OGIL breakfast meeting

I have been sitting here for quite a while; not trying to remember where we went and who was there, but trying to make it sound a bit more interesting. Some weeks are like that, I suppose; no one fell off; no mechanicals; no one rushed off at a great rate and got lost; no original excuses for not being there. With a not very promising weather forecast Fred suggested Helston boating lake, and I think Phil3 suggested going via Trevano for a change. It seems that there had been a fire at Miss Molly’s yesterday, our usual destination on a wet day, and it is closed “UFN”, whatever that means. Just two of us set out from Union Corner, Nigel and myself, and six more at the other place. We met up with Jan at Longdowns. Perhaps it was the lower turnout that meant everyone behaved themselves with no incidents, other than a couple of sudden stops on narrow lanes caused by oncoming speeding vehicles, as we made our way in the drizzle, across to Porkellis. Turning left at Releath and across to Prospidnick, we then turned back towards Helston, by which time the rain had stopped. The café was quiet and we easily managed to arrange three tables to seat the nine of us. Conversation was largely on various rides, especially the One an All Charity ride this coming Sunday. This starts at Stithians lake and there are 3 or 4 distances available. Some of us are planning on getting there about 9am. You just turn up, register, hand over your donation, and ride. Although we waited long enough to have a second round of coffees the rain did not start again, so we had to ride back in the dry. Phil3, Raymondo and Andrew, with lingering concerns about dead badgers, decided to return via Poldark Mine and Carnkie Hill rather than the main Helston road so Keith, Fred, Mike 2 and myself didn’t see them again after Wendron School. We were back very early and only 34 miles for me. Still that meant I could join the pub ride to Perranwell. Dean

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