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New Forest cycling weekend 16-17th June
Jun 18, 2012, 3:05 pm

A good weekend was enjoyed by all travelling the lanes and roads of the New Forest. Many wheelers took the opportunity to use their camper vans and caravans, staying on a forest campsite, while some other very hardy wheelers opted to sleep under canvas, whilst other real softies booked a hotel. 
The routes slected by Fred with some help from Bernie ( the ex local boy) were varied and considering how flat the New Forest is supposed to be, were quite hilly, but the views were stunning and the animals (horses, pigs ,cows and bulls, ) roaming freely.  I lost count of how many cattle grids we crossed, but will be spending some time tightening up pannier rack bolts etc this week, after rattling them loose. Caroline (pictures in gallery - full report in news letter) 

Perranporth and beyond - the 9 o'clockers go looking for hills! 17thJune
Jun 18, 2012, 10:50 am

Eight of us gathered at HQ and Perranporth was agreed upon.  The 8 were Jim - leading I think, Robin, Helston Trevor, Raymond, Ian, Simon, Richards 1 and 2.

A familiar route was taken: via Penryn and Lower Treluswell etc before rejoining the main road by the Norway.  Here we split into 2X4 for the dash along ‘suicide alley’ and then towards Bissoe before a sudden right turn for Helston Water, and then a left along a new lane – at least for me, but apparently a regular for the Wednesday morning crew. It was somewhere along here we met a tractor and Robin met a tree branch, which was painful but he survived!  Soon we were in Truro.  We now headed through Idless and Gwarnick before crossing the busy A30 at Marazanvose, and then into the quiet lanes to Perranzabuloe and then down through Cocks and into Perranporth.  Plenty of ‘emmets’ about and our usual café, the Camelot, was just about full, so we piled into the Stepping Stones – a few doors away.  Very good it was, and eight hearty breakfasts were gobbled: very reasonable and very pleasant service!

We did our usual viewing of the beach when Robin asked ‘can we go up there?’ – the steep hill up to the left of the beach.  Jim seemed happy with this and the suggestion to include Blue Hills.  I became temporary leader and headed for Trevellas Porth.  We had a ‘group hug’ and ‘group photo’ before individually attacking the steep climb up the other side.  Pictures should be on the website.  At the top we regrouped and headed via Peterville and towards the beach before another steep climb up Rocky Lane to join the circuit around Beacon Drive.  Somewhere around here Robin became the leader.  We passed a very tempting cake stall: Richard 2 surprised us by actually resisting this!  Twas onwards towards Porthtowan when a sharp shower forced an impromptu pub stop: er,  we didn’t take much forcing!  In the pub we probably had the first Wheelers’ sighting of a Piranha! Onwards down into Porthtowan and the climb out again before Cambrose and a left at Bridge, and then back into Redruth.  Here we headed up to St Euny Churchtown and up again to Carnkie and eventually emerging at Four Lanes; only to find that the Victoria Inn closed.  Five decided to head for another watering hole, while Jim and Richards 1 and 2 headed for Penhalvean; where I stopped for a coffee at Stithians lake - the other two headed home.

This was an enjoyable but hilly ride: appropriate, as many were training for the next weekend’s Dartmoor Classic!  About fifty miles I guess, depending where you started from. Dan Dare (aka Richard1) Pictures in photo gallery under Perranporth Hill Climbing. Ed.

Pedal & Puff with Falmouth Road Runners - Sunday 10/06/12
Jun 11, 2012, 9:27 pm

Sunday's "Pedal and Puff" was a shot in the dark but turned out to be lots of fun, thanks in no small part to the Wheelers enthusiasm and good humour. My worries about riders or runners getting lost proved to be unfounded. Chris, Lorna and Jane made up for my lack of foresight and posted themselves at strategic junctions to point the way.
Robin for the riders and Sam for the runners impressed us all with their pace covering around 18 miles and 12 miles respectively.
Equally impressive was Robin's team mate Bev, who is new to running and ran nearly twice the distance she has tackled before.
(see pic.)Between them they were first home, arriving at the same time which is as it should be. So thanks to everyone, Jill I'm sorry your ride ended abruptly, I hope you aren't sore for too long.T
Thanks also to Jilly at the Sports Club for the tasty E&B Baguettes. Keith (And thanks Keith for organising it.Ed.)

Racing News
Jun 6, 2012, 2:14 pm

Media Alert: Criterium du Dauphine stage 4 can be live streamed at www.steephill.tv from Thursday 7th. Bradley Wiggins is currently leading it. Robin

Jun 6, 2012, 9:50 am

Many Wheelers met at HQ for the 9 o' clock ride. Richards 1 and 2, Ian and myself set off, following Robin and Simon for a trip to the Roseland and on towards the north coast.
Off to the King Harry via Penryn and Devoran, then we seemed to climb every hill on the Roseland before a lunch stop at the garden centre in Tresillian. We had an excellent breakfast at a very reasonable cost, it was a little slow but we seemed to have plenty to talk about.

Richard 1 left us here as we set off to find more hills St Erme, across the A30 to Marazanvose, Perranabuloe and then a very pleasant re hydration stop at the Bolingey inn.
On again through Mithian, Blackwater and Chacewater and down the Carnon valley to the Bissoe Cafe and a long chat with Ricci. On leaving Richard 2 had a flat, Ian left at this point for other duties and the elite Wheelers mechanic crew sprang into action showing other cyclist how to fix a puncture in less than 30 minutes. Simon turned left and the three of us left headed off to Robin's for tea cake and wheel truing (thanks Robin).
Only 55 miles but felt like more with 1,638m of climbing, 4 hrs 20 minutes of moving time, average moving speed of 12.9 and a max speed of 42 mph for me anyway. Good practice for Dartmoor with good company. Dale. (Using your Garmin by any chance Dale?Ed.)

Hill Climb Cycle Race - 02/06/12
Jun 3, 2012, 9:13 am

Some mad, brave members took part in the UK's first ever (maybe) hill climb race organised by Falmouth Uni students over the weekend. Robin won 'best fancy dress' - so we beat the youngsters at something. Here's a picture of Robin. Guess whether he's at the start or finish... (more pictures in gallery. Ed.)

Pedal & Puff Sunday June 10th 9:30am Falmouth Sports Club
Jun 3, 2012, 8:49 am

Falmouth Wheelers and Falmouth Road Runners join forces next Sunday, 10th June, in a joint cycling/running/socialising/breakfast event starting at Falmouth Sports Club at 9:30am.

Cyclists will be paired with runners and then we’ll each go around a short course (see it here) in opposite directions until we meet halfway-ish and then we return to the sports club where they’ll be winners and losers and breakfast baguettes for all the noble participants. It should last about an hour and a half.
If you want to take part let the organizers, Keith & Terry, know if you’re a fast, medium or leisurely rider so they can pair you up with the right runner. Their email address is anchored@talktalk.net

Mountain Biking with the club - Tuesday 12th June
Jun 1, 2012, 10:39 am

The first Wheelers' inaugural mountain bike ride will take place on Tuesday 12th June. Meet at 6.30pm in the car park next to the Devoran Car Dealers. We'll be heading for Portreath. Amanda

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