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Wednesday Evening 'Nice Boys' Ride 29/09/10
Sep 30, 2010, 9:47 am

What could be the last Wednesday ‘Nice Boys’ Ride of 2010 was well attended with everyone enjoying a sunny, autumnal evening ride around some quiet country lanes followed by beer and nuts at The Red Lion in Mawnan Smith. Robin was there to give us a full debrief of the dramatic events at Porkellis on Sunday (see report below) and Fred bought a huge round – maybe his last for a while as he departs for Portugal in the next few days for some ‘overwintering’.
It was a bit tricky avoiding potholes in the dark on the way home but 11 were counted out and 11 were counted in. Click here for route and profile.

THE SUNDAY MORNING BREAKAWAYS ( aka the “Falmouth Wheelers Rapid Response Unit” )
Sep 27, 2010, 5:07 pm

(Prepare yourself for an amazing ride report from Robin. Ed.) After our usual ride around Pendennis, Scalatchi and I headed up Swanpool hill and found our missing early bird, Steve, waiting at the Falmouth Packet offices. (He really must get a new alarm! ) We joined an unusually large 9 o’clock ride that went at a pace we could all easily chat, giving everyone the chance to catch up after the various summer hols.

A circuitous route via Gweek & Porthleven took us to Aunty Gills and for me a rather large helping of the county's finest carrot cake. After some merry banter Scalatchi, Steve and myself parted company and headed off towards Falmouth.

After a pleasant ride down the winding back lanes we arrived in Polkerris. We had fortunately ridden past and not entered The Star Inn as, just beyond the pub, we saw smoke coming from the middle of a terrace of three cottages. We leapt off our bikes and into action. Stumbling out of the front door came a gentleman in only his vest and trousers with severe burns to his face. The fire inside of the house had already got a hold and thick dark smoke bellowed out of the windows. It was difficult to communicate with the chap who seemed quite confused. We could hear a women screaming from what appeared to be inside the cottage - possibly upstairs. Scalatchi was on the phone to the emergency services who had aleady been called but were unclear as to the address. There was talk of someone going inside to verify if anyone was still in the house but the fire had really taken hold and there was thick, black smoke and explosions from within. Scalatchi went for a ladder and Steve and I roused the elderly neighbours who were sitting in their front room oblivious to the mayhem next door. Quite what they thought of these two lycra clad men I don’t know - I was still wearing my helmet and sunglasses. When the front door opened, and with little explanation, we stormed through the house and into the backyard. Scaling the wall I was relieved to see that the screaming woman was now in the backyard with her dogs. 

Thankfully there appeared to be neither dogs nor people left in the burning house. Bizarrely, the woman, safe but a little singed, was arguing with the elderly couple who clearly didn’t want the dogs in their yard. It was difficult to explain that there was a very serious fire in the middle house and all three cottages could go. I left Steve to make some sense of things at the back and ran to tell Scalatchi that the woman was safe.

It was now over 10 minutes since the 999 call and there was still no sign of a fire engine. It was difficult to describe the ferocity of the fire inside, the situation not helped by the open/broken windows. There was even a healthy lick of smoke coming from the chimney too! Steve had been unable to reason with the old couple who could now be seen from an upstairs window of their cottage!! Fortunately a fire officer arrived by car and was able to persuade them to leave. The poor old chap really didn’t understand the severity of the situation and the frightened, young collies were now running free out at the front, on the road.

Steve had a puncture on the way over so we used the old inner tube as a lead for one - rope appeared and soon the others were tethered. Still no fire engine. After talking to the fire officer Scalatchi rode off to the Star Inn to direct the Helston engine and it wasn’t long after that, it finally arrived. Medical assistance could finally be given to Trevor, the man in the vest, who had severe burns to his cheeks and head. I got the impression that his efforts to cook Sunday lunch was the cause of the fire. Five minutes later the Falmouth engine arrived but it was a while after that before water was covering the burning houses. Smoke could be seen in the roof of the second house - I only hope they were able to save the cottages either side.

A crowd had by now gathered and seeing that we could be of no further use, we departed. We were sorry not to have our very own fireman with us but I think Parky would have been proud of us. Earlier than usual we stopped by the Stonemasons to get the taste of smoke out of our throats. What a day! - a fine ride, some delicious cake, a terrible fire and four Trevors!  Robin

Famous Five get wet - Wed ride 23/09
Sep 23, 2010, 12:15 pm

Determined to keep the mid-week rides running until October, Red Leader, Robin fresh from riding in France & Ireland, Rocky, Fred & JB left for Stithians on a very roundabout route (not Halvasso!). Rocky took great delight in overtaking RL & JB at every opportunity whenever a hill was met – you really can go off people...... 

