Lord, don’t stop the Carnival

When I heard that Boardmasters had been cancelled because of an extreme weather report I had secretly hoped that the Falmouth Carnival Organisers might have taken note. I had avoided being in or even watching the Falmouth Carnival in each of the previous 30 years I have lived in Cornwall, and now I know why. Mind you, there were many that didn’t share my opinion. Caroline was there, Steve and Gill, Marilyn, Teresa, £5 Jim, Rob Jenkin, but all of them watching the Wheelers entry; seventeen in total, of all ages, splendidly dressed up to look like cyclists. Some actually were. Robin was walking, as he couldn’t find a bike that was working, as was Gill and their son, and grandchildren, and another chap who I was told was a runner, but I only had Robin’s word for that. Adrian was there, with grandkids, Colin, who was really excited as it was the only time he had ridden on closed roads, Paula, Dick Vandyke, Liz, Jo,

Richard753, and Kath. We were the mystery entry, many in the hundreds that crowded the streets saying it was a mystery to them why this bunch of cyclists had chosen to go out for a ride on Carnival night. Some taking part had put slightly more effort into their entry; even some of the bystanders had put more effort in, and these received well-deserved cheers from the crowds. The Carnival atmosphere, however, managed to infuse into us and there were several suggestions as to what we should do next year. Yes, I thought, book a holiday. However, unlike any other Carnival I have been in, in my youth, this one started on time, didn’t get straggly towards the end and wasn’t too long. Just how long, I cannot say as Mr Garmin refused to come along.

Grumpy Old Git (in Lycra).

Thanks to Kath for organising, again, and it was not too bad really.

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