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Ferrari F1 driver to buy Spanish cycling team
Sep 3, 2013, 8:58 pm

Former Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso has agreed to buy the Euskaltel Euskadi cycling team.

The Spaniard, 32, who drives for Ferrari, announced on his website  that he had "reached an initial agreement to buy the team and so avoid its demise".

The team, based in the Basque Country, was due to fold at the end of the season after losing its sponsors. Click here to read full story

Wheelers Go Scrumping
Sep 2, 2013, 9:31 am

“There are 2 good reasons why you shouldn’t ask me to lead the 9 o’clock ride. One, I know most of the roads, but not necessarily in the order they need to be ridden to get to the chosen destination; Two, like Kitchener I lead from the back, which can lead to heavy losses ( see WW1). So in the absence of the big boys, whilst I was quite willing to help the “long ride” comes to a decision on where to head, I was less happy that they seemed to think that I would know the way there. The consensus was, however, Fat Apples, on the Lizard and with some   prompting from Richard 2 we set off via Budock, Gweek, and Trelowaren. I think that Trevarno Dave took the opportunity at Gweek, whilst waiting for me, to phone on ahead and give warning that a dozen or so Wheelers were hot footing it, generally, in their direction. Amongst them were part time members Dave and Jan, first timers Martin and Ravi and returnee, John. Other names will come back to me, or not, whilst typing this. Fat Apples was like the last time we visited, but warm and sunny, so it was a garden setting for the bacon sarnies and cake fest. Come the departing time the group was divided into those that wanted a straight route back and others who wanted to put in more miles and were talking about the North Coast and Hells Mouth, but both groups heading back across Goonhilly. With the enthusiasm of youth Ravi joined the latter group, who though they would put him to the test with a rapid pace across the downs. I didn’t think that I was dawdling but was soon well in the rear, only to regroup with Ian, Nigel, Ravi and Trevarno Dave, the “going the extra mile” group as they chatted to Martyn and Margaret at Garras Cross. The others, led by Graham were probably almost back at HQ by then. I hadn’t counted them all out, and I didn’t count them all back, but I expect everyone got home ok and it was a great day to be out.”


Aug 29, 2013, 12:39 am

If you Google “molly’s tea shop", you may find that it is next to the library in Falmouth, but this is in Massachusetts, not Cornwall; too far even for the OGIL as Richard 2 wanted to be back early. Perhaps a suggestion for the next wheelers foreign tour? However, today’s ride was to Miss Molly’s, at Brea Station, just over the line from Carn Brea Leisure Centre; and it was an excellent choice, even though I say so myself. I am sure that Bernie would have enjoyed the doorstep bacon sandwiches and the tea at a £1, if he hadn’t ripped his rear tyre somewhere around Coverack Bridges and needed to phone home for a rescue. Rubbish conversation over the breakfast (stop) table, or rather conversation about rubbish and rubbish disposal, and then a meander around the antiques and curios (not Richard Mace and Fred Pullen’s bikes) before starting out back via Bolenowe, Stithians and, except for Nigel, Halvasso. Richard clocked 27 degrees C., I clocked 36 miles.  Dean

Spinning - Autumn 2013
Aug 26, 2013, 11:15 pm

Spinning at Tremough begins again in the first week of October. Ten sessions, usual format on a Tuesday & Wednesday, at last years prices and with our favourite taskmaster Rob.

First option on places will go to all those who went last year - an email will go out before Thursday's meeting. However with 24 places we should have places available for new members wishing to spin.

All questions answered & provisional signup (no money needed...) at this weeks meeting JB

Stop Press...

There is now a new barrier parking system in place at Tremough that works on number plate recognition. Therefore Rob will need all Spinning participants’ registration numbers and names well in advance of the actual class starting. 

You will be allowed 2 hrs to park for free which will cover the duration of spinnng classes.

Aug 21, 2013, 5:28 pm

Primrose ValleyWas this the longest OGIL ride since records began? Nice easy ride down to Hells Mouth, via Pool, again, then Richard 2 suggests St Ives, with the bribe of an ice cream for everyone. Well who could resist? Primrose Valley was easier going down, to Portminster beach, than going up, that I will say, but the ice creams were the smallest I have ever seen. Still shouldn’t look a gift horse, etc. Route back took us through Hayle again then across to Connor Downs, turning off at Gwinear Road, across to 4 lanes and Halvasso; Bernie carrying straight on after Crane garage and Fred Pullen at Halvasso turn. I wanted to get a 100K in so left Richard 2 at Hillhead to go via Penryn and the town centre to gain a few more miles. Great day for a ride, Richard reliably informing it that it was 29 degrees at one point. All agreed that next week’s ride will be a short one, perhaps to Molly’s Tea Shop.        Dean

Should amateur cyclists ever wear a replica champion's jersey?
Aug 20, 2013, 9:55 pm

Is it a harmless celebration of heritage, or does it disrespect the achievements of those who have won the real thing? 

