An OGILing New Year!

The OGIL year has begun ominously. It did start well as six of the usual suspects (but missing Fred, Dean and Ian) met up at the other place. We decided on Poldhu for coffee (me anticipating the best sausage baps in Cornwall). Trevor made a 5 minute appearance before setting off to see Martyn about Audax business. There was a bit of a chill breeze but the dry weather was still with us. The usual route was down to Gweek and then up the sharp steep left to Mawgan.

All was going well as we climbed through Trelowarren. Until we met an unseasonable bin lorry. In fairness he did come to a stop. But the tarmac was not wide enough to accommodate us lowly types on two wheels and we had to drop off the edge to get past. In trying to get back on the tarmac Mike came to grief and fell on his outstretched hand, resulting in a nasty gash. The OGIL first aid team/rescue service sprang into action. WOW champion Raymond squirted an ice cold jet of liquid into the wound from his recently cleaned out bottle as Mike winced. Adrian applied a dressing and tourniquet. Raymond then tore off into the head wind back to St Keverne to fetch his ambulance. Meanwhile the rest of the team escorted Mike at top speed the 5 miles to Helston Minor Injuries Unit. Mike was asked by the triage nurse if his wife’s name was with an “i” or a “y”. No he replied. It is spelt with an “L” . A check for head trauma was requested.

Raymond returned and stowed Mike’s bike in his ambulance. (we had forgotten to check his bike over but it just looked a bit ruffled.) Abandoning Poldhu (and the best sausage baps this side of the Tamar) we took our coffee at Sainsbury’s instead until Mike returned having been super-glued back together again by the brilliant NHS. Inevitably much of the talk concerned road safety with Adrian relating some hair-raising scrapes with road rage drivers in Bristol. It was an hour later than we thought when Mike got into Raymond’s wagon for a lift home and Keith, Adrian and myself headed home via Muddy Lane. A moderate 25 miles for me. 2019 can only improve, surely….



retyped by Chris as Simon is one of those types with a Mac (not the coat type) and they don’t like talking to Computers! 😀

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