One Wedding and a Funeral?

Royal wedding fever even reached the OGIL this week, as although there was nothing “borrowed” there was “something new” and “something blue”; our destination, the Bluebell Nurseries. Kath had been threatening to take us there ever since she came across it, whilst off course on the last Audax. The only thing preventing her was the small fact that she couldn’t remember exactly where it was. “Near Camborne” was not good enough, even for the OGIL. However, Single Speed Ian, confessed to knowing just where it was and, displaying all the aspects of a future Chairman, offered to lead.

Bernie was at Union Corner when I arrived, along with Ian and Kath, and Phil1 nearly caught us up by the time we got to the other place. Simon, Keith, Mike2 and Paul, sporting facial hair worthy of a recently returned Robinson Crusoe, had already agreed on Miss Molly’s but with the weather report more promising than expected this was soon put aside in favour of the Bluebell Nursery; now said to be nearer Praze than Camborne. Well, if all else fails there is a café in the centre of Praze. I needed to refer to Mr Garmin for the route we took, as he chuckled away merrily with several new roads to add to his A-Z of byways, but since I got home he has stopped working. I will have to rely on my own memory, a risky business. It was all straight forward as far as Black Rock, out via Bolenowe, but then we took the rarely noted fourth way, a narrow lane that takes one down to Crowan. At several points we were almost in sight of our destination but keen not to repeat last week’s error of breaking the first rule of OGILing, by arriving before 11 o’clock, Ian took us on yet another deviation; this time out to Carnhell Green, Eventually we headed back towards the B3303, and the Bluebell Nursery and café. The nursery changed hands a couple of years ago and the café opened in January 2016, vaguely styled on an American Diner. Everyone seemed happy with the menu, the food and the prices. Everyone that is but Bernie; who wasn’t there to sample the delights. He had been with us at the junction shortly before the café. Both Phil and I left messages on his mobile but to no avail. It was to be a 2 coffee stop and 70 minutes before we were back on the road; back towards Carmenellis and around the reservoir to Carnkie. Folk drifted off as they do and the rain came in when those left reached the other place again. I reckon that it was about 38 miles for me and, of course, the rain had stopped by the time I got home. What happened to Bernie? Is it the end of the road for Mr Garmin? Has he made his final login to the Cloud? Sign in again next week to find out. Dean

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