Obstacles? Ha! We laugh in the face of obstacles.

Obstacle number one. The Weather.

Now, we are all familiar with a spot of weather in Cornwall. Mist makes the landscapes more dramatic. Wind gives the hills character. Rain makes the tea taste better. Agreed? So when the three of us (myself, Phil4 and Dean) turned up at HQ with our freshly dusted off rain jackets, we did wonder where the rest of the group were. Sensible people. Once we’d realised it was just us, we decided to go a wiggly way to Helston. Or rather, I followed the other two round some windy roads through Gweek, Trelowarren, and Cross Lanes (can you tell I’m consulting Strava for our route?). We had a delightful headwind most of the way, which definitely did add character to the hills.

Obstacle number two. The Tree.

Isn’t it amazing how powerful nature is? A bit of a blustery night and suddenly the whole road is blocked. We stumbled across this obstacle somewhere on the road towards Gweek (Strava didn’t record the location of that particular detail). Rather than suffer the inconvenience of turning around and climbing the hill we’d just flown down, we decided to go through the tree. Dear reader (and absentee Wheeler), you would have marvelled at the contortions we pulled, over and under the branches, bikes on our shoulders and tangled in leaves. Some nice, friendly men with chainsaws helped us out the other side.

Obstacle number three. The Gravel.

Most of the rest of the journey went quite smoothly. We made our way to Helston and stopped by the duck pond for food. Dean fed the birds, tuppence a bag. The rain stopped. Tea was had. The dastardly headwind of before even blew us home. It was all quite idyllic. Be warned though, the newest section of road beset by gravel is just off the A394 on the way to Halvasso, which we reached when the rain was pouring again. It was not our fastest section.

 Despite the obstacles, it was a wonderful ride.


(Obstacle number four. The Sodden Kit)

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