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Sunday 4th March...9 o'clock ride
Mar 8, 2012, 7:45 pm

Perranporth on a sunnier day...It was cold and windy, so not a great turn out today. Our new leader arrived and suggested we go to St. Keverne, but this was soon changed to Perranporth. The faster boys sped off to leave the two Dons to follow at a slower pace. On Commercial Road we were overtaken by three cyclists, but caught up with them on Treluswell Hill. One of them was 82 – so hope for us yet! At the turn off we found Phil waiting for us. He thought he would like a slower ride.

On now to Norway Inn and along suicide alley to Bissoe, then Chacewater, Blackwater and Mithian where we turned right to pick up the Perranporth road. We turned right to Bolingey before reaching Perranporth where we found the “fast boys” tucking in to big breakfasts. We needed some food and a warm drink, so let Fred and gang head for home.

The route we took home was through Perranzabuloe, Callestick and Allet where we turned left to Shortlanes End. At New Mill Phil had a puncture and was duly told off by Mr. G for not having any kit! At Truro viaduct we took the Newham road and then went on the cycle track to Playing Place. From there we went through Point and Devoran, and once again past the Norway Inn towards home. It was a scenic and leisurely ride of 45 miles. Don 2

Sunday 4th March...10 o'clockers
Mar 6, 2012, 10:47 am

Ok, this isn't us but this is what it felt like...This morning was the ride of the ‘three Phils’ with three out of eight riders called Phil. Trevarno was the destination and Trevarno Dave had just driven all the way to HQ only to face ridng back to home again but he seemed happy enough.

Half-way up Halvasso black clouds appeared and we were met with very strong wind, rain and horizontal hailstones. The hailstones stung your head through the gaps in the helmet and two of us were martyrs to our bare legs. Suddenly Trevarno seemed a long way to go in these unpleasant ice-cold windy conditions.

At the Halvasso summit, as we huddled hiding from the elements behind the derelict weigh-bridge office, Solo loomed out of the hailstorm alone on a tandem (well he is Solo). Turns out he was going to pick up Theresa from Stithians for a ride home. At this point two of the Phils, Jono and tandem riding Mr and Mrs Red Leader decided to stay closer to home and circle round Falmouth with a pit stop in the Watersports centre. The remaining Phil plus Liz, Solo, and Trevarno Dave carried on for a tea stop at Stithians. And wouldn’t you know it, half an hour later the weather was lovely and sunny, if still windy. As we say ‘you never regret going’ and it turned out to be a very enjoyable ride. Click here for one of the routes. Jono

North Cliffs - Intermediate 9-00 ride on Sunday 26th of Feb.
Mar 1, 2012, 6:37 pm

We left  HQ with the 9-00 long rides heading for the North Cliffs, planning to do about 45 miles and be back around 1-00pm. The route up to Four Lanes was the usual way around Stithians Reservoir and a steep climb up into the village. Then a big descent down into Carn Brea through the car boot mob and on towards Tehidy, finally coming out on the North Cliff road at the top of Portreath hill.
There was no head wind on the North Cliff road so a bit of a sprint developed on hill down to Hells Mouth. We regrouped at the top of the hill out of Hells Mouth and headed down to the coffee stop at Godrevy.
After the coffee stop the Intermediate riders (Myself, Fred, Adrian and Liz) turned left at the Red River Inn to climb up to Conner Downs, the long riders headed for St Ives. We were soon through Conner Downs and over the railway tracks and on in to Carnhell Green taking a left towards Praze-an-Beeble. Once out of Praze we took a left at the school and climbed up towards Black Rock picking a way through the mud left by the flower pickers.
Liz decided to take the flatter route back through Four Lanes, whilst the rest of us took a more direct route. With Adrian and I having a final sprint from Treverva to Union Corner.
Good work out 48miles Av 12.7. Ironman  

A windy ride along the North coast - Sunday 9.00am 26/2
Feb 28, 2012, 6:28 pm

There was talk of a ride to St. Ives. On his arrival Steve took charge offering to lead an intermediate ride to North Cliffs. So we decided to ride with Steve and then carry onto St Ives. We took the usual route from HQ up to Halvasso and onto Four Lanes. Although the sun wasn't shining the weather was quite pleasant for Feb. with very little wind except from Helston Trev !!
Down through Pool to Tehidy and onto North Cliffs for the sprint along the top to Gwithian, passing the spot at Hells Mouth where my 1st boardman had met an untimely end. To be sociable we had coffee and cake with Steve's gang at the NT cafe in the dunes.
Finally nine of us left for St. Ives via Hayle, over the top to Halsetown and then down to the harbour. Here we had lunch which was most welcome as we hadn't eaten for at least 1/2 hour. Whilst sat eating the conversation turned to pensioners, bus passes and free train travel  -  this is what you get for riding with a load of old giffers.
Homeward bound Don2, Nick and Phil left us at the causeway as we ventured inland to Godolphin where Trev peeled off. A great ride of over 60 miles only marred by a tractor driving tosser who tried to knock us off the road near Releath. Ian

