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Wednesday Evening Ride - 22nd June
Jul 7, 2011, 4:18 pm

Quite a few younger cyclists for this week's ride which is always a bonus. Eric and Ernie proposed Praze but were shouted down in favour of something closer to home. (In fairness, they do all the riding to get to Falmouth so does anyone fancy The Blue Anchor next week?) We’ve never succeeded in getting Ricard 1 to the Punchbowl - so that become our mission this week.

Not minutes into the ride and Eric was off due to a lack of due care and attention caused by an attractive young women on the opposite pavement. We think anyway - just a theory though - could have been a fly in his eye……
Sadly Eric and Ernie peeled off after Longdowns and Dale sort of led the ride in the direction of Ponsanooth where Richard took us up a very steep and narrow shortcut to the Perranwell road. We were down a rider here but informed that his Villier had punctured(?) and he had returned home - to Ponsanooth. How lucky is that?!

Simon left us at Carnon Downs where there was a dispute over which way to go - the Quaker Meeting House at Come to Good is a pretty, though hilly, route. Nine thirsty riders quenched their thirsts at the Punchbowl and Richard 1, still pondering how this drinking hole had never caught his attention before, was easily persuaded to have another small libation at the Old Quay Inn (in Devoran) on the way home. A perfect summer evening's ride. Robin

Shocking pictures of fellow members
Jul 7, 2011, 3:07 pm

Click here to see the Falmouth Wheelers' Alps Tour photo album online. It's heroic.

The tour report is on the 'Foreign Tours Reports' page.

A Cornishman in London
Jul 5, 2011, 6:18 pm

As I was stuck in London for a week (working) and had to travel 7 miles to and fro daily I decided to use the ‘Boris Bikes’. The bikes are priced for short journeys, thus (never used ‘thus’ before!) it was free for the first half hour and then £1 up to an hour, £6 up to 2 hours and so on. My quickest commute time, bike-stand to bike-stand, was 35 minutes so it cost me £2 a day.

The good news is it’s a great way to get around town and because London’s flat the weight of the bikes isn’t noticeable. The bad news is when your journey's over you’ve got to find an empty space on one of the many stands around London in which to slot and lock your bike. A couple of times I had to go a bit out of my way to find a stand with spare slots. The bikes are also the preferred mode of transportation for drunks, lunatics and tourists-without-a-clue and I witnessed some very scary riding and a couple of near deaths with buses. In fact, during the week I saw a lot of mad cycling - red lights ignored, riding on busy pavements and inside overtaking of buses and lorries.
It certainly wasn’t like riding in Cornwall but it was an enjoyable way to get around the great metropolis. (And don’t forget less carbon emitted, calories burnt, beer vouchers and polar ice caps saved etc, etc.) Jono

Its time to eat some burnt food and get sand between your toes
Jun 28, 2011, 5:19 pm

The highlight of the Wheelers' summer calendar the annual BBQ has been arranged by Darren & Tony for Friday the  8th July at 6pm onwards on Swanpool beach.

As usual weather permitting, and if it's looking dodgy check the website to see if its postponed until later in the month.


On another matter... with the forecast looking good there is the opportunity to ride over to the Bike Barn at Portreath tomorrow evening for a Pasty 'n' Pint. Cost will be a fiver and we'll phone through numbers before we leave HQ at six. Although it's still light until 10.00pm it will be worth having a backlight.

Sunday 9 o'clock 'B' team - 26/06/11
Jun 26, 2011, 4:22 pm

Red Leader leads up and away from Porthtowan...After a very foggy start the skies cleared and eleven of us had a very nice ride via Stithians, Bissoe, Chacewater and Blackwater to the Blue Bar in Porthtowan for refreshments. Keith and Christie were on their tandem and were on top form scooting up the hills.

Whilst we breakfasted at the beach and looked on at the young folk surfing in the, er… surf, thoughts turned to how lucky we were to live and cycle in Cornwall. Today we were joined by Jeff from Wigan who was staying in Cadgwith. Jeff was very fit and seemed to be on familiar terms with FW’s best new friend from the Alps, Bradley Wiggins who lived in the next village on from Jeff. Jeff also had a very nice customized bike which Trevor 2 took a shining too. Even though we were a bit slow for Jeff he said he enjoyed it and good company he was as well.

After the steep climb out of Porthtowan it was almost downhill all the way home. Apart from ‘Hangman’s Hill’ that is. It’s like the dentist, you know you’re going to have to suffer it so you might as well gird your loins and just get on with it.

Excellent ride and company. Many thanks to Mr Gunner and Red Leader for leading. Click here to see the 40 mile route.

The Alps Trip 2011
Jun 25, 2011, 12:15 pm

8 wheelers signed up initially and Simon Jones joined us later to take the remaining place in the car. Crucially, one of the party was Bernie whose Discovery was the only means of towing the trailer. New rules had come in restricting the towing of four wheeled trailers!

Fred organised the ferry crossings and the hotel stop over in France and 36hrs later eleven weary wheelers arrived in the picturesque village of St Jean d’Arves. After unloading and sharing out the beds it wasn’t long before we were donning lycra and assembling our steeds.

Over the next week we claimed the famous cols that surrounded us and enjoyed fine sunny weather for all but one and a half days. We had no mishaps other than me clipping the neighbours roof with the trailer whilst on a rescue mission and the only repairs were punctures and brakes. Rocky gallantly escorted the girls off the Col du Madeleine on the first day, it being an extremely hot and claimed the col du Glandon on day three the using the spare lightweight road bike and helped make the definitive photo of the week - slogging up to the finish hand in hand with Bernie. (See photo left.)

All in all the holiday was a great success. The setting was second to none, the rides were awesome, the food delicious - thank you Gill and Theresa - and the local villagers more than welcoming. Robin Detailed report to follow.Ed.

Falmouth MAMILs lead the way
Jun 23, 2011, 3:26 pm

Our new best friend is Bradley Wiggins. Here he is demonstrating a technique he picked up from our members who have recently returned from the Alps where they showed Wiggo and the Sky boys how to do it up Alp d'Huez. Where's the report? Ed.

Cornwall Air Ambulance ride - June 26th
Jun 18, 2011, 2:05 pm

I know its a little short notice but there's a new ride in aid of the Cornwall Air Ambulance. It’s scheduled for Sunday 26th June. Starting and finishing in Portreath and heads across country down to the Lizard and back. For route click here  and for a sponsorship form click here.

The event is for fun and caters for all. Please note there are no official timings but there will be refreshment stops at Lanner, Constantine, Helston Boating Lake and the Co-op car park in Hayle.  There's no cost to enter - the only condition of entry is that you raise some sponsorship (maybe yourself???).


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