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9.30 Sunday Ride - 03/04/2011
Apr 4, 2011, 12:06 pm

Bernie, Amanda and Jono enjoyed a short but sharp 9.30 ride (starting at 9.00 just to confuse things) which included taking in the delights of Gweek, Wendron and Porkellis on a bright but ominously cloudy day. The ride started ‘en masse’ with the regular 9 o’clockers leaving A, B & J at Gweek to continue on their way to the Lizard for tea and cake. I notice that the pictures of the Lizard ride (in the picture gallery) show extraordinary displays of members hugging each other. Was there something in the tea perhaps? Or the cake?

Wednesday Evening Rides are back!
Mar 29, 2011, 1:02 pm

The regular Wednesday evening 'Nice Boys' (and girls too) rides are up and running again starting from the Falmouth Packet offices at 6pm prompt. Rides are usually between 15 to 25 miles long with a pub stop. It's a good opportunity to try riding with the club if you're not a member and don't fancy doing a long ride. Bring money for beer (or coffee if you're that way inclined) and your lights as we usually get back 8 - 8.30ish and you'll still need lights at the moment...

Equinox Ride report and pictures
Mar 23, 2011, 10:00 am

The Equinox Rides were held in perfect cycling conditions last Sunday 20th March and were enjoyed by many Falmouth Wheelers as well as other cyclists from all over Cornwall (and perhaps a couple from beyond?). Many thanks go to Martyn and Margaret for organising a wonderful day.
Click here for a report and pictures on the CTC Cornwall website. If you would like to make a late donation to Shelter Box click here to go to their website.

Spring Quiz Night - 17/03/11
Mar 18, 2011, 1:51 pm

Ironman, ably assisted by the lovely Mrs Ironman, conducted a highly entertaining and top-rate quiz evening comprising of 60 questions, a raffle and free pasties to boot.
Gracious thanks were given by KK, who like a dog with a bone finds microphones irresistible, and the quiz was won by one ridiculous point by the ‘The No Hopers,’ bravely led out by Jill Prior.
Kath had a total of 3 winning raffle tickets but with great humility only claimed 2 prizes and there were no contentious answers, or even arguments, which must be a first for the club. (However, I must point out to my fellow teammates that there is indeed a 'Falmouth' in Maine as well as Massachussetts so I would have been justified to have fallen on my sword!) Mind you, who would argue with Ironman?

To Black Rock and Bissoe - 9.30 riders 13/03/11
Mar 14, 2011, 1:55 pm

Stithians Watersports Centre - no cafe open today!The 9.30 riders now seem to be riding out at 9.00 so are they the now called the nine thirty nine o’clockers? It appears so at the moment. Anyway, we all (9 of us) had a lovely ride out to Black Rock where stopped for a rest and met up with another group of riders and then another group stopped by and before long there were 20 – 30 of us. Everyone who owned a bike seemed to be out and about.
Bidding farewell, the FWs soldiered on to the Watersports Centre at Stithians and Solo left us for an early bath. It was a beautiful day and the reservoir was very busy with countless sailing dinghies and people milling around the centre but would you believe it – the cafe was closed! So then it was along to Lanner and down to Bissoe for some (in this case) excellent fig flapjack. It was quite warm, verging on hot, sitting in the sun. We also found JB and Matt at Bissoe as they had missed the 10 o’clockers so they now teamed up with us for the push home. JB got a puncture (his second that day) outside the Royal Oak but apart from that and Admiral getting a bit frisky with Bernie a couple of times (“it’s okay Bernie, I’ll keep you warm” - come back Micky before things get out of hand) a largely incident free run. About 36 miles in all.

War & Peace - it's the 9.00 am ride Sunday 27th February
Mar 9, 2011, 4:09 pm

So you see it’s all my fault. Blame me for Jim falling off, Fred and Dale not getting home till 4.30 and Don M. having to resort to class A drugs.

Seemed like a normal Sunday morning meeting, at first. Caroline, the Admiral and Kath going off to do their own alpine training regime (allegedly). Leaving 8 of us (Dale, Fred, Robin, Trevor S. . Jim, Don M., Richard 1 and Richard 11) standing around, on a not too unpleasant morning, sprouting the usual: “Where we going to go then?" "Dunno. What do you think?” when I piped up “THE ROSELAND”. Looks of consternation and incredulity. “YES the Roseland” “Oh, OK then, via Longdowns and Stithians?” “ No. Straight to the King Harry Ferry and spend some time touring the Roseland.”  More looks of disbelief. "What straight up the main road to Carnon Downs?"   “Er, no. Via Mylor Downs to Norway Inn." “Oh alright. Hmmm...(moan, moan, moan)”
And so we started as we carried on; back roads and hills...and hills...and more hills.

