I wondered, would I be lonely?

I have been a bit of a wuss lately, avoiding the rain and snow in favour of a spin class, or two. With Mystic Meg suggesting only three spots of rain at 9 o’clock and another one at 11, and with a blue sky to the Northwest, I felt it was time to make amends. Kath had already posted that she would not be out* so I was feeling pretty smug when, at 8.50 there were no other Wheelers at Union Corner, and set off on the lonely ride to the other place. No one standing in the gateway either, but what’s that? Without Fred’s guidance three members of the Mawnan Smith OGILers, Mad Mike, Phil3 and Andrew, had decamped to the Halvasso junction with Keith. It took us a while to decide on a destination but settled on Peranuthnoe.

I mostly remembered the way and with a little help from the others we arrived at the Cabin in reasonable time. A few spots, and a chilly wind, on the way but in places it was almost warm, fields of daffodils reflecting the morning sun. Following Phil’s directions, “all knees to the left” we fitted around the smallest table, using the window ledge as an overflow for less important items of crockery and spare toast. Conversation drifted between bicycle repairs and “bike shops I have visited” and I nodded off for a while. The mention of the word “nipple” did briefly wake me, but it was just Phil retelling the story of his broken spokes. They were still at it when we left, Keith realising that he couldn’t change up to his large chainwheel.

After a traffic fume laden dash along the main road we dropped down the lane to Rinsey and with the sea on our right, into Porthleven. After the potholes experienced during most of the ride the cobbled harbour road didn’t seem too bad. Climbing back along the top of the sea wall we made our way up and over, before cutting through the Penrose estate to Helston. There was a heavy downpour in Helston but it didn’t last and soon we were travelling along sunny, muddy and hidden lanes; a quick dash down the main road and off past Wendron Cricket Club. Keith left us at Crane garage and I left the Mawnan boys at the cross roads. The best part of 48 miles for me.


  • I later found out that once we were safely on our way to Perranuthnoe Kath set out to Miss Moll’s with friends.

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