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Admiral shock
Feb 21, 2011, 3:22 pm

This rather fetching cycling top was spotted on a cyclist by Dan Dare at Bissoe. Is someone pinching our very own Admiral's brand name?

Another windy Sunday - Sunday 20th Feb 9 o'clockers
Feb 21, 2011, 2:32 pm

A grey morning saw 13 riders assemble at the packet offices. Robin, Devoran Steve, Jim, Richard 1, Richard 2, Don M, Philip, Young Robin, Parky, Fred, Bernie and David.
Bernie and Dave, looking slimmer every week, left first on there Alpine training schedule leaving 11 riders who after the usual banter decided on Godrevy as a destination. A good pace was set off thru budock then using the church road Mabe, tinpit quarry route for a change, up to Longdowns then across the 'spine' to Bolenowe, Dolcoath then down passing the Beufighter memorial, on to Tehidy to the top of Portreath and then a windy ride along North Cliffs always a blast for some to the N.T. Cafe at Godrevy where young Robin left us to make his own way home.
After a coffee we then proceeded home via Praze an Beeble etc to H.Q. at Longdowns a nice quick 50 mile ride if somewhat windy at times (Strange how it always blows from ahead.) Fred  

Lizard bound - 13th Feb 9 o’clock riders
Feb 18, 2011, 12:52 pm

The forecast wasn’t good, so to see only 6 cyclists at the Packet Offices wasn’t a surprise. And it was the old stalwarts as usual. When young Bernie and Admiral left for their Alpine training session the average age leapt to 65!
Two Dons, Jim, Simon Jones ( who arrived just as we were leaving ) and myself decided on Lizard as our goal and set off under a pregnant sky via Freds’ house and Gweek. As Simon hadn’t been through Trelowarren we took the scenic route and arrived in Lizard just as the heavens opened. In driving rain we freewheeled down to the Lizard café and were hugely relieved to see it open.

After coffee, Simon and I struck off on our own only to later encounter Jim and the Dons in Helston, however, as so often happens at the Helston roundabouts, it was a brief encounter! Simon and I took to the small lanes behind Flambards and via Seworgan made for Rame whilst the others returned by a longer route around the back of Stithians Reservoir. I much later encountered the two Dons travelling in the opposite direction towards Treliever as I returned from “headquarters” in Longdowns. I think they were starting their second lap!

Hillary leads the way - 10 o'clockers 06/02/11
Feb 7, 2011, 5:13 pm

nice bread - shame about the waitIt was off to the Waymarker Café out towards for seven of us on a very windy day. Hilary worked out a route that best afforded shelter using Cornish hedges and valleys and we tootled along having a nice little chat.
Hillary and Parky were with us but shouldn't have been. On their way to the 9 o'clock ride they came across a fresh car crash in Penryn (luckily no one seriously injured) so Parky took control and waited for the emergency services and therefore missed the 9 o'clockers. Charlie turned up at HQ three minutes late and caught us by accident too. He admitted that he was half hoping we'd gone on because now he was obliged to get some miles in.

The Waymarker Café eventually provided some fine fayre but we were waiting for an hour whilst they went out back and harvested the tea leaves, baked the bread, made the butter and so on which meant that we went directly back to Falmouth after, as time was getting on. Nice little ride (15 miles? 20 miles? Was anyone counting?) and good company.

High winds and a small mountain - 9 o'clockers 06/02/11
Feb 7, 2011, 4:53 pm

9 riders started on a dry but very windy ride to Marazion, Robin, Bernie, Helston Trevor, £5 Jim, 2 Dons, 2 Richards and myself met at HQ at 9 and set off via Halvosso (never noticed it was spelt with an 'o') Carnkie where Bernie headed  for home, Porkellis where we were inter woven with a group on mountain bikes and bid farewell to the 2 Dons and Richard 1, onto Godolphin, Goldsithney and into Jordan's cafe at Marizion for coffee cake and baguettes.

Robin and I braved alfresco dining whilst Jim, Richard 2 and Trevor sat indoors. After dragging them out of the warmth and back to the wind we retraced our steps through Goldsithney and onto Praa Sands where Trevor found us a small mountain to climb to Ashton, on through Porthleven to Helston and home for Trevor.
On the back roads now through Pemboa and past Boskenwyn school. Richard left us before Rame and shortly afterwards we said farewell to Jim. Due to heat stroke and severe dehydration, Robin and I were forced into the Stonemasons for some medical refreshment then home. 59 miles and according to Garmin a max speed of 137 mph, that explains the stiff breeze. Dale.

Cycle to the hills....
Jan 24, 2011, 2:15 pm

Click here and also here for information on two major cycling events in Cornwall during 2011. One of them, the one at the end of January, is being billed as 'the biggest ever' (not described as 'the best ever' as Falmouth Wheelers may notice). Many thanks to news monitor Sarah (Mrs Scalatchi) Thomas.

Sunday 9 o'clock ride report 16th January
Jan 18, 2011, 12:44 pm

I should have written a report for last week’s ride to Perranporth, there were breakdowns, great views and best of all, riders. This week 'morning after the Grand Dinner Dance' syndrome meant that Don G, Robin and myself were the public face of the Wheelers.
Hillary came but decided that we were not suitable company so did her own thing. Don G suggested Godolphin and coffee in Porthleven which sounded good because as rain was forecast for later, we would get home before it came.

The 'rain later' started as we passed my house, where the lure of a warm kitchen was only resisted by the words like 'wimp' and 'chicken' which would be thought by the other two. By Halwyn School the rain later got heavier and we were soaked, we persuaded Robin to head for Mylor at his own pace.
Don and I sloshed across Wendron Moor and down the muddy lane to Trewennack where we decided that enough was enough. Finally Don headed for home via Boskenwin and I was pushed home to the warm kitchen by a strong SW wind.  As someone once said 'you never regret going'. Jim

New Year - 2nd January ride and Cycle the Giro with the Pros
Jan 11, 2011, 6:18 pm

Only a handful of hardcore riders met at the Packet offices and settled on a plan to head to the Lizard. We picked up Ironman at Halvasso and Eric and Ernie in Gweek and with numbers swelled we made for the beautifully located beach café at Poldhu. Reaching Culdrose on our return Devoran Steve, Phillip and Fred turned right for a quick return through Gweek. The remainder having decided to head next to Porkellis, lost a further rider at the next roundabout in what Ernie described as being a bit like a cluster bomb. Jim went straight on and Tremough Robin hooked a right. Concensus was to follow Jim.

At the turning for Coverack Bridges I announced my departure fancying a blast up the North Coast (being too early to head for home) but Eric was disappointed I wouldn’t make the roast potatoes at Porkellis ( which was news to me ). I shortened my ride through Nancegollan and Black Rock to return to the Star Inn an hour later. Not a wheeler in sight. Things really not working out well in Porkellis these days!

Click here to find out how you could show some pros a thing or two and ride with them on the Giro for charity...

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