Eight go to Portreath.

As you know, I do not normally write Sunday ride reports, but when Phil1 asked the young waitress if she had a Redbush, I just couldn’t miss the opportunity.

There was just me at HQ at ten to nine and I was beginning to think that there might be another ride going on somewhere, or there had been an all night party that I hadn’t been told about. Finally Colin, and Phils 1&3 turned up and a new prospective member, by the name of Tania, who confused us by saying that she was Robin’s friend. Phil4 made up the numbers, looking a little ruffled as he had taken a tumble on the way over. Robin suggested Portreath and no one thought differently. Teresa and Tania took the road up to Treluswell whilst the boys, less Phil4 who had already turned back, turned up Truro hill. Robin made a detour to collect his glasses and we regrouped at Norway Inn. It was a cold cloudy start to the day, which is probably the reason for the low turn out. We allowed Robin to lead correcting him only when he wanted to turn towards Mount Hawke, rather than Mawla, and we allowed him to talk us into revisiting the Atlantic, rather than the Tideline, but it was a pleasant ride over, in spite of the weather. The one advantage of the Atlantic is the large round table, which was more than enough room for us seven. I will gloss over Phil’s faux pas, noting only that I ordered a pot of tea and Tania and Phil wanted the same only decaf. However, when the drinks arrived we were presented with one pot of hot water and two decaf tea bags and one plain; the excuse being that they were busy and only had the one tea pot available. Looking round the number of empty tables did not support that. I was not amused, and mentioned the fact. Was this what life was going to be like in a post Brexit Britain under a US trade deal? She retreated to find another, small tea pot, which suited me fine but left Phil and Tania with a large pot of weak decaf tea. Well what do they expect if they drink decaf. Surprisingly all the food arrived, and at roughly the same time, and produced no adverse comments. Robin was eager to award them 10 out of 10, I suggested 6. I didn’t want to be ungenerous. Johnson did get a mention during the conversation, as did next Sunday’s Audax.

It was raining by the time we left and steadily worsened as we made our way back. Turning right at Bridge Garage gives a good alternative, if hillier, route, re-joining the usual road at Jenn’s Diner. Rather than continuing through Redruth to Lanner Hil, we were persuaded, yet again, to bear right, up, yes up, Trewergie Hill and Buller Hill, before turning towards Stithians. This was only Tania’s second outing on her bike. Would she and Robin remain friends? Robin and the ladies then left us, heading back towards Lanner, heading Mylor way, whilst the rest of us continued through Stithians, Deaf cat ally, Longdowns, Halvasso and home. 38, ish miles for me . Dean

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