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Nine O'clockers Roseland Poppy day ride - Sunday 11/11
Nov 13, 2012, 6:06 pm

A large crowd gathered at H.Q. for the 9.00 o'clock ride to St Mawes. Steve then announced that there was an alternative ride heading to D.G's Cafe at Perranuthnoe led by Adrian thus reducing the numbers considerably. Those remaining set off via Devoran/Penpol to King Harry looking resplendant with its huge poppies proudly displayed on the ferry gates.

The quietness of the scene was broken by the endless banter of the gathered cyclists knowing that once across the other side a hill of no mercy gleefully awaited us. The decibels increased as several riders from One and All joined us in the queue (one car) with more friendly banter. Reaching the top of the hill in high spirits we headed off for Ruan high lanes via Philleigh. We held a two minute silence at 11.00 am then proceeded to Portscatho, savouring the amazing scenery before heading towards St Anthony and more fantastic views. Then back to St Mawes where Richard 1 left us here as he had a prior appointment, the remaining eight enjoyed a well earned coffee sitting in the sun enjoying life and venturing in to the world of long posh words (like embibe and postulate).

From there it was back to King Harry and for Jim and I, back home. The remaining six turned left to take in Loe beach as they felt they had not done enough hills for the day. A nice ride even though i found it hard. But remember you never regret going..... Fred 

Why you should listen to Uncle Don......
Nov 12, 2012, 6:56 pm

When Mr Gunner tells you months ago that your rims are getting a bit thin don't ignore the advice.  

Best heed what he says or your wheels could end up like this. Richard2

Not the best time to shred your rims when your up on Dartmoor on a 100 miler. 

Sunday 4/11 - The Halfords run
Nov 7, 2012, 6:38 pm
Ten hardy riders met at H.Q. for the 9.00am ride.  We were joined by a new rider Nigel who hopefully will be riding with us again.  Transpires he used to ride with Richard 1 and run with Richard 2 - oh what fame....
Dean and Graham left us & set off to join the 10.00 o'clock riders. At the bottom of Halvasso Adrian also left us as he wasn't feeling great, so that left the Magnificent 7 who made there way to Marazion dodging (or trying to ) hail and rain. Unusually, all went well at the cafe -  unfortunately they didn't have any Birthday cakes or Candles fo us to celebrate Richard 1 joining the Don Gunner Ranks of Septitarians.
We then set off home via Hayle, Connor Downs unfortunately at Carnhill Green, Ian had a problem with his rear cassette which he had only just had replaced by Halfords in Poole. (As you do... Editor) So he, Robin, Richards 1&2 set off to discuss the problem at Halfords???  This left Myself Phil and Nigel to continue our Journey. A most enjoyable (if somewhat wet & windy) ride. Fred

To Roskillys and beyond... 28/10/12
Oct 30, 2012, 2:35 pm

Eleven met at H.Q. and Mickey and Adrian decided to do their own thing so nine set off for Roskillys. En route bike maintainence was attended to by way of adjusting Shane's gears (just had a new cable fitted so say no more).
Anyway, all were duly fed and watered at Roskillys except for Richard who went in search of his missing Pasty which as we were all keen to make a move then went to cancel it. 
Set off back home and decided to turn left at the entrance to Trelowarren towards Cury. Richard had disappeared and Amanda, Graham, Dean and Shane decided to go straight home so Sarah, Steve, Jim and myself set off via Cury; Culdrose; Windy Lane; (leaving a very feverish Jim at his house) Halvasso and home. 50miles in all. Fred  

Sunday 9 o'clockers to Perranporth & Truro 21/10/12
Oct 23, 2012, 10:13 am

Many of the usual suspects met at HQ to discuss today’s ride: occasionally sounding more like a WI meeting!  The long & middle-distance 9 o’clockers and DG’s strollers decided on Perranporth via various routes.  I can only account for some of the day’s ride, as there were various splits & rejoinings en-route.  Admiral & Clare left to do their own thing.

         We headed off via Commercial Rd, where the first split saw some going up Old Truro Hill and some up Lower Treluswell.  We met again at Carclew where Robin left for Cyprus (As you do. Ed.).  We dashed thru’ Suicide Alley and along to Bissoe and up the drag to Dangerous - then thru’ Penstraze to the top of Blackwater.  Next was an easy drift past Silverwell and left to Barkla Shop, before descending the attractive and ever-popular Perrancoombe valley.  One or two missed the left at the bottom & attempted to dive into the ford; thankfully stopping short!  Soon we were in Perranporth, where we divided our custom between the two favourite cafes.  We all fuelled up on cakes, bacon sarnies and Full Monties.

