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Goodbye to Auntie Jill's
Oct 2, 2013, 11:23 am

More than thirty Falmouth Wheelers made their way to Sithney Tea Rooms near Helston on Sunday 29th September to say farewell to the lady affectionately known as Aunty Gill.

The tea rooms which have been a welcome refreshment stop for many cyclists over the years were closing their door for the very last time. The tea rooms were famous for the huge portions and warm welcome and have been used as a control for many cycle events including Audax over the years.  

Wheelers' Steve Lightfoot said a few word of thanks to Gill and husband Trevor before Keith KK Kellow presented her with a bouquet of flowers. Many cyclists from all over West Cornwall turned out to say goodbye including The Penzance Wheelers, Truro Cycling Club and The One and All Cycle Club. Members variously described it as, 'The end of an era' and the closing of the best cafe in the country.  Good bye Aunty Gill and thank you!

Two to Poldhu.
Sep 25, 2013, 8:48 pm
After Monday and Tuesday's morning fog it was nice to have a clear start to the OGIL ride this Wednesday. But the fog hadn’t gone, it was only hiding over on the Lizard, so going to Poldhu wasn’t, perhaps, the best choice.
Usual route took us via Trelowarren, where a Beechers Brook moment traversing one of the road humps followed by a pot hole so deep you could hear Waltzing Matilda coming out of it, stopped us in our tracks and had both Jim and I changing an inner tube; but only on my bike.
Should I have
a) pumped up the tyres before I set out;
b) used the other bike; or
c) looked where I was going.
Probably c) as I later found that I had taken a large chunk out of the side wall of one of the tyres. It was warm enough to sit outside at the Beach Cafe, under cover, and watch the staff try to decide whether to dig out the foot of sand that was covering the patio or just rake it out level. You can guess which they decided on, but don't go by the photo above, which came off the interweb.
This mornings conversation - trees. The fog cleared for a while, so we could see the rain that started just as we were about to leave. By Culdrose the rain had made its mind up to carry on for an hour or two longer, to get in some practice for this evenings hill climb event, so it was down to Gweek and up to Edgcumbe, Rame, where Jim stopped to buy his paper and turn for home; and Halvasso and home for me. Dean

Sep 18, 2013, 9:07 pm

Cusgarne Hill, Cusgarne (start at the bridge below Frogpool School)Wednesday 25th Sept,6.45pm. Teresa has kindly agreed to provide refreshments at the farm shop half way up the hill (organic beefburgers & salad £4, cake £1.20, tea/coffee. A pint or 2 in the Cornish Arms afterwards. Don't forget lights!                                              

COME AND SUPPORT THIS EVENT even drive out and cheer everyone up the hill and join in the refreshments.   For any more details contact Simon.

No Change at the Grange
Sep 15, 2013, 7:56 pm
Even with the severe weather forecast I was still surprised that only 10 wheelers turned up for the 9 oclock rides this week. Equally divided, 5 set off to the Grange, at Gweek, and the other 5 set off for, the Grange at Gweek, but by another route that was to take us to Porkellis, Gwinnear Road, Sithney, Porthleven and Helston. Rendezvous was to be 11 o’clock. Richard 1 bailed out at Carnkie, still suffering from bouncing off the Velodrome barrier so it was Trevor 2, Nigel, the Bianche boy and myself that pushed on against the wind, only to meet up with Denise, Barbara, Chris and Adrian about a half mile from the cafe. "You’re too late for breakfast", they gaily called as we passed. At the Grange we were welcomed by a gathering of Navy Wives, either in bud or with the rug rats, enjoying a noisy mid morning get together. Our arrival also coincided with the till going on strike, which completely flummoxed the young woman allocated to use it. No access to the till meant no change and with three of us waving £10 notes progress was a little less than desirable. Fortunately Nigel emptied his pockets of half the national debt in coins to save the day. Even so the lack of a till meant “adding up” though even with the use of a calculator, thumbs whirling across the keys, £3.75 from £10 produced the wrong result. We sat, to watch the other customers and the 3 serving wenches discuss the till and what to do about it. Multi tasking was not, apparently, one of their skills and tea was not mashed, cake not cut and coffee not brewed. When it did arrive it was adequate, and cheap.
On the way home Nigel managed to avoid the greasy patch on the road that made three of us swerve off into the Black Swan car park, and, we assume, he carried on alone. By the time we left the promised rain had set in, a damp finale to an otherwise pleasant ride.