King Harry Ferry was reached in good time and it started to drizzle. Nothing too serious, just enough for most people to don waterproofs. But given the hill out of Philleigh did we really need unbreathable, bright yellow tops. Needless to say some people were nicely broiled by the time we reached the summit.
Writing this a week later has the drawback that the memory clouds, and the agony and the ecstasy all merge into one. Melingey Mill, Veryan, Portloe, Tippets shop, Tubbs Mill all came and were passed by. Beautiful, but hilly and all the coffee stops very closed. Some of you may be sensing a déjà vu at this point (from a few months ago); and yes we do end up at Mevagissey.
Caerhays was stunning in the early spring sunlight and there was a perfect wave for surfing on the beach. But the beach cafe was closed. So onwards and forever upwards, through Gorran Churchtown towards Portmellon. At this point sensing food in the offing I raced to the front and lost my back wheel on a steep descent and right-hand bend into Portmellon, itself. Releasing my panic stricken grip on the brake levers I somehow managed to regain the vertical, even pointing in the right direction and carried on descending the hill. Unfortunately, Jim was not so lucky. He lost his front wheel and had no chance of saving himself. Grazed knee, thigh, arm and hand were the result. He was still carrying his arm in a sling on Tuesday; but, by Thursday, the game old buzzard, managed to cycle to Lizard Point in 50minutes.

Jim’s fall at the back of the peloton splintered the group, since we were totally unaware of what had happened, in any case we only had one thought in mind - food! Richard 1 led the descent into Mevigissey and we tied up the horses outside the same cafe we used in the autumn (when the group had been much bigger and we took over 2 cafes). Once again the proprietress was panicked stricken to see 8 cyclists waltz in and order breakfast. So much so that she even turned away 4 young ladies because it would have been all too much for her to handle. Certain members of our male troupe were dismayed.

Fully victualed we headed back towards Grampound and the back roads to Probus.  It transpires that Probus holds fond memories(?) for at least 3 of our group. They all had their vasectomies here. We dutifully, stopped and paid homage to the surgery in Tregony Road  (fully expect to see a blue plaque there, next year).
Somewhere between Mevagissey and Probus Don M.  found his second wind; however, I can confirm should he have been drugs tested he would have provided a positive sample with over a gram of ibuprofen in his system. His defence would be his hip playing up...but then I ask you, still playing racquet sports at his age!
Onwards and upwards through Tresillian, Pencallenick, Truro and Playing Place, where just before the Shell garage Robin states: “ Should be easy report to write this week, no one has been left or got lost.” So we arrive at the garage for more provisions and you’ve guessed it...we discover we have lost 2.
It’s a long story, but briefly, gallant Fred cycles back to Calenick where he is phoned to say that we are a whole again, Dale and Don M. had merely taken a short cut (but how can you take a short cut over a straight line connecting 2 points)?

Fairly quiet from there on. We met Jono and family doing the tour of Devoran in the Landrover and 3 people went to the The Old Quay Inn, not getting home till gone 4.30. As far as I know their wives have not commenced legal proceedings. An interesting day, 58 miles and curiously 70% was up hill. Richard 2
(Web Ed: As I often have to say, sorry about the length...)

Sunday 10 o'clockers - 6/3/11
Mar 8, 2011, 5:17 pm

Trebah a few years back...A small but perfectly formed group of 8 departed F Wheeler's HQ on a chilly, overcast, but dry, Sunday morn accompanied by a fresh new innocent called Jo (encouraged to join us by an absent KK) who was wrestling with an old tractor on very chunky tyres. Up and down dale we went, via Budock, No Man’s Land and Brill, to Constantine and Port Navas bravely tackling THAT hill – and no one got off I’ll have you know – until at last we plucky few, we merry band, settled down for some superb tea and cake at Trebah.Then it was home past Maenporth and Swanpool beaches.

Okay, it certainly wasn’t an epic but we did about 20 miles and it was very enjoyable. Not sure if Jo had cycled that far before, but she claimed we didn’t put her off from coming again. Good.

Feb 22, 2011, 8:34 am

Karen and Trevor arrived in Christchurch just before the Earthquake, both are ok.  Karen phoned this morning to say they were ok and were going to bed early after a stressful day.

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