½ Ironman, The Movie

Though the May was unmistakeably out it was a foolish move to start out without a long sleeve base layer. However, I was late, again, but this time not of my making, and the “temporary” traffic lights in Bicklandwater Road didn’t help. Kath had sent me the destination, Portreath, and being only 10 minutes behind there was a fair chance I could get there at the same time as the rest, by cutting a couple of corners. I had stopped and donned my emergency jacket by the time I caught up with a solitary Trilogic rider at Carmenellis; it was Jan, just back from her half Ironman event in Marbella, and thoughts of shortcutting were now pushed from my mind. I turned right in Bolenowe, thinking of going down through Brae and across to Tehidy via Pool. Jan was talking about Carnhell Green, but, fortunately, was not sure of the way there so I managed to divert her up past Wheal Edward and back into Troon, then down to Barripper, Penponds, the “Crem”, Coombe and out on to the North Coast road near Hells Mouth. The chilly morning was mainly due to the strong Northerly headwind which now decided to have a bit of fun; alternatively giving a push from behind, then slamming back in the face, that is when it wasn’t trying to blow you in front of the oncoming car. But it was still a nice fast ride, for me, along into Portreath, where we found a collection of bikes at the Atlantic café. The others, Phils 1, 2 and 3, Mike2, Ian, Kath and Paul were well into their breakfasts; they had taken the shorter route from Bolenowe to Pool, but they hodged up to let Jan and myself join them.

Hardly had my eggs arrived there was talk of leaving but I was saved by the arrival of the M&Ms. Then, just as we were getting ready to go, El Presidenti and Big Bob arrived. Both Jan and Paul still wanted to get a few more miles under their sadles so we sampled a bit of the 200K audax route, up to the Bike Barn, across to Mawla before then turning back towards Scorrier. Lanner Hill, Stithians and Crane Garage completed the ride. 46 miles for me, less than 40 for some. Dean

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  1. The 9am OGIL ride wasn’t the only one on Wednesday – the 9.30 group – Sonjia, Sheila, Dave, Don M and myself -was out in that cold wind, for a 40 mile circuit via Porkellis, Nine Maidens, and after that I’m not sure where – Dave ( ex-Trevano, now Mawnan Smith) was leading as it was his old stamping ground – we had been heading for Perranuthnoe, but then decided on the garden centre at Trevena Cross for coffee…We headed for home along the coast road to Porthleven; stunning views with the surf rolling in, then through the Penrose Estate, up the hill in Helston, and back via Wendron and Carnkie. A good ride in the sunshine. Liz

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