E, that was a good ride

It was a passing visit to Electric Pete’s bike shop on Commercial Road, Penryn that prompted Clive to take up the offer to try out Pete’s pride and joy, his Red Shiny e bike on the next OGIL ride. So, it was Clive, myself, Phil 1,Colin,Adrian, Ian and Nigel also on his e bike that met at Union Corner. In the currently bone dry other place were just 3 others, Phil 3, Mr Happy and Mike.  Amanda had posted an OGIL suggestion just the day before on fb of the Woodmans Cabin Café in Idless Woods. Decision made then.  The problem was going to be who knew the way.  Mr Happy put a route on one of his devices, Phil 1 seemed to know the way too so off we went following Ian! As usual we had a nice varied route set by Ian and with a bit of blip regarding a missed right turn on the way we all managed to rendezvous at dangerous X roads. With all danger out of the way we managed to X safely. It was more dangerous crossing the next main road where we then headed off down the Sshh lane toward Shortlanesend.  After cycling down some very narrow lanes we suddenly arrived at our destination. The Woodmans Cabin is a lovely rustic café serving everything a Wheeler could want.  Orders included Eggs on Toast, Beans on Toast (Heinz), Sausage Bap and Cake. I didn’t feel we stayed that long but it was a 2 coffee stop for some and once the photo shoot was completed we headed off.  Clive and I decided to go visit our Grandson, Dougie, in Truro on the way home so this is where the true OGIL report finishes. Hopefully all arrived home with no problems.  That’s just reminded me that we had one visit from the ‘P’ fairy on the way out, no awards for speed though today.  After visiting one very tired little boy, not Clive, we headed back home via Penweathers, Bissoe, Perranwell, Hangmans Hill, Penryn, Electrics Pete’s shop to drop the bike back off and home.

Clive enjoyed his trip out with the OGIL today though he’s not convinced that the bike he borrowed is for him.  We’re back down the shop tomorrow to try another style of e bike. Hopefully or new OGILer will be out again soon.


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