Bernard Hinault who won the yellow jersey in 1985: 'When I see pot-bellied cyclists wearing the maillot jaune, it appals me.' 

Click here to read the full article >>>

The 9 o'clock ride to Perranporth
Aug 19, 2013, 12:02 am

The Green ParrotAdrian displayed his assertiveness by announcing the destination of the 9 o’clock long ride as being Perranporth, and then went on the shorter ride, we know not where! So it was just 9 wheelers that set off, under Richard 1's guidance and in a hint of drizzle, via Bissoe, Blackwater and Mithian, stopping not at the Camelot but at the Wetherspoons pub formally known as the Green Parrot. Breakfast was so cheap that there were mutterings about having seconds. The drizzle had only lasted through Penryn, no surprise there, and the rest of the morning was warm, verging on hot, yet with the mandatory headwind. Amanda was the first to peel off, towards Trelusswell that is, whilst the rest followed the lumpier route via Carclew. At some point Richard 2 turned for home and a more pressing appointment (what???)………….a christening (ed); leaving just 7 to savour the Perranporth sun.

When Ironman got up to leave it was only Bernie who set off back with him. I was tempted by Richard 1's suggestion that we do a little loop before going back, and encouraged by the word “little’ and Trevarno Dave’s helpful “I’ll go if you do”, it was a done deed. The plan that materialised was a trip down the North coast to Hell’s Mouth for another stop, a different meaning of the word “little” to the one I had, but not being one to complain, much, I dutifully tagged along; the Flatulent Five heading West, via Blue Hills, where Nigel and Phil tried to slope off down the main road, St Agnes, Nancekuke, Porthtown, and eventually to Hell’s Mouth, where it was still warm enough to sit outside and eat cake. The route home was straight forward, following the Mines & Minerals route through Coombe, Pool, Four Lanes, Buller Hill, Stithians, Roskrow and the Penryn bypass. It was here that the drizzle started again so was a bit damp by the time I got back to HQ, 55 miles and 1040 metre climb on the clock. It was noticeable on today’s ride that there was a distinct absence of Falmouth Wheelers cycling attire. Everyone waiting for the new range?                       Dean

LEL 2013 or London to Edinburgh & back for mere mortals
Aug 15, 2013, 6:15 pm

How is it possible to ride 185 miles every day for  five days, an achievement four of us accomplished at the beginning of the month  when we set out on the longest audax ride in the country, the 1400 km London  Edinburgh London? I'm certain that Simon is writing a detailed article for the  newsletter – so here's a short account of my ride. 

It is a daunting prospect seen as a whole, but  having plotted the route on a road map, I began to see it as a series of one day  rides that would take us through beautiful countryside and parts of Britain I  had never seen before. Simon, Trevor and myself had all agreed on Market Rason  and Brampton as our bag drops/sleep controls, each being used on the way up and  also on the return journey - Martin rode with “Team Moulton” so I'm not sure of  his strategy.

My plan was to keep body and soul together by  making my time as comfortable as possible – a regime I achieved thanks to my  love of beer! We arrived at Market Rason in plenty of time for the pub, after  which we returned to the control for a hot meal, shower and in my case, a shave,  before donning new cycle clothes, washing teeth and going to sleep - in a large  gymnasium full of mattresses. Sleep came thanks to ear plugs, herbal sleeping  pills, beer and as the days went by, increasing amounts of exhaustion. 

The first morning saw Simon and myself leave at 4  am after breakfast seeing the sun rise as we crossed the Humber Bridge – Trevor  had left even earlier. Soon we were on quiet country lanes and eating up the  miles – Pocklington for another breakfast then on to Thirsk for lunch. Later I  left Simon and pressed on to Barnard Castle and finally Brampton in order to  catch the pubs and a couple of pints. Then hot meal, shower, shave, clean  clothes and sleep. Then Moffat, Edinburgh (for a beer on Ironman see photo),  Traquir, Esdalemuir, Brampton, beer, hot meal, shower, shave...........and so  the days went by!

You can maintain a good mileage on a bike if you  drink plenty of beer. Oh, and apply plenty of cream to your posterior, not fancy  stuff, just zinc and castor oil will do.  I met Trevor at the finish on Thursday night as he  was welcomed by Margaret who was awarding the medals. Would he take the  opportunity of being photographed with his bike or go for a pint? Cheers Trevor.  Robin

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