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Around the world by bike
Jul 30, 2010, 10:34 am

At August's club meeting members were treated to a talk given by local cyclist David Piper about cycling around the world in 2 week chunks.
So far David has cycled through 28 countries averaging 14mph and had many adventures along he way. Plainly, there can’t be a better way of seeing and experiencing the world if not only for the reason that a foreigner on a bicycle is immediately invited into homes by locals who either take pity on someone who they assume can’t afford a car (I shudder to think how much David’s titanium bicycle actually cost) or for the fact they just can’t believe what they’re seeing. Needless to say it was an engrossing and revealing talk about different cultures and people and the lows of the trip(s) were as entertaining as the highs.

If you want to see more about David’s adventures visit his website here. If you then go to the world map you can click along his route for more info and some cracking pictures.

Riding for Precious Lives
Jul 27, 2010, 11:50 am

Some Falmouth Wheelers indicated an interest in taking part in the ‘Ride for Precious Lives’ next year.  The date is still to be set for 2011, so you might like to keep checking the website www.rideforpreciouslives.org.uk for updates.  For your information, in 2010 86 riders took part in the 240 miles sponsored cycle over 3 days: Starting at the site of Little Harbour, Porthpean they made their way up to Devon (Little Bridge House) and then on to Somerset (Charlton Farm).  The fees this year were £100 to cover Dinner, Bed & Breakfast in Bideford & Taunton.

Our fitter members may also be interested in a once in a lifetime ride - Around Britain’s Coast in 30 days. Andrew Miners of Helston is looking for cyclists to join him on this challenging 136 miles a day ride in aid of the Precious Lives Appeal. There would be a modest registration fee plus a pledge to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship (e.g. £100). Currently, Andy is working on securing corporate sponsorship for the supply of official shirts/shorts, etc…..

If any members are interested in this major 30 day challenge in 2011, please email mary.murfin@chsw.org.uk and she will put them in touch with Andrew.

Audax Training Run Sun 8.00 am 24/07
Jul 26, 2010, 9:50 pm

The weather forecast was good for a long days ride.  Oh! did I say long, I think I meant loooooong.  Red Leader, Amanda, Rocky and myself, Kath, set off at 8 to meet up with Jonathan ,Parky,Robin,Richard 1, Neil (never could spell Scaalatchi..)and Steve Lightfoot at the Norway. Before all of this Red Leader managed to pick up a nasty looking leg wound about half a mile from home, ruined his new cycling shorts and made a mess of his clean cycling top (Karen will be annoyed... Ed).  Luckily this was the only incident en route, oh apart from Rocky nearly getting himself run over on a roundabout, I think my shout of STOP saved his life.

Met up with Darren at Portreath after climbing Portreath hill, Robin climbed it twice rather bizarrely, and we had a good fast ride to Hayle. Amanda left us at Hayle to return home, the rest of us carried on in the direction of St Ives but turned off to take the road that would eventually take us to Pendeen.  The coast road was as I usually see it shrouded in a sea mist but after a left in Pendeen we soon saw the sun as we arrived in Marazion.  50 miles covered and it was time for some food in the way of a pasty and a jam doughnut.  Rocky called in at Halfords for a bit of bike repair but we were soon on our way again as we still had a long way to go. 

Goldsithney was the next village, shortly after this Richard 1 turned for home, and then it was on to Helston, where Parky, Steve and Robin departed, work commitments etc. Darren left the group somewhere but I'm afraid I can't remember where.   It was up the hill to Cycle Logic and onto Culdrose.  A left at the Culdrose roundabout took us past Goonhilly and then a right at the crossroads led us into the Lizard village where a brass band greeted us.

It was then time for some more well earned refreshments but again we had to press on for the last section that would in my case very gratefully take us home. I struggled on this last section but still managed to cycle up Carnkie hill, nothing was going to beat me today!

It was an excellent day out, good weather and great company.  I'm not too sure of the total miles covered but I think it was about 106 miles. Although it sounds better if you say 175k.... Kath

10 o'clockers to Auntie Gill's - 25/07/10
Jul 25, 2010, 6:31 pm

Yes, Auntie Gills' cake slices are this big.Perfect riding conditions were the order of the day for the 10 o’clockers with a very nice 32 mile ride to Auntie Gill’s tea rooms and back led out by KK and Don Gunner.

23 riders set out from HQ including Keith and Christine on their smart tandem (and Charlie and Jill not on theirs). Perran fetched up sporting a splendid ‘Kernow flag’ style cycling top, Lance was chomping at the bit after cycling adventures on the Ventoux and Don Morris was feeling his way back onto the saddle after knee and lower back strains. After a while Mrs Red Leader peeled off to get home in good time to iron Red Leader’s shirts (how did RL find such a fine woman?) and then cosy looking couple Admiral and Bernie were encountered along the way heading back home from the earlier 9 o’clock ride. What Micky will say about Admiral fraternising with Bernie whilst he is laid up in hospital is anyone’s guess.

Auntie Gill was on excellent form and she and hubby Trevor posed for group photos plus it was a first time visit to AG’s for Simon, Clare and Ingrid. Behind the scenes there was, apparently, a bit of panic as Gill’s boiler had died the night before. Service was unaffected and the tea and cake was as amazing as ever.

