A good ride report is worth waiting for ….

but here’s one of mine while you are waiting. Liz told me that she didn’t write ride reports unless something interesting had happened on the ride. Lots happened on last weeks OGIL ride but whether you find it interesting or not I leave to you. True, Kath hadn’t reported in with another of her hilarious excuses, we didn’t have to divert via Crane Garage to meet up with Jan, Simon had gone missing, again, and we were denied the subtle wit of Ian, but the reappearance of the M&Ms is noteworthy. In celebration we headed for the water gardens near Shortlanesend, aka Penrose Kitchen. Fred was nominally leading, but even I have a fair memory of the way there; Greek Church, Stithians, Burncoose, just a minute I’ll have to check with Mr G, Chacewater, Truro airport and Tregavethan. We arrived just the right side of 11 o’clock and 21 miles. However, unfortunately, the “Kitchen” was closed. A quick review of the situation and my suggestion of dropping back in to Truro to visit the Chaos Café was accepted.

For some reason, whilst Falmouth has a larger population than Truro it is less well served by good quality cycling infrastructure. The off road path from Shortlanesend to the to the top of Kenwyn hill is a good example; constructed more than 15 years ago and serving the thousands(?) who commute daily from the former to the latter. We were not in peak rush hour so passed not a soul on our way south. Was there, I asked, an alternative to dropping all the way down into Truro and then climbing back up Mitchell Hill. We could see where we wanted to be and there seemed to be little blocking our way other than the Allen valley. Martyn took on the task, leading us down past Epithany House, who knew, and out to Idless to find a crossing over the river, then back along the other bank to Moresk Road and the slightly less steep climb up to the Park & Ride. It was a few miles longer but a pleasant ride on an equally pleasant morning. It was nearer lunchtime at the Chaos Café but after we had scared away a woman who had previously been enjoying a quiet coffee we rearranged the vacated table to accommodate us all. The food is good, cheap and is served with more than one smile. Talk, obviously, included Sunday’s Pathfinder and variations as to where and when those participating would meet up.

More off road cycling after we left, first across to St Clement’s Hill, then, after dropping down to Tesco, along the former railway track to the Old Falmouth Road. Chatting, I hardly noticed the climb up to Playing Place. It was then down into Carnon Downs, Carnon gate and the dash through Suicide Ally, isn’t it a pity that there isn’t an off road path through this section, then Hangman’s hill and home.  41 Miles for me. If you are interested enough to want to know what it was for Nigel, Phils1&3, Fred, Andrew and the M&Ms, you’ll have to ask them.

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