Sunday 9 o'clockers, 19th Feb
Feb 23, 2012, 5:04 pm

About 15 Wheelers left HQ to ride in a chatty, drawn-out string to the Norway and along the creekside and old tramway in warm sunshine to Point.
At the top of the hill out some masochist said 'let’s go through Feock' and the group split with the 'shorties' going on to Bissoe and us 'longies' heading for the ferry. It left as we got there(!) so we spent 20 mins putting the world to rights.
A succession of Roseland hills followed en route to Portscatho, (pronounced Port-scar-tho) where we admired the view and warmed our tired legs. Onward and up more serious hills to St. Mawes where there were no cafés open, so we were forced to refuel in the Victory Inn - cycling can be tough. The food and ale aided the gentler ride back to the ferry where again we just missed it. There are a lot worse places to sit and wait. After the Roseland hills, Hangman’s didn't seem too bad. A very sociable ride of 50 miles. Jim.

Pay up or else...... (plus important club meeting)
Feb 22, 2012, 6:23 pm

Subs - The Chancellor is just reminding everyone that hasn't paid yet, that yearly subs are now due. As its the monthly meeting on the 23rd please bring a tenner along with your beer money to keep  Uncle Don happy.

Feb Meeting - With a new year and new club president please try and make this month's meeting as Steve is keen to for members to discuss the following -

  • The club structure
  • Wed & Sunday rides
  • New ride ideas
  • Charitable donations 
  • Plus anything else you want the club to offer/do or fund.

10 o'clockers 19/02/12
Feb 20, 2012, 11:00 am

'Man Love' amongst some prominent and upstanding members reveals itself...‘The Hang Over Ride’ may have been a more appropriate name for today’s ten o’clock ride with several members slightly worse for wear. Even so, it was a perfect day for cycling and there were indeed lots of non FWs out on the road as well as us.
Tea and cake at Bissoe was the destination, via Treverva, Halvasso, Stithians reservoir, Burncoose and Pulla Cross. The pace was leisurely and the banter was rife, mainly around Rob suggesting that he was going to ‘peel off’ to take a more challenging route home and Red Leader poo pooing this with insinuations that it would be a shorter route and may even involve a lift. Among the gems overheard from the saddle was; (Rob) ‘My speedometer only works past 30mph’ (Red Leader) ‘Shame you’ve never seen it work then’. (They love each other really, as the photo proves.)
Liz was on good form staying up front and it was nice to see Helston Trevor, one of the club’s strongest cyclists, out on a more relaxed ride. Also, Phil 2 was out on his second outing with the FWs, so we didn’t put him off the first time then. A grand day out with plenty of in-saddle entertainment. Click here for the excellent 30 mile route.

Wheelers blowout - Sunday 12th Ride
Feb 13, 2012, 2:16 pm

A dry morning saw 19 riders turn up Bright and Cheery at the Packet Offices. Our illustrious leader gave a sterling speech telling us all to be at the next meeting at Woodlane on the 23rd of February.
Bernie, David, Charlie (with only 1 knee) and Stephen (nursing a gammy leg) left on the shorter ride. The rest left in 2 groups, 11 in one and 4 in the other, to see Caroline coming the other way. With us were Sue on a Thorn and Paul from Kent. Just after Eathorn Sue’s gear cable broke, a repair was attempted at my place which ended in a bodge job locking the rear mech in middle gear. And so we continued on our way.
On the hill down to Trewardreva Mill Dean had a double blow-out which was sorted and we continued on to Gweek. By this time Don and his 4 had gone past us and were well on their way. Dean then had another puncture and decided that it was not going to be his day so we left him to fiddle with glue and patches etc.
We had a nice ride around St Anthony and on to Roskilly’s with Sue doing magnificently using only 3 gears. Just before Roskilly’s Jim had a puncture. We all left him at his insistence as we were near to Roskilly’s anyway. There we of course met Don, Don, Nick & Eddy who were well into their refreshments and listened smuggly to our tales of woe. We returned home against a cold wind Via Wendron etc. A loverly, if somewhat eventful, ride. 55 miles.  Fred

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