Welcome back Admiral
Sep 11, 2013, 9:02 pm

The OGIL that haven't flown South for the winter had decided to go to St Mawes this week but the appearance of a mystery returnee wheeler this morning meant a change of plan. St Mawes out, Tehidy in. But it was an Admiral ride, Bernie reassuring us that his cock had indicated that it wouldn’t rain until 4pm. (If you don’t know, don’t ask.) You can tell how long it had been since our “guest” had been out on a bike as instead of “car down” he called “ooops”, but he soon got the hand of it and by the time we turned a certain bend the other side of Penmarth he was in his stride, though he kept muttering "I'e never ridden down this road before". Bacon baps and a real pot of tea at Tehidy. Conversation - Americas Cup, Lone Ranger and “technology”. Easy ride back past Heartlands, 4 Lanes, Stithians, Deaf Tabby Cat Lane and Halvasso. 35 mile for me and back before 1pm.

Wheelers Velodrome trip
Sep 4, 2013, 5:05 pm
10 fit and fresh Wheelers, one guest Wheeler, one WAG and one idiot that had been out on the town till 3 in the morning (no name mentioned), met at The Welsh National Velodrome in Newport, on a very sunny Saturday lunchtime. Or to put it another way - 12 Olympic hopefuls and Trevor's wife Gillian (not cycling).
Tension was in the air at the thought of being strapped to a fixed wheeled bike without brakes and for those of us that had only ever seen a Velodrome on TV, a shock awaited as those banks look very steep in real life.
First stop was the bike hire, nice new Dolan fixed wheel track bikes. Then under the tunnel (and a view of how the track is made) and out into the centre and the roar of the crowds, or was that the kids in the middle playing five a side?
We then met our excellent coach Jodie and were given instruction on the bikes and how our legs were the brakes. We lined up along the railing and pushed off with our arms one at a time and did slow laps round the track, gradually moving further up the track with Jodie's shouts of 'faster faster' and 'pick it up',  20 mph was needed just to stop you   falling off the track.
After a short break,  we all agreed this was an excellent way to spend an afternoon. Next a game where we all set off as a group and got onto the middle of the track, a few laps of 'faster faster'  and then on the sound of the whistle the front rider would sprint off and join the back. However and I wont speak for all, but I think the majority off us were already in full swing and this is a game for more experienced track cyclists. Jodie then swapped the game for a two lap time trail, with Robin taking the honours. Another break, another ride around and before we knew it our two hours were up.  All agreed it was an   excellent experience that must be repeated in the future. Dale

Meal at the Lemon Arms
Sep 3, 2013, 10:21 pm

Anyone wanting to join us for a meal at the Lemon Arms Mylor on Friday please contact Ironman ASAP.  The meal is booked for 7.00pm.

Website Update
Sep 3, 2013, 10:13 pm

This is just a brief update on the Wheelers website.

There are now 3 of us toiling around the clock updating and being responsible for its maintenance.

Jonathan, Adrian and Richard 2 (Jono is taking a sabbatical due to work commitments). The idea is that the website should remain topical and informative. Not as immediate as the Falmouth Wheelers Facebook page or as in depth as the newsletter…………….but there whenever you need it!

To help us I have set up an email address for all things connected to Falmouth Wheelers. Whether you have something for the calendar, a ride report or something to be printed in the newsletter or any other query:


For the message board just continue to post messages as before, or if you experience problems use the email address. This address can be picked up by all 3 of us and Theresa for the newsletter.

                Steve Lightfoot has asked for a road safety item to become part of the website. And, that the members contact database be brought up to date (which Adrian is in the middle of doing). So if you want to amend your details let him know via:


See how this one email address should cover most options!

Well I am off for 3 weeks chasing Fred and Don Morris around France and Spain; but put the new club email address to the test………..Richard

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