In case a certain little lady passes by.

I thought I would be wearing my Night Vision jacket from Evans Cycles all year, but today, today was an opportunity to leave it safely on the back of the door, and not only that; the shorts came out for an airing, though we were lucky not to pass any horses and frighten them with my winter legs. And where else would you want to go on such a day? Poldhu, of course, and unlike the club Audax day, there would be time to sit and savour the view.

Kath was already at Union Corner and Phil1 and Amanda joined us. Ian caught us up before we reached the other place and joined up with Mike2, Paul and Phil3. Thankfully I didn’t have to suggest Poldhu, my subliminal messages had hit their targets, though Ian, taking charge, and hearing that Amanda needed to be back in a reasonable time, decided that a visit to Constantine, via High Cross should be added to the usual route through Gweek and Trelowarren. I looked out for our dear friend who we have seen so many times as we dropped down to the Trelowarren gate but did manage to talk to an old boy who was coming up. I am pleased to report that April is well, and on being told that he would be seeing her that morning, I requested that he gave her “the cyclists’ regards”. It is not polite to talk about a lady’s age but lets just say that she is at least 20 years older than me. Gives one hope. Trelowarren must be doing well as there is new tarmac in evidence along sections of the drive, especially the left hand leg that takes you out to the main road. It was a pleasure to ride and is to be recommended to Cormac to follow suit on the rest of the County’s highways.

Arrival at Poldhu beach was spot on 11 o’clock, and food ordered we sat in the sun watching the big sea crash on to the sands. “5 minutes”, suggested someone.

The loud “pop” after climbing the hill to the Golf Club was not my lungs bursting, it was Phil1’s rear inner tube, a great opportunity to have a rest, whilst Phil fixed it. The rest of the ride home passed without incident.

47 miles for me. Dean

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