until Sunday, unknown to us. We rode up through Mountjoy, Trevithick ( now there’s a name ) to Tregaswith, popping out not too far from Newquay airport. Just a hop and a skip ( not literally – we’re on bikes! ) and we’re in the worlds nicest cafe in St Mawgan.
We took the direct route home on account of a promise I made earlier in the day to Alice. Neil had a puncture on the way out near Truro and returned home with my pump….? The remaining six are in one of the photos and I wrote the report – and took the photo.

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