A tribute to Glen Campbell

I felt that Wednesday Morn was calling
I just had to hide the pain.
Getting out the Tricross 
for another ride in the rain.
Bernie, Phil and Kath were waiting,
Though I was there on time,
and four lycra wearing wheelers
set off in a line.
Phil (3), Keith and Mike were waiting
At Halvasso, in the rain,
so it looked as though Miss Molly’s
would be choosen yet again.
But Fred said Smokie Joes
Would be an excellent place to dine
So 8 Falmouth Wheelers 
went off in a line.
As we were nearing Blackwater
Bernie’s tyre went pop.
But a temporary repair was managed
In a sixteen-minute stop
And with not too much inflation
 it was holding up just fine.
So, on down the old A30, 
we were all in a line.
We sat at two adjacent tables
Ordered food and drink
There was talk about the French trip
or at least that’s what I think.
There was talk of getting older
And how to recognise the signs
But these eight Falmouth Wheelers 
weren’t in that line.
So our grand day out was ending
Our journey almost done
Just a bit of wind and raining
But it hadn’t spoilt the fun
See you all on Sunday morning
For we’ll be there rain or shine
When 30 Falmouth Wheelers
Set off all in a line.


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