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Tea Treat and Freewheeling contest
Aug 3, 2013, 1:08 pm

The forecast for Sunday was grim and on awakening, sadly, they had got it right as it was a thoroughly miserable morning!  I headed for Stithians past the showground and through Penhalvean to the Carnmenellis graveyard near Penmarth.  It was nearly 10am and the breeze was in the right direction – from behind – so I marked the start line: chalk actually works on a wet road!  10am passed and I thought the event wasn’t going to happen when suddenly out of the gloom came the shadowy figures of the Wheelers.

 We agreed that we wouldn’t strap the cranks as Wheelers could be trusted no to pedal.  Ironman pushed off at the start and I shadowed Don Morris who was the first away, with the others following at 2 minute intervals. Although the downhill was almost imperceptible, it was surprising how the speed quickly increased to around 25mph and soon the tight right-hander, now known as ‘Gunner’s Grief’ (?) was passed.  Don M zipped round it safely without incident.  The road levelled out with a couple of flat bits and even a slight uphill, speed down to around 17mph, before increasing past the Golden Lion.  We passed between the two parts of the lake before Don finally ground to a halt at the climb to Penhalvean.  That was about a mile and a quarter of freewheeling.

 The others soon followed and, in spite of the distance, all stopping within 50ft of each other.  There was a bit of a wait before Raymond and Shane came along having started later.  In reverse order of distance covered the results were: Dean, Simon, Don & Nigel the same, Shane, Trevor 2, Jim, Ian, Steve, Raymond, Martyn, Robin and easily the overall winner – Phil.  Dean did try using his rain cape as a sail: could also have acted as a brake Dean?  Raymond, however, riding an elderly mountain bike with ‘Knobblies’ was a commendable 4th!  Later I rode the course myself and managed about Phil’s distance, which speaks well of Hope hubs!  Otherwise, I think you can try all sorts of tricks which may or may not make a difference?  We may try this again some time - in better weather?

 We drifted into the café at Stithians Lake for our Tea Treat Buns where Phil was the recipient of one of Hayley’s lovely cakes as a prize. Many other Wheelers arrived for the gathering.  As this was the venue for a special conservation event, there were exhibits to see in the marquees.  In spite of the grim weather, I think we all enjoyed the day AND it was a very happy birthday to Caroline!  By the way, on approaching the café I heard us referred to as ‘cyclers’ – heard that one before?  Returning home via Stithians I spotted some familiar bikes at the Seven Stars and they do Thatcher's Gold - enough said!

After a mass start 2 groups head for the Lizard
Aug 1, 2013, 5:19 pm

A multitRoskruge Beaconude of riders mingled at HQ this morning (Sunday 28th) when the long, medium and short (formally the 10 o’clock) rides all met for a 9 o’clock start. Both medium and long rides, a total of 10, set off over the same route, via Budock, Gweek and Trelowarren to “Fat Apples” Cafe at Porthallow.

Unfortunately the threatened shower arrived at about the same time as we did so it was an indoor breakfast stop, which Richard 2 took literally with his customary full English. Quality was good and prices even better; one to add to the Wheelers route sheet for future visits. When Ironman, Graham, Phil and Nigel set off for home the rest waited for Richard 2 to finish eating and the conversation revolved around senility and care homes.

Perhaps the Wheelers can arrange a club discount!

Finally it was down the hill to the beach to check out the view, the downside of which was the upside, the steep climb back out of the village, stopping at the Trig Point at Roskruge Beacon (see photo left), the highest point on the Lizard (113m), and not content with this we turned off to take in Gear Farm before dropping down to Gweek again. As the rain increased all thoughts of this being the long ride vanished but consensus took us past the post office and up towards Edgecombe. After a few minutes shelter under the trees and to wait for Richard 2, who was, allegedly, living up to his name, Phil Eagle, Jim and Richard 1 headed up to the main road, whilst Richard 2, Trevarno Dave and myself turned off towards Brill and the usual ride back to HQ. Dean

A Cotswold Trip Poem from our resident laureate
Jul 25, 2013, 6:55 am

The last day of cycling
and it didn't start well
the rain came down
and the temperature fell
"We'll give it an hour
and hope it get's better
then follow route 4
though not to the letter"
 Follow me, I'll lead the way
turn left the right
without delay
then up then down with twist and turn
for coffee now I start to yearn
Chastleton House it's very grand
101 windows and and plenty of land
There must be a cafe
I'll choose what I'd like
"we're sorry there aint one"
so it's back on the bike
It's one o'clock, the time has flown
I need a drink, my hungers grown
At last! A pub is what I see
drop bike, then helmet
I need a wee!!!!!!!!!
The welcome's warm, the coffee great
tummy's full, time to vacate
It seems to me each time you rest
A huge steep hill you have to crest!
The views are stunning, the weathers been kind
A prettier place it's hard to find
The company good, the banter fun
I can't believe all the cycling's done.
Home again home again, back by the sea
planing the next trip........where will it be?

Jill P.

Tea Treat ride
Jul 19, 2013, 9:01 pm

Sunday 4thAugust

Tea Treat Ride to Stithians lake cafe


Freewheeling Competition

From Penmarth or Penhalvean depending on wind direction


All rides start from HQ at the normal times

Full details and further information at the next Club meeting Thursday 25th July

The big breakfast ride - Sunday 30th June
Jun 28, 2013, 10:58 pm

Thinking of a lie-in this Sunday?

Forget it.........this is the inaugral Summer 'Big breakfast ride'.  Meet early, ride until you feel hungry (or light headed) and then nosh on a great cooked breakfast in beautiful waterside surroundings @ Mylor Yacht Harbour and even be home in time for lunch.

