Long Ride Report 25 Feb.

No one was terribly keen to go to St Ives today. It was the thought of riding back into a biting easterly wind that put us off. It didn’t take long to decide on Perranporth as a good alternative, it is similar, it is by the sea. Fred, Helston Trevor, Robin, Phil4. Devon Jim, Amanda, Simon, Raymond, Sam and Phil1 were the team this week. If last week was a P day then this week was going to be the M day. The First mechanical problem was on Sam’s rear wheel before we left HQ. He left for home to try and put it right and catch up later. So it was off into Penryn where the next problem occurred this time with Amanda. Her rear brakes were not working very well and on checking discovered there was no rubber on the blocks, ‘I’m sure they were new not that long ago’. Another wheeler bit the dust. The route was over to Bissoe, Chacewater, Blackwater, Mount Hawke, St Agnes. On leaving St Agnes some of the group decided to go via Blue Hills, three of us did not. We all met up in the Green Parrot. Usual stuff was eaten, the conversation was convivial and almost as long a stop as a Wednesday OGIL ride. Leaving the warmth of the Green Parrot we set off into the cold up Perrancoombe. Almost at the top and disaster struck for the third time. Disasters do come in threes don’t they? Raymond’s rear wheel came out of the dropouts and buckled. Some attempts were made to straighten it but it looked terminal. Lucky for Raymond Fred’s wife was visiting a friend in St Agnes. And shortly afterwards arrived to rescue Raymond. Thank you to Carol. Off again and hopefully no more disasters. Route back was via Mithian and on to Scorrier loosing Robin and Phil4 on the way, they had a pub to get to! Rest of the ride was uneventful and all those left peeled off one by one on the way back.

57 miles a good ride if nothing broke!


Phil 1

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