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Dartmoor Classic - 24/6/12
Jul 3, 2012, 1:39 pm

Rain, Rain, Rain all night before the event but on Sunday morning it started to clear up by about 9ish. The roads were very wet and we were detoured from the planned route due to a fallen tree across the road. Luckily for us it was blocking one of the biggest, longest hills on the 65mile route, but the organisers had gone out of their way to replace it with an even steeper hill. At least we got to cool our feet in a ford before attempting the climb – it was the one I walked up!

I took the first half of the route very steady as did most of the other riders. I witnessed some very cautious descents, thankfully, as there were also a few accidents and the air ambulance was hovering overhead. It was a long, long climb into the wind to get up to Princetown, but the reward was the best ever Spinach and Feta flan and treacle flapjack, all washed down with watermelon energy drink. Shane and Jim were also refuelling as I headed off.

After Princetown it was downhill all the way home (honest, it was.) The views were fantastic and the sun had come out, there were some beautiful long descents and I whizzed down one at 45mph! I had my sights on a medal so I blasted it back as fast as I could, overtook a few cars too. I really enjoyed the whole route and the atmosphere was fantastic, the event is incredibly well organised. I finished with a silver medal in 5 hrs 8 mins, just after Jim! I’m not sure where he past me???
Well done to all the Wheelers who took part, it was great to see so many of us there. Amanda

July Pathfinder Ride - 1/7/12
Jul 3, 2012, 10:56 am
About a dozen or so riders left HQ for a meeting point at Goonhilly. These included Raymond who had rode from Goonhilly to HQ just to turn around and go back again! Strange these St. Keverne people. I was also going to slag off another rider for leaving me out of a previous ride report (you're in there now. Ed.) but inspite of him being old and boring I still like him.
We took a direct route through Treverva, Gweek etc. to arrive at Goonhilly for 10.00 to join up with those who had driven over. Far fewer had turned up than expected. Where were all the 10 o'clockers? I know its quite a long drive but if you left in good time you could have had a rest before the ride commenced.
The route was being organised by Shane and Trevor, aka Eric and Ernie, or so we thought. We ambled through a number of lanes led by Shane eventually coming to a junction with the Helston to Lizard main road. Here I was to witness something that shook me to my core. Shane and Trev seemed to be having a disagreement over the route taken. Within a second Trevor had tore off into the distance in a bit of a huff not to be seen again.
We were all taken aback and Shane was visibly upset. Was this the end of one of the great double acts of our time who had brought joy to countless millions? Well alright then, 30 or 40 wheelers. Lets hope this is only temporary and Eric and Ernie are back in bed together soon. I don't know whether Trev's actions warrent a stiff repremand from our club leader, i.e. a damm good thrashing behind the Packet offices, to show hissy fits will not be tolerated!
Back on our bikes again we made for a cafe break at Poldue cove. Over coffee, cake and bacon baps we mulled over the mornings events. After refreshments we split into two groups, those going back to Goonhilly and the rest of us heading for Porthleven and onwards to Rinsey and Ashton where we realised we were not far away from Auntie Gill's. The thought of all those cakes, there was only one direction we were going in!
Feeling energised Raymond guided us towards Releath and on the way Dean entertained us with some cycling acrobatics. Luckily Dean and bike survived in one piece. Here Richard1 also found a new bike trailer to replace the one the club gave away. Passing through Porkellis Robin forced Raymond and myself into the Star to rehydrate and recover from a truamatic day. All in all a very entertaining ride of approx. 50 miles.

Hog Roast Feedback forms - results
Jun 29, 2012, 4:40 pm

Many thanks to all members for your feedback concerning the Hog Roast evening. The main suggestion from everyone was to have more food next time. The band was liked, the venue was liked but we could have done with a quiet area (without the rain this problem may have been solved though we did have the ‘wine bar’ behind the band) and some people said a bit more room for the band and dancing would have helped.
Also, it would have been nice to have had more wheelers in attendance - I think the Dartmoor Classic pinched quite a few of us. We’ll be taking all your comments into consideration, overall it was very positive, so thank you. Hog Roast Team

Sunday Pathfinder Ride 01/07/12
Jun 29, 2012, 3:55 pm

Everyone is welcome this Sunday (1st) on the club's July Pathfinder Ride to Poldhu (or Lizard point depending on the weather). 10am start from Goonhilly Nature Reserve car park. Click here to see where we're meeting. If you fancy a longer ride they'll be a few starting from the Falmouth Packet offices at 9am.

Pathfinder Rides are usually a leisurely 25 - 30 miles or so with a lunch/cafe stop. If it's your first time on a Pathfinder Ride please bring a spare innertube along just in case. We'll help you with any puncture repairs. We'll probably be back at the start between 3 and 4pm at the latest.