The ride home included a challenging hill up out of Lowertown but everybody coped extremely well with Keith and Christine positively flying up on their tandem. At Carnkie there was a bit of excitement when Denise suddenly, and feverishly lifted up her top in the vicinity of KK. This recklessness was due to a bumble bee being where it shouldn’t. No worries, the bee didn’t sting anything, thanks to undergarments Denise’s dignity was maintained and KK’s persistent offers of selfless assistance to extract the bee were firmly resisted. KK proved yet again that the age of chivalry is not dead - he took the rejection well.

Anyway, today’s 10 o’clocker was another great ride out with great company. Many thanks to KK and Don Gunner for making it happen. Click here for route and profile.

Nice Boys (no girls) ride Wednesday 21st July
Jul 22, 2010, 4:40 pm

Although Wednesday was threatening rain, it turned into a great evening with 11 riders heading out to Gweek and up to the Ship Inn at Mawgan for a 2nd visit. On the way we unfortunately lost KK who despite the offer of a free packet of crisps decided to head home. Most of the Peleton rode up Australia hill whilst the more sensible ones – Red Leader, Bernie & JB took the longer more leisure route up to the crossroads. 

After a warm welcome in Mawgan we headed over to Culdrose making our way to Porkellis, with the talk of a 2nd snifter at the Star Inn that somehow didn’t materialise. On the way we meet an old boy blowing up his tyre who posed the question ‘Are you the Thursday boys from Wendron?’ to which Red Leader replied un-sarcastically - ‘No where the Wednesday boys from Falmouth – the clue is in the day!’

Home at 9.00pm via the usual route, good pace and a healthy 52k. 

PS 160K Audax training ride this Sunday @ 8.00 am – see message board for further details

Rare bike
Jul 19, 2010, 2:36 pm

Falmouth Wheeler and keen eyed bike spotter Sue Rosevear recently spotted this lesser-known black raftbike on the foreshore at an undisclosed location. Did it originate locally or did it come from further afield? Perhaps we’ll never know…

Thoughts on the 2010 Dartmoor Sportif by Jim
Jul 16, 2010, 5:57 pm

(The annual 100 mile Dartmoor Classic is one of the toughest cyclosportives in the UK and several Falmouth Wheelers ride it each year. Here is Jim's tale...)

The registration on the day before set the atmosphere of a serious event with excellent organisation and timing chips for every entrant. Because of the predicted high temperatures extra water stops were put in.

Up at 6am to eat and ride to the start, I got there at 6.45 and found 300 riders there before me. I joined Parky, Fred, Rocky and Richard 1 in a pen of 100 riders which was the first to go promptly at 7am.  Richard and I stayed with the group until the first climb onto the moor when I lost sight of the other Falmouth Wheelers. That first hill seemed to go on and on with the temperature rising with the elevation. At 20miles Robin passed me going so fast he didn't see Fred at the side of the road with a puncture. After assurances from Fred that all was under control I slogged on up long climbs and down hairy descents, being passed all the time by sickeningly comfortable people chatting about the world cup.

Princetown was a welcome respite after 32miles with slabs of spinach pie and energy gels to help you on your way. While I was munching a mended Fred came in for a quick top up, anxious to make up for lost time. Richard 2 arrived but was feeling rough so opted for the 100K route.
After all the climbing it was great to descend to Tavistock but the joy was tempered by the thought of having to get back up. On the 'easier' section to Lidford and back I managed to stay in touch with Fred but on the climb up from Tavistock with no shade and over 35degrees I hit a mirage wall which needed a stop and lots of water to clear.

At the start of the nastier climbs there was a board giving its length and gradient – I'm not sure if having this knowledge made it any easier. Princetown brought more spinach pie and a replenishment of drinks, only 30miles to go!
At 90miles the climb out of Mortonhampstead seemed to go on forever, and by the number of  people stopped on it, others thought so too. While recovering at the top Devoran Steve stopped to say “It's all down hill from here”. He was nearly right but when you're knackered even the flat bits seem to go up.
I was cheered over the line by a group of Wheelers and it was great to have accomplished my first 'Dartmoor' in just under nine hours.

Parky and Rockie got bronze at 7h.22 and 7h.35 respectively and Fred also got bronze at 8h.13. Most disappointed was Robin who missed gold – under 6h.35 - by 20 seconds!!  Richard 1 like me found the heat exhausting but he did complete the course.
The 2mile ride back to the camp site felt further but after a shower, Fred, myself and our wives raised our glasses to the completion of an exhausting Sportif. The memories of the bad bits are fading and “Perhaps next year I'll get a better time” is taking its place.  Jim.  

Mines & Minerals Audax - 11th July 2010
Jul 11, 2010, 6:19 pm

Today’s Audax ride is always very popular taking in both coasts, pasties and cream teas to boot. Naturally, with such fine vittles on offer, several FW members turned up, most of whom were fresh from the Dartmoor Classic 100 miler, whilst yours truly has cycled scant few miles of late.

The on-road route (there is an off-road route too) is a particularly enjoyable one and has everything a cyclist could want – quiet roads with good tarmac, amazing views and a couple of challenging hills. We split into groups with Fred, Dan Dare and £5 Jim leading out the rest of us – they are fast right now. My middle-ish group was also tracking Truro CC Martin and his lady on their tandem and they were pretty impressive going up the hills. Unfortunately I was not. After huffing and puffing up the hills getting ever slower I eventually got cramp on the final leg going up to Perranwell Staion and limped the last few miles back to the finish, nursed along by Red Leader.
Despite me being a rubbish cyclist today it was an excellent ride and in my opinion one of the best Cornish Audaxes. Jono

Click here to see the route (which ascends a surprising 3,209 ft in total!).

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