Ride Report, 2 (Flaming) June

Only 12 wheelers turned up at H.Q. as I assume some of the others were taking part in the Bishops Forum Charity ride. Portreath was the chosen destination as the forecast was a bit indifferent. We set off Budock etc then to Gweek up chapel hill , Coverack Bridges Releath heading for Baripper then it started to rain not being content with mist or mizzle it had to rain proper so we continued through Camborne to Tuckingmill where I had intended to drop down to the Beufighter memorial to Tehidy and thus Portreath, for some unknown reason we ended up in the dip by Warrior warehouse we then went off road on what was signed as a cycle path. The terrain was too much for Phil 1 and he had a visit from the P fairy Neal
and Phil 3 went back to assist give advice etc. As it was still raining the rest of us carried on well that is 6 of us did the remaining 3 not sure what to do as Dean was trying to reassemble a broken mine route sign!! As we emerged out near the electricity office Robin remembered a route through the College so we ended up at Tideline Café (Under new Management) Portreath wet cold etc. After refreshment we discussed route back Terrasa said she remembered a route turning right at Bridge coming out at Jens Diner, She set off and said you will all catch me up so off she went,  so we turned right at Bridge and on the way up the hill Andrew said are sure this is the way she was going as there was no sign of her.  We  waited at Jens Diner but she was a no show so assumed she must of beaten us there and carried on. “Now we were 11” Dean left us at Redruth to see a friend “now 10” Phil 1 left a short while after heading straight home “now 9” Robin and Phil 4 left us at four lanes to meet Richard 101 at the Stag Hunt “now 7” and I left them at bottom Halvasso “now 6” having run the Gauntlet of the Bishops Forum team waving us into the finish line. Apart from the Rain a momentary route error and the ”P” fairy a good ride.

The Cast was as follows Phil’s 1-3 4 Colin, Neal, Dean, Robin, NZ Dave, TD Dave, Terrasa who I hope got home safely if not wet and cold and yours Truly.

44 miles for me


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