Hey Ho, Hey Ho, it’s off to work we go.

It may have been dry January for some, certainly not the OGIL.  I was debating whether to go out as the forecast was not good but had improved.  I was sent a link for the weather in Dubai which said Sunny, Breezy and Pleasant.  I think it was talking about the participants of the OGIL and not our weather.

Dean, Raymond ,Phil 1, Amanda and I met at Union Corner. Fred, Phil 3,Simon, Keith and Mike were at the other place.  I needed to be at work sometime later and Amanda needed to be home by 1 for work.  I thought that we could head in the direction of Penrose Water Gardens but it was a good job that we didn’t as they are closed for a Refurb at the moment.  One to go back to next month maybe and see what they have done.  We decided on Porthleven and headed off on the usual route.  Everybody knows where that is, except me apparently.  Somewhere just before Godolphin Cross the rain started and I stopped to put my coat on.  Phil and Simon had waited for me, though when we reached the pub at the Crossroads with no one else in sight we took a left turn to head in the Helston direction.  Simon had suggested that we carry on and enter Porthleven from the Rinsey direction which is the usual route I now learn. We went the other way.  Anyway we had a nice ride through Breage and arrived just a minute or two before the others who had gone via Rinsey, perfect timing!

We um’d and ah’d about where we were going for coffee and Nauti but Ice won the vote, though I do like the Hideaway especially for their prices, Bacon Bap and a decent cup of coffee for less than a fiver.  No knitting group today which gave us plenty of tables to choose from.  We talked about the route or my lack of knowledge of it and lots of other things non political.  Amanda left early to ensure she was back by 1.  Sadly Mike’s fry up that he ordered never arrived and he had to go off to find something to sustain him for the ride home.

Back through Penrose estate where I met some friends and a potential new OGILer who has just moved to Falmouth and Fred greeted a couple that he knew.  Must have been the day for going to Helston.  Fred, I and a couple of others braved Muddy Lane which I feel needs to be re- named to ‘just a bit muddy with a few big puddles’ Lane.

Back at Crane Garage Keith and I went first, Keith left at Longdowns and me to Penryn Station via Mabe hill which is where I found out that I had virtually lost my brakes.  It was a very slow slide down to Asda.  The train was just pulling into the station when I arrived and I was at work by 2.

A hard ride in the wind and rain which felt longer than the 39 miles that it was but as they say, You never regret etc. etc.


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