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Tuesday January 23 2018 
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Don't do an Elvis this Christmas.....
Dec 23, 2010, 4:06 pm

''Elvis would have needed to cycle 160.74 miles at 17 mph to burn off his 65,000-calorie daily intake. Conclusion: What killed Elvis was his chronic lack of cycling.”

(A starstruck KK meets his hero in Kimberley Park) 







Eat your heart Heston Blumental...
Dec 23, 2010, 2:09 pm

Within stumbling distance of Schalatchi’s laird (or lair?), the New Inn at Mabe was visited by the FW spinners after a tough Tuesday workout, for a Christmas pint.

Robin our gourmet connoisseur was delighted with his Angus beef burger, served with a good portion of chips & fresh salad, all for just £7.00. With good beer on tap – both Betty Stoges & Tribute, a warm wood burner and a friendly barman this makes the New Inn a great additional pitstop on the way home.

The best 'cancelled' Star Inn session ever
Dec 19, 2010, 7:00 pm

Three intrepid, irrepressible, bonkers, mad 8 o'clockers made it to the Star Inn despite both the apalling conditions and, unbeknownst to them, the event being cancelled. Needs must, and after a warm welcome a party was had by all, both cyclists and hangers on. Sadly, and after many hours sitting on the stove, we have to report that there are some regions of Scalatchis body that may never fully thaw out.

(Those of us who didn't cycle did the sensible thing and drove to the pub and then enjoyed some fine roast potatoes. What do you mean it was cancelled?)

Members swell with pride at Christmas drinks party
Dec 18, 2010, 7:24 pm

Chuckle Brother Shane highly amused with his award...The club enjoyed its pre-Christmas drinks party at Woodlane Social Club with a stonking KK organized raffle (which raised £146 for The Dreadnought Centre), an amazing cake made by Denise, a large buffet organised by Caroline and the club's annual Golden Spoke Awards.
This year, the ecstatic award winners included Solo who won the ‘Ass over Tit Award’ for loosing a tooth and nearly his life in St Pol de Leon; Kath, who won the ‘Rear of the Year Award’ for her curvaceous buns of steel forged on the slopes of Dartmoor; Admiral, who won the ‘Always Unprepared Award’ for trying to leave the country to go on a cycling trip with his wife’s passport (Parky did the same thing the previous year); the Star Inn, who won the ‘Best Refreshment Award’ for great food and drink and always being glad to see members; Perran, who won the ‘Best Dressed Member Award’ for his interesting and unique dress sense (just scroll down the news items below to see Perran sporting his Kernow ensemble); Shane and Helston Trevor, aka The Chuckle Brothers, who won the ‘Odd Couple Award’ (Shane is pictured left accepting award - nuff said); Bernie, who won the ‘Beyond The Call of Duty Award’ for always being willing to help out whilst managing to stay in good humour and lending his car to a group of members so they could go on a cycling holiday for a week; Robin, who won the ‘Irrepressible Member Award’ for the ridiculous amount of bicycles he owns, the amount of miles he cycles, a Dartmoor Classic gold medal missed by 30 seconds and organizing club cycling holidays; and finally Lorna, who won the club's ‘Best Rider Award’ for training long and hard for the End to End and improving her cycling beyond recognition and then cycling the End to End in atrocious weather (hope you are fit and well soon Lorna).
I think a good night was had by all. Memory is a bit fuzzy….

Attention all spinning members
Dec 18, 2010, 6:18 pm

Steve Winnan (Tremough Gym) has asked me to remind everyone of the importance of using a heart rate monitor when spinning. He says that without one it’s near impossible to work in the different zones - he felt that on our recent “race day” some were not achieving the necessary heart rates. Steve or Rob will then happily help you work out the different zones with you.

You can buy a heart rate monitor for as little as £19.99 + post - www.conrad-uk.com - ref 860030 Oregon SE120. I have a heart rate monitor on my Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch - a top end heart rate monitor for just over £100 ( was over £250 3yrs ago! ) plus it has all the GPS mapping and training programs.
There is an article in Januarys Cycling Plus magazine about training with a heart rate monitor. It makes interesting reading and might help those wishing to combat the excesses of Xmas! Robin

Lady Aga comes to the rescue
Dec 11, 2010, 11:28 am

Although Eddie’s Mince-pie run had been cancelled because of the snow and ice, the club responded by running its own foodie event (nothing new there then............)

With 17 riders meeting on a dry, cold, crisp morning at the later time of 10.00 am, the (new) Aunty Gill, had requested us not to arrive until midday as Robin (with Pinarello) had to be taken to the airport. The original ten o'clockers under the leadership of Hilary headed off to Penmarth whilst the 9’ers led by Paul went off via Treluswell to find what seemed to me every steep hill between HQ and Carnon Downs.

Amazingly, both groups met up at Point Quay before riding together to Mylor to be seduced by the Aga and a much welcomed pitstop. Unlimited hot drinks, mince-pies, apple cake (my favourite) and flapjacks were well rec’d and with a contribution of £45.00 to Gill’s chosen charity we left to ride back to Falmouth. Many thanks must go to Gill for laying on such a great spread and to the two (or was it three?) pints of Bass she had on Friday that helped to persuade her it really was a good idea to do.

Aussie spoils his wife...
Dec 7, 2010, 12:36 pm

News report spotted by Bernie: After feeling guilty because he was chastised by a concerned neighbour for sitting around drinking beer whilst his overworked wife mowed the lawn Australian Bruce Andrews splashed out on a sit on lawn mower for her (picture left). Mrs Andrew’s reaction is not reported.

Panto fun in Mylor Yacht Club
Dec 3, 2010, 11:36 am

Actual sizeFellow members, namely The Three Amigos, positively excelled in the pantomime ‘Dicus Whitacus’ performed in the (tiny) Mylor Yacht Club last Tuesday night and there were plenty of members mingled in the audience to bear witness.
It was evident that a huge amount of work had gone into staging the panto but I think it’s fair to say that even though there were many people who put in a lot of time and effort behind the scenes our very own amigos Fred, Bernie and Brian are the driving force behind this annual dramatic delight (Fred wrote it!). Also, there has to be an extra special mention for the plucky prompt, FWer Sue, who had to work tirelessly throughout the evening and by the final curtain appeared to be quite exhausted. There were times during the show when it couldn't have gone on but for Sue (and a heckler propping up the bar at the back who seemed to know all the words).

It was a triumph and along the way there were a lot of very amusing interludes involving ginger wigs, kilts and bagpipes, community singing, corny jokes, a ‘mute’ cat, missed lines, amazing props and of course relentless abuse from an appreciative and growing ever tipsier audience. By the end of it my cheeks were aching and for once I’m not talking about the bottom kind. As KK correctly declared to all and sundry “The best ever!” JW

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