No rain today!

It’s a simple route to the Bluebell nursery café near Praze, but Ian was leading. And leading he was; setting a cracking pace for an OGIL ride. He had been last arriving at Union Corner so was determined not to be last at any other point on what was an excellent ride out. Not enough potholes for Trevor, who appeared to have borrowed a pedal powered tank from the Water-ma-trout Business Park at Helston, and took advantage of trying out every pothole he could manage to steer into along the way. After leaving Halvasso, having picked up the three Mawnan boys, and Keith, we first took a trip round to see if Bernie was back, he had enjoyed his trip to the Nursery café so much last time, before taking the long way around Stithians and the lake and then heading off to Black Rock, and Crowan. Here, as last time, bearing in mind the 11 o’clock Rule it was decided that it was too early to head straight to the Café (note that the 11 o’clock Rule doesn’t apply if the destination is Perranuthno as they stop serving breakfast then), so a “detour” out to Carnhell Green was called for, well, at least accepted.

The Bluebell Nursery café isn’t the quickest places to get served, but the owners are welcoming. Toasted hot cross buns seemed to be the choice of most who sat on the one table, whereas the rest of us went of our usual, and whilst they continued with “bike talk”, we, after briefly sharing views on various mapping devices, discussed whether this Government would ever allow Kath to retire before she unclipped her pedals for the last time. There was a moment of excitement when the fire alarm went off, but apart from waking up the kitchen staff, no harm was done.

The way back was more straight forward, along to Praze and up the hill, avoiding Drift, and across to Four Lanes; except that Ian, realising the route had been fairly flat, took us up Crellow Hill, in Stithians, before heading for Chez Jim’s and home. At Crane Garage I politely thanked Ian for his expert leadership. “The pleasure was all mine”, he replied. There were some that agreed with him.

Kath, Phil1 and I had a quick look around the new houses at Union Corner before bidding adieu. Nearly 43 miles for me. Dean

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