Ride Report Sunday 28th Jan

For some unexplainable reason I was first to arise at H.Q. But was soon joined by (hopefully fully paid up members of the Falmouth Wheelers Plug over)

Any way the usual chit chat broke out with no particular place to go Perranporth was eventually suggested then Dean arrived we are off to Chiverton Cross to join a we want a foot bridge protest Aldermaston has nothing on this I thought 100 years since certain selected ladies were allowed to vote Trelawney move over here we come. So with fire in our veins we set of on Route 66 – riding along on our pedalmobiles we would have sung go go johnny go but we didn’t have a John with or a carol to steal our hearts a way so we just cycled to Chiverton cross where a very light hearted protest was held, least I think it was? someone said that’s it was over so it must have been. No chaining to fences no Bra’s burnt no hunger strikes! protests just aren’t fun anymore, we were joined here by Martin and Margaret on solo kids bikes (small wheels) it was nice to see Martin back on a bike complete with heart monitor pills resuscitation machine ventilator all dually carried by Margaret (softly softly Martin please) so after all the excitement or lack of it we all needed a cup of coffee or something so it was off to the Green Parrott in Perranporth (this parrot is deceased I here you say) A rather lengthy coffee stop was enjoyed where upon we discussed several items (none of which had anything to do with cycling) things like world banking, vegans, vegetarians, nuclear physics, is cheese good for you and where have all the steaks gone, long time passing.

We returned the usual route details of which I will not bore you with. For one moment it was almost Here comes the Sun but not to be for long. We tried grey skies are going to clear up put on a happy face but it didn’t work. Our numbers varied during the ride we started with 17 then it was 15 then it was 16 and on the return we started with 16 then 14 then 10 then 8 then 7 then 8 then 7 then 6 then 5 back to Falmouth.

All were accounted for and a pleasant ride on a typical Cornish day 4 seasons in 1

The cast were Amanda, Danny, Ian, Dean, N.Z Dave, Robin, Phil 1, Phil 4, Silvia, Trevor, Raymond, Ben, Victor, Mike 1, Martin, Beverly and Myself. Martin and Beverly left us at Treverva to do their own ride. Martin and Margaret joined us at Chiverton and Silvia made her own way home.

50 miles for me


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