A cunning plan

Phil3, yes really, it was he and not Phil1, had a cunning plan to bring the OGIL ride back to a more sensible speed. By suggesting the destination, and stating that he would lead, he could, he thought, lower the speed to something a bit more sedate. It was a good plan. Simon added his pennyworth by stopping after just a few miles, and proceeded to take his rear wheel out, have a good look at it, pump up the tyre a tiny bit more, squeeze it a few times, and put it back in again. Kath has been saying that she would like to do a course on bike maintenance but was not one of those who stopped to support/watch this episode, and so missed out on seeing an expert randonneur at work. Phil’s destination was the Krowji, at Redruth, but by a less familiar route. Halvasso was dismissed, at least for the route out, and we continued on the Constantine road, as far as Brill, before turning towards the A394, across and on to Wendron school. After a short, but unpleasant, stretch on the Helston-Redruth road it was a left to Bodilly, down to Crowlas and through to Praze. These were mostly roads we were all familiar with but in a different combination that made them appear fresh. Mr Garmin picked up a couple of new lanes but refused to acknowledge the stretch of main road after the Poldark Mine as he said he wouldn’t let me do that bit again any time soon.

From Praze it was Carnhell Green, Barripper and (main road again) Camborne. Signs to Miss Molly’s were spotted but we travelled on, through the monstrosity of a housing development behind Tesco, along the cycle track and eventually arrived at the Melting Pot café. Under new management since I last visited it has a more extensive and very reasonably priced menu. Phil was awarded just the 5 penalty points; 2 for using the main Helston to Redruth Road, and 3 for exceeding the 23 mile limit before the café stop, but he got oooddles of bonus points for recycling old lanes.

We managed to squeeze the nine of us, Kath, Ian, Keith, Mike2, Phils 1& 3, Simon and myself, around the one table. Conversation, apart from wishing Martyn a speedy recovery, was as entertaining as it was eclectic.

Retracing our steps to St Euny, we returned via Piece and 4Lanes. The usual dispersal took place leaving Kath, Phil1 and myself to return to Union Corner, where we met Mike and his brother in law out on a cosy little ride for two.

Another bonus day and 40 miles for me. Dean

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