The 9-00 o'clock riders are leaving HQ at 8-00am. 
The 10-00 o'clock riders are leaving HQ at 8-30am 
Both groups plan to arrive at the cafe in Mylor Harbour at 9-30am for breakfast. 

Many riders have pre-booked their breakfast options. 

If any other riders want to pre-book their breakfasts, please contact Steve Lightfoot on stephen020@btinternet.com/ 01326 319810.

Cotswolds Capers: Friday 7th June
Jun 28, 2013, 9:30 am

Some 7 riders gathered for the first ride of the Cotswold advance party. One member was feeling a little deflated having just been told that although she could not see his fat wallet, his small purse was very much in evidence! Fred, Jill and Steve Lightfoot, Don Morris, Bernie Nick and Clive set off for a short scouting ride. The weather was good and spirits high as Fred led the way out of Morton in Marsh. Not far out of Kingham we found a wallet in the road, twenty pound notes blowing around in the breeze. Bernie was convinced that we had stumbled upon a crime scene and would find a body in the ditch. Fortunately there was a business card in the wallet and were able to reunite it with the owner's neighbor(the owner having gone to Newmarket).

The Secret Seven continued. Past Chastleton House and on to the Red Lion at Little Compton for a very nice cup of coffee. The terrain was very gentle and the miles flew by and before long we were at the Rollright Stones(not as old as the Rolling Stones but still quite weathered).
Lunch was taken at a quirky little pub in Great Wolford where one chap asked if we knew TonyWard who owed him money. He later returned with a camera to photograph us for the local paper. Bizarre. A short hop back to Morton completed a very pleasant ride of about 26 miles. The owner of the wallet later phoned to express his gratitude, but more about that later.
Thanks to Fred for a great start to the weekend. Clive

Cotswolds Capers: Saturday 8th June 2013
Jun 28, 2013, 9:28 am

There were 13 of us for the 'long' ride of the weekend. Jono, Jan and JB had come up on the Friday night along with Caroline and Victor and Charlie and Jill.
We set off on lovely undulating country roads with very little traffic. Our first point of interest was to be the Roman ruins, we were told by a local that there was nothing to see so we stopped and had a look around the lovely church instead. We continued to Bourton on the Water, a very busy little place with one of the strangest pubs we've ever been in (coffee in paper cups and pre packed sandwiches). Lovely garden though.
Bernie had brought along his helmet cam and I understand he has film of himself talking to Jono's pint of cider.

On we ambled in lovely weather and beautiful countryside. Our next stop for tea was at Adams farm. Country File Adam. Tea and cakes were consumed and then it was a very pleasant ride back to Moreton in Marsh but enroute a village ford was to cause an upset for two riders. One was for Jan as she took a tumble on the fords slippery bottom and the other for Jono who was very concerned about the map getting wet. He made it up to her by getting her a Pimms at the village fete which was a strange event as they had a Python as their star turn.
Now comes the 2nd installment of the wallet incident. The owner of the wallet just happened to be at the village fete and recognised the Falmouth Wheelers shirts. The wallet owner was a very grateful man who gave Clive £10.00 for some wine. We bought 2 bottles which were drunk at the bbq that night. For which JB will be eternally grateful!

It was a brilliant day and a nice introduction back on the bike for me. 35 miles-ish. Kath

100 miles can be done with fun...
Jun 25, 2013, 11:34 am

Robin’s invitation to accomplish 100 miles (plus) on an ordinary Sunday ride was tempting enough to entice 13 people to give it a go. There were promises of coffee stops every 20 miles or so, and what’s more the SPEED (that word that might give it all away) would be limited, governed even to 11 to 12mph. Was this too good to be true?

The FW Thirteen set off from Trevennan at 9am. They were Dale, Shane, Helston Trevor, Trevarno Dave, Jim, Amanda, Nick, Ian, Mike, Phil Eagles and Phil Conroy, Robin and myself. We included five riders who had never done 100 miles before. The usual cool wind was blowing but it looked as if it would stay dry. We headed across to the north coast taking in the climb of Ashill, where I tried to do my bit of convincing everyone that this would be the worst hill of the day, but those who listened did not seem convinced. Hell’s Mouth café appeared after 14 miles and – what?? – we stopped for refreshment. The pace seemed to be suiting everyone so far, enabling us to ride together without too much difficulty.

We stopped in St Just after a further 22 miles at the Book Café for lunch. By now it had warmed up and we – or six of us at least - were looking resplendent in our Team FW jerseys. The rest of the motley crew had to sit at a separate table and wait while we got served first. No complaints now!

Pressing on to Lands End we didn’t actually go there but branched off towards Trevescan. Two mutineers decided they needed to check Lands End was still there. They caught up with the others in Mousehole as they were about to enter the Ship Inn (another 22 miles made it 60 miles). The sun was out and the wind had dropped. We rode on steadily via Rinsey to Porthleven for an ice cream stop. At Helston Trevarno Dave and Jim peeled off. The rest had another little ice cream stop in the sun at Poldhu Cove (80 miles) before we crossed the Lizard to Coverack. We paused here again to regroup and to take in the picture of the cove and the boats bobbing in the small harbour in the evening sun.

We got to Gweek (100 miles) just after 7pm and all enjoyed a well earned pint, before the last four miles (gently) uphill back to the vehicles. Congratulations to the two Phils, Shane, Mike and Nick for completing their first 100 mile ride. None of them seemed exhausted with the effort, but more importantly they all seemed to have enjoyed the day. We had taken just over ten hours to do the 100 miles including five stops.

Thanks again to Robin for organising us, cajoling us, sorting out the mechanicals (including his own) and being his usual self! Long distance doesn’t seem so daunting when ridden like this. I hope more members will give it a go on the next 100 miler –and more ladies next time, says Amanda! Here, here, say the boys! Simon

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