September Pathfinder Report

I wasn’t able to go on the previous pathfinder to the Roseland so after doing a reccy a couple of weeks ago in beautiful weather I was really looking forward to last week’s Pathfinder.  We were certainly not disappointed and with a total of 23 riders there were others also looking forward to the trip across the water.

We met as planned at Trelissick gardens for the first of our coffee stops and then it was down the hill to the 10.40 King Harry ferry. The ride up the other side I feel is never as bad as anticipated, it’s just that last kick on the final corner that hurts. We met at the top and sailed along to the first re group. We then had a couple of testing hills before arriving in the picturesque village of Veryan. It was decision time here, did we all want to go via the beach or via the more hilly Mill route. The beach was the preferred option so , tandem included, we took the little path that goes along the top of the beach. It was then up the hill and on to our lunch stop at Portscatho. There was a wide variety of options, the pub, the beach cafe, the local bakery for pasties or my option of the cafe which served fish and chips. They also did a wide selection of delicious looking sandwiches. I didn’t have any glasses with me so had to opt for a toasted tea cake and it was very tasty. The weather was warming up nicely and we had some welcome sunshine.

With a rendezvous time of 2pm we were off back to the ferry. It is just 5 interesting miles back to the ferry passing the pub at Philleigh en route. It seemed rude not to stop so a few of us did partake. We caught the ten past 3 ferry back across where some stopped again for a cream tea making it a 4 stop pathfinder!

It was a great day out with brilliant company as usual. We had a few mechanicals which always makes it interesting but nothing that couldn’t be fixed enough to get the rider home. It certainly made Sonjia’s ride more varied.

On to the next one at the end of October.

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