The best Wednesday this week.

Although Mystic Meg had suggested it was to be a sunny day it was raining when I got up and I did wonder whether I was the first, the last or the only one to be at Union Corner; but Kath, Phil1 and finally Ian eventually joined me. John was already at Halvasso turn when we arrived, with Keith, Mike2, Phil3 and Andrew. Though the weather had cleared by now I suggested a roundabout route to Miss Molly’s and with no dissent we were soon on our way. Porkellis, Relief, Black Rock, Troon, Wheal Edward and Brea, was a little too short and we arrive both early and slightly under the 20 mile mark.

I thought there might have been one or two riders from the Santander Trip to entertain us with the details; I did hear that some of the younger riders cycled all the way; but without them we had to make our entertainment. Plates were full, cups were refilled, and with Kath’s regular interjection of  “stop it!” in an attempt to keep, some of, us on the straight and narrow, conversation was lively. It was another 60 minute plus café stop in the company of John Denver and our “beautiful” waitress..

A simple route out was followed by a simple route back, along the cycle track to St Euny Church and over to Four lanes, etc. 35 miles for me. Dean

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