take me home country roads …

Comments have been made about the absence of an OGIL ride report and suggestions made that I couldn’t remember anything about the ride. This is complete tosh, I remember it as if it was only last week. I have been so absorbed by the depth of informed opinion coming out of Parliament this week that I have hardly had chance to do anything else. However, not to disappoint my numerous followers here I go. 

I had allowed plenty of time to deal with traffic light lane so only Adrian at Union Corner when I arrived, but by 8.50am Kath was still the only other one to turn up, although Ian caught us up before long and Phil 1 was not far behind when we arrived at the other place. Andrew and Phil3 were back from their travels, raising our numbers to 10, 11 counting Jan who had said she would be waiting at Kessel Quarry. It was a cool morning, not exactly a Poldhu day, but that was Fred’s suggestion and we all quickly agreed before he began twisting arms. A quick Whatsapp message to Jan and we were off. For Kath it would be her first full ride this year. I’m not sure we had even started off before the destination changed, to the Crafty Slice at Mullion, and Mike called to warn them. At Brill we took the recently popular right turn taking us up to four-mile hill so we could swoop down into Gweek. We hadn’t been there long before Jan arrived and we could get on our way, up to Garras, through Trelowarren and, with a quick dash across the downs, to Mullion. Andrew’s ring tone played us in. Mike’s phone call had done its trick and three tables had been drawn together and a waitress stood ready for our orders. 

Nigel was a little disappointed when it was suggested we didn’t continue on to Poldhu hill, but the alternative, back along the country roads to Cury Cross Lanes was testing enough on a well fed stomach. I wanted to turn right here and head back to Garras but apart from Adrian and Mike, who I waved on, I was overwhelmingly outvoted in favour of the main road up to Culdrose.  Another dash past the airfield took us into Helston for the usual Muddy lanes, hidden lanes, etc. 45 miles for me. Dean

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