Those keen to get back headed for home, the rest of us going down for the usual look at the beach.  Here we admired an immaculate Massey-Ferguson 35 and posed for a photo shoot. The return route was via the other valley road through Cocks and a regroup at Perranzabuloe. We continued via Ventongimps to cross the ever-busy A30 at Marazonvose and eventually another regroup at Shortlanesend.  We dived again into the back lanes to emerge under the viaduct and into Truro.  We decided to avoid the cycle route via Newham and a serious mud issue!  It was down the Old Falmouth Road and up to Playing Place & Carnon Downs. 

Another split here saw me going it alone to Bissoe for a coffee, or so I thought. Ian passed me heading for Stithians to meet the others for a pint. I turned into Bissoe Bike hire only to be joined again by Jim, Richard 2 and Dean: Ian must have imbibed alone?  From here what was left of the peloton either went home or went looking for Ian – did they find him? Richard 1                                                                                         

The three D's Ride - two Dons and Dave! 14/10/12
Oct 17, 2012, 11:29 am

Don had a destination in mind - to go to The Cabin at Perranuthnoe - a first for Dave and myself. Luckily we missed all the heavy showers and passed a lot of riders on the "Sportive". I hasten to add that they were going in the opposite direction and at a faster pace! We sat outside at The Cabin, had tea and bacon baps with a lovely view across Mounts Bay. This was a great cafe stop and must be included on the Wheelers web site Gourmet pages. (Done. Ed.)
52 miles with good company. Don 2

Gwithian Hill Climb – 30/9/12
Oct 16, 2012, 3:55 pm

It was an 8 o’clock start for Robin, Ian and myself to ride over to Gwithian for what the Penzance Wheelers described as their “sufferfest” - their annual hill climb. There’s nothing like a little Force 5 headwind to warm up the legs for what was to come. But this was something which they said would help us up the 216 feet of ascent with a gradient of 7%, over almost one mile.

There was a good crowd of about 25 riders, most in PzW colours, numbered up and ready to go. The first 5 riders had been set off when news came down from the top of the mountain that there was a malfunction with the stopwatches.   We would have to start again! Two of these riders had another go but by then their legs had gone. The others gave it a miss and one was disqualified for unkind words to the timekeeper. The FWs could do well here maybe....
Cheered on by the roar of the crowds at the top, we certainly did, at least that is with improved times from last year, and Robin improved his position to 7th. Ian was 15th and I was 17th. Lee, one of our occasional riders, was 12th. Graham had ridden over to support us. But after a swift coffee at Godrevy (which meant there was no time for a second breakfast of Belgian waffles and fried bacon) Robin had cajoled Ian and me into riding evenfurther west into the Force 5. The promise of a strong tail wind all the way home, and a pint and a packet of Walkers at the Gurnards Head was the carrot offered. Graham resisted this with ease and bade farewell.

On the way there we were joined briefly by Martyn who was busy collecting audax AAA points. (which sounds a bit like butterfly collecting but would take too long to explain). Just past Zennor we had to stop while Ian despatched an injured rabbit as a car of visitors passed slowly by, gawping at this manifestation of ancient Celtic sacrifice.
On the way back we enjoyed the long descent down the Trevaylor valley to Gulval, then a short pit stop at the tea room at the St Erth village shop, before the accustomed stop at Longdowns where Robin redeemed himself by wangling for us a plateful of buckshee roast potatoes. Did tatties ever taste so good......
An unexpected 50 miles after the time trial was preceded by 18 miles to the start. But a fine day out in the fine autumn sun. Simon J (There's a couple of pictures in the gallery. Ed.)

Peddlers - Cycling's Dirty Truth - Radio 5 special
Oct 16, 2012, 1:28 pm

Mark Chapman presents a special programme focusing on drugs in cycling through the Lance Armstrong era.

Hear from one of Armstrong's former team mates, Tyler Hamilton, as well as interviews with Dick Pound, the former head of WADA and Emma O'Reilly, Armstrong's former masseuse. Plus British cyclist David Millar who was banned for two years after admitting taking performance enhancing drugs and Christophe Basson, a French cyclist who was driven out of the sport by Armstrong and other riders after he spoke out against drugs

Click here to listen (you'll need speakers...)

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