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Annual Club Dance
Jan 4, 2013, 12:03 pm

Here’s a reminder to buy a 'February Fizz Fest' ticket for Saturday 2nd Feb before they all go.
They're £23 each which includes free entry to a 200 ticket raffle with an iPad, Garmin and Kindle as the 3 main prizes, dancing to Falmouth Soul Sensation and a grand buffet. Contact Donald on 01326 210285 or Caroline on 01326 375233. Tickets are now on sale to non-club members and are going fast. (For those members that were worried about not being able to sit down, there will be tables and chairs - but no seating plan.)

A message from our Chairman
Dec 21, 2012, 7:17 pm

For me our Xmas Supper is the start of the festive season, and what a cracker it was. Special thanks to Caroline for the buffet, Denise for the cake and the one and only KK for the raffle.
Have a great Christmas


Yes for those that don't know that is a cake, Ed

Ho ho ho..... Christmas Rides
Dec 21, 2012, 5:32 pm

23rd December
Sunday 9.00 & 10.00am Roast Potatoe Run to the Star Inn
26th December
10.00 Boxing Day ride - (fun ride) Meet at HQ
28th Dec
Evening Ride to Mousehole to see the lights
Meeting down west place and time tbc
(This could be moved to the Sat if weather bad. )
30th Dec
9.00 am & 10.00 am Sunday Club rides

And the 'Quote of The Day' is.... 9.30 9 o'clockers 16/12/12
Dec 18, 2012, 11:32 am

Looking as if we would get wet at some point, general agreement that the planned ride to Perranporth via KH Ferry was bordering on the insane (See report below. Ed), we decided that we would head for Porthreath via Halvasso, Nine maidens and on. Caroline, Mickey, Shane, Don G, Bob and myself set off with the usual banter.
We got nearly to Nine Maidens before the first shower, at Belowne Don told us of a tea stop at Coombe that he had visited before and suggested that this would be a great place to go, so rather than head to Portreath we turned left at Tehidy and glided down the long hill to Coombe were after a couple of miles or so we arrived at the CLOSED tea shop!!!! So, back up the long hill with of course Don being the subject of most of the comments.
At the Tehidy Cafe we all had a welcome cup of coffee and a slice of cake. This is were the Quote of The Day was uttered (I think from Mickey) "Well, that's what you get when you follow a 76 year old Sat Nav" Laugh? I nearly choked on my almond slice! Now, I don't think Don was too worried about the comment but this is where we left him (or did he leave you? Ed.) and Bob as they wanted to do a few more miles before heading home, the rest of us then headed for Pool on to Piece and up to Nine Maidens again where Shane carried on to Helston and we headed back to Longdowns and again splitting on our ways home, Caroline to Mabe and Mickey of to Falmouth via Halvasso and myself back to Trevales.
A most enjoyable 38 miles with only very slightly wet feet, still home by 12.45! And only two or three showers to dampen any spirits. Bernie

'P' is for 'pain' - 9 o'clockers 16/12/12
Dec 18, 2012, 11:13 am

It was a case of “they don’t like it up them”. Hills that is; and more than you could shake a stick at on Simon’s 9 o’clock ride to Perranporth, via the Roseland. We missed the ferry but eventually clanked across, inspecting the new bike maintenance station that has been installed on the ferry, courtesy of Clive Mitchell. 

P is for Perranporth but it is also for Penryn, Perranwell, Point, Penpol, Philleigh, Probus and all stations in between, arriving at the Camelot long after the Lightfooters had been and gone; in fact almost too late, but not quite, for breakfast. Whilst there, Dave Rashleigh paid a flying, or at least motorcycling, visit. Then it was the compulsory check to see if the sea was still there - it was, and then up the Coombe towards St Agnes, and home via dangerous crossing, Wheelers pealing off as they took their own routes or even diverted to the pub at Devoran.
I am sure there was much clever conversation along the way but, for some reason, I seemed to be at the back most of the time and missed it all. And if Robin posts a photo of me pushing my bike up one of the hills, let me tell you that I was only keeping Richard (I) and Jim company. The Met office was fairly correct with their prediction of rain, cloud, wind and a little sun. They only missed out the hail. 53 miles and 1029m climbed for me, but don’t let that put you off next weeks ride. I am sure it will be much shorter and very flat. Dean

A nice Sunday walk/ride - 9 o'clockers 09/12/12
Dec 12, 2012, 3:32 pm

Jim, Ian, Robin, Graham and Myself left H.Q. bound for Mevagissey. First climb of many that day was Truro hill and the usual route to the Norway Inn where we spotted an elderly gentleman  (not in the wheelers he isn't Ed.) in lycra shorts with a nice old Raleigh and then they were six, but not for long as Simon joined us in Devoran and the magnificent seven were formed. 
Robin was route organiser so the hill off the King Harry was not to be our hardest of the day. On and up through Phileigh, then a short stroll across Pendower beach and the fine climb out of the other side which was shortly followed by another very similar hill. More hills were meant to follow but we were saved by the bell of Robin's phone as Dean and Raymond had finished making people aware of us all on the British cycling ride and were on their way to join us at Mevagissey. Fine and fast food was served by the one lady working in the Taste Buds cafe but we were all keen to get back on the road.

Richard left us here to visit his son and Simon found us a cycle path out of Mevagissey, this turned out to be a bit of an off-road ramble with a steep hill. Familiar names like Sticker, Grampound,  Probus, Tresillian, Truro followed but on many roads I have not seen before. Ian had previously picked up a knee injury and left us for a lift with Raymond at Penair school, where we also said goodbye to Dean. Jim left us on the outskirts of Truro. Four of us made it to Devoran, but only Graham had the strength to carry on home. Simon, Robin and myself needed sustenance and luckily the Old Quay Inn was open. It was dark and about 5:30pm when we left the pub and Simon headed home.
Robin and I then tackled 'suicide alley' and got the scare of our lives. We had 3 bright lights between us but this did not stop the huge HGV forcing us into the gutter and leaving about 4 inches between us and his wheels. I can only assume the driver did not see us as I can't believe he would come that close if he had. I for one will be looking at brightening myself up and I think as Robin was shouting F*** F*** F*** as he almost disappeared under a wheel, he may feel the same. Dale (a couple more pictures in photo gallery Ed.)

Cycle Cross-dressing Richard 2...?
Dec 12, 2012, 12:57 pm

Sorry guys I wasn't there for Mevagissey ride on Sunday; was on airport duty.

However, I've brought back a pair of the new Bianchi cycling shoes for all you colour co-ordinated aficionados. Richard 2

February Fizz tickets are currently being sold...
Dec 8, 2012, 4:53 pm

Anyone wishing to purchase tickets for the February Fizz Fest on Saturday Feb. 2nd, please contact Donald on 01326 210285 or Caroline on 01326 375233 or buy them at the club's special Christmas meeting (party), 20th December at Woodlane Social Club.

Remember, Falmouth Sports Club members have been invited to buy tickets just as non-wheelers have been invited to do so for all our previous ‘dinner dances’. They are keen to party with us and the Falmouth Soul Sensation band as they enjoyed our Hog Roast in the summer and I dare say the chance of winning an iPad, Garmin or Kindle in the FREE RAFFLE for ticket holders may be an incentive too.

Make sure you buy your ticket before they all go!

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