Mid Summer Pasty Supper Ride - 27/06/12
Jun 28, 2012, 12:37 pm

The club had its first ‘Mid Summer Pasty Supper Ride’ out to the Star Inn. There was a very good turn out, considering the very thick blanket of fog covering Cornwall, and everyone seemed to have a jolly time feasting on Rowes’ pasties and drinking pints at the ever welcoming Star Inn. Many thanks to Ironman for organising it (and Mrs Ironman too?). There are lots of pictures in the photo gallery courtesy of Richard 1.

Perranporth and back - 24/06/2012
Jun 26, 2012, 9:52 am

The nine o’clockers don’t go looking for hills! (But they do find a few.)
There were only 4 of us at HQ this morning: Don G, Sue, Dean and Richard 1. We realised that there would only be a few, with many suffering on Dartmoor and others pulling down a tent!  The decision was Perranporth again, although this time it would be a leisurely stroll.  The weather was dull and damp but the forecast was hopeful, so off we went via Penryn and up Truro Hill as Sue requested and then along via Lower Treluswell to eventually drop down to the Norway.  We dashed through ‘suicide alley’ and then headed towards Bissoe.

It was up to Dangerous X and across the old A30 passing Silverwell church before joining the St Agnes-Perranporth road at Barkla Shop, where Dean left us for a camera club do!  The remaining three drifted down the quiet and attractively-hidden lane through Perrancoombe passing John Opie’s cottage.  Eventually we surfaced at Perranporth and again called into the Stepping Stones café – on the site which was once Donald Healey’s garage.

After the usual look at the beach we headed up the valley via Cocks to Perranzabuloe, and then on to Ventongimps & across the busy A30 at Marazanvose.  After Shortlanesend we dived into the quiet lanes again to eventually emerge in Truro.  From here it was via the old railway line from Newham to join the Old Falmouth Road to Playing Place.  We headed down to Penpol and Point to follow the estuary road to Carnon Gate, where Don and Sue retraced through ‘suicide alley’ and I went home via Bissoe.
A nice relaxed run of 35 miles or so in good company and a few hills. Richard 1

Mid Summer Hog Roast - 23rd June 2012
Jun 24, 2012, 10:10 am

In spite of high winds and a watery deluge of biblical proportions spirits weren’t dampened at the club's mid-summer hog roast where 200 revelers managed to eat a pig, raise a good deal of money for charity and dance the night away to the 9-piece Falmouth Soul Sensations band which played non-stop for two and a half hours.

Many people helped to make this night happen but special mentions go to Caroline who organized a highly lucrative Tombola and a free marquee (many thanks to Mark & Paul at Blue Flame) and to Dan and Alice Lowry for making delicious vegetarian food and cupcakes. Also, many thanks go to the ever friendly sports club staff, all those who supplied and ran the various amusements – we’re still counting the takings – and everyone that helped set everything up before and after. It should also be noted that Kernow Hog Roast kindly made a charitable donation as well. The benefiting charities, Marie Curie Cancer Care and Dementia UK, will be using the funds for operating in Cornwall.

General opinion seems to be that this type of club interbreeding event (roadrunners/wheelers/sportsclub) worked, which considering the atrocious wintery weather on the night is quite miraculous. Though as I write this I’m thinking of our fellow members battling against wind and rain for 100 miles across Dartmoor and thinking we actually didn’t have it too bad. Jono (Some pictures can be found in the photo gallery.Ed)

Blood, sweat, mud and beers - offroad ride 19/05/12
Jun 20, 2012, 12:36 pm

A quick switch from Porkellis to Helston in JB's absence saw five FWs turn up for the evening's adventure led by HelstonTrevor. 
Tagging along with Raymond, Robin and myself was guest rider Tom who quickly showed his bike handling skills on his oversize wheels.  After passing the casualty unit (ominous?) we were soon off the black stuff and dropping down a track through Nansloe to the Loe valley.  Encountering a few walkers along the meadow we were good disciples of the FW Riders Code, doffing our helmets and wishing them a good evening.  After that we saw no one else which was just as well as the path got narrow with undergrowth and the sinking sun shining straight into our eyes made it difficult to see where you were going. 

Despite the tree roots and general blindness, we avoided a plunge into Loe Pool and came out onto Loe Bar. Some swift twiddling of the pedals was needed to climb up above the beach and get to the point of the cliff near Gunwalloe where the view along the coast past Porthleven as the sun began to set was one that must be difficult to beat anywhere.  Trevor pointed out the nudist beach but the descent was much too steep.

Moving on quickly we turned off into the final stretch of the evening at Tangies, which got interesting.  First the odd bit of bramble leapt out and attacked us, and then we hit the mud, long patches of it, wet but sticky and trying hard to pull us to a stop and deposit us in the stuff.  But with a big effort we made it through to dry ground.  Hardly had we done so than the track rose steeply and went on and then on again to the top.    Time for a beer and to compare blood injuries at the Maytree/Premier Inn.  Again the good disciples of the FW Code removed their shoes at the door.  Thanks to Trevor for stepping in at the last moment and giving us such a fun and memorable ride.  Simon 

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