Round Objects, or not to be read before 9pm

Last week I was mildly chastised for reporting, verbatim, Paul’s opinion of Tao Tzu, and, as with certain “fine art” images on facebook, I had to place a couple of *s in sensitive places to escape the blue pencil, though this does rely on those who may be offended not being able to spell very well. This did upset me a little, but on a scale in a week that included 60 unarmed protestors shot dead in Gaza and news that Prince William still proposed to visit Israel next month, it was of no consequence. I know that chastised is an old fashioned word, but I felt that made it appropriate. I did consider ”a gentle ribbing” but then imagined what would happen if someone Googled the expression. My reaction is, maybe, affected by the loss of my old friend Mr Garmin, who has gone on his final trip, to the WEEE collection point. I thought I had fixed his lack of energy with a battery transplant but this did not stop him periodically loosing interest in the ride; I can’t have both of us doing that. I shall miss his cheerful chuckle as he logged a new road and his “tut-tutting” when I failed to take notice of the direction he thought I should be travelling in. I have acquired a replacement, from Mike2, but it’s not the same.

Perhaps I should just stick to the basic details of the Wednesday morning ride; the original “OGIL” ride that is, not to be confused by the other, lesser rides, that have sprung up in the last 12 months. Ok, here we go. Ian led 6 of us, Amanda, Kath, Simon, Phil1, Raymondo and myself, on a pleasant route to Loe Beach, and back again. It was pleasantly sunny. 34 miles; route on Strava and café review on the message board. Dean.

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