Sensible thoughts of riding without a drink were soon discarded so the Golden Lion was the hostelry of choice. The term ‘barking mad’ went thru the barmaids mind when we walked in and she served us. 

After learning how Trevor gained the honorary title ‘Red Leader’ we left at 7.30 hitting a heavy rain squall that followed us all the way home, not finishing until we said goodbye to Fred at the base of Halvasso. 40k ride and hopefully a final ride next week?


September Pathfinder ride - Lanivet/Lerryn/Lostwithiel
Sep 21, 2010, 5:07 pm

Around 25 riders set out from Lanivet at 10 o'clock - including the usual suspects who rode up from Falmouth and pick-up points on the way. 

The drag out of Lanivet was followed by more-or-less undulating lanes to Fowey, through Gunwen, Lanlivery and Castle Dore.  A re-group at Fowey and a decision to go for the Pasty option at Lerryn was (almost) unanimously agreed - the order phoned through.  We drifted through Fowey's crowded streets and onto the Ferry - where we negotiated a deal on the fare.  A few tried the steep ascent out of there and the rest the 'easy' way and regrouped at the top.  A few ups and downs led us through Lanteglos Highway and St Veep before dropping into Lerryn and the grub stop including excellent pasties as well as coffees, teas and ice cream.  All enjoyed in a pleasant riverside setting.  One to remember for the future:  Lerryn River Stores - open all year and on Sundays! 

It was then on to Lostwithiel, and that bloody hill!  Your leader for the day was then threatened with all sorts!  We all then returned via a fairly easy route through Sweetshouse and back to Lanivet - and home. RF/DD

PS Look out for a load of ugly cyclists on Google streetview (or is that lane view?) soon. JB will buy the first Wheeler to find it a drink.... Ed

The (real) birthday ride
Sep 16, 2010, 4:03 pm

With the evening ride season drawing to an end, ten of us met for a nice straight run out to the Star Inn at Porkellis (or ‘Pornellis’ as we later found out from the landlady....) Little did we realise it was our illustrious leader’s birthday and we were all treated to a drink from club funds (a most worthy cause....) . Trevor even got a cuddle from the land lady but don’t tell KK or he’ll get jealous, even though he’ll have his chance when he shares a room with Trevor on Saturday.

Although we lost Richard we took the scenic route home via Seworgan showing Glen parts of Cornwall he’d never seen before. Having made sure Fred got home safely (Care in the Community I think its called) the remaining riders now on lights got back to Union corner just after eight and having completed 35k. 

NB Wednesday rides will hopefully continue but will probably not stop for a snifter.

Dan Dare in Somerset
Sep 13, 2010, 10:50 am

I have recently done a few days cycling in Somerset, visiting the Taunton area, Glastonbury and the West Somerset Railway.

The area I visited is certainly pan-flat compared with Cornwall, with just the odd 'hillock' to stop you going to sleep en-route!  I have never visited Glastonbury abbey before, and it is certainly worth a look.  Extensive ruins of what was the second largest abbey in Britain - after St Augustines in Canterbury.  The original abbey church was massive, and it makes you amazed at the work of the monks all those years ago with their limited resources and tools.  It is just such a shame that Henry Vlll did some damage at the time of the dissolution. 
I called into Street to buy a bike lock - I had forgotten mine - and the only bike shop there is owned by a cyclist I used to know in St Austell!  There is also Glastonbury Tor to see.  The town, however, is rather a tourist trap with rather a lot of whacky souvenir shops.  The West Somerset Railway runs from just outside Taunton to Minehead on the North Somerset coast. 
I spent some time at Bishops Lydeard Station: plenty to appeal to Anoraks of course, including preserved steam Locos - GWR Nunney Castle and SR Braunton.  As you will see from the picture, steel is still the thing in Somerset! Dan Dare

Wednesday Evening Nice Boys' Ride 02/09/10
Sep 2, 2010, 12:19 pm

Only 10 riders tonight but it was a nice sunny evening and empty roads up to Constantine and down to the Gweek Inn. There was some unseemly sprinting up the hills by the younger contingent along the way but we managed to stay together, pretty much. A lovely pint was had and then it was the long climb up out of Gweek and home. It was also au revoir to the members going on the Irish tour who are departing for Cork on Friday for a week in sunny Ireland. Click here for route and profile of tonight's ride.

Rise of the Mamils
Sep 1, 2010, 2:11 pm

This article surely can't be about any of us. What do you think?

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