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Penrose Water Garden
Oct 24, 2013, 7:13 pm

I know that some people are not up to date with technology but I have never before heard of a Wheeler who turned up at the start of the ride to say that he wasn’t coming today!

With uncertain weather forecast I suggested a short ride but to a new cafe, the Penrose Water Gardens, Shortlanesend, but it was Mr Garmin who had the route sorted out, though, perhaps, he was no better at this route planning than I am. First mutiny came in Truro when the route straight through was abandoned and Simon led us around by the viaduct and up to the Kenwyn Road. By now Mr Garmin was chirruping away to tell me that we were someway off his much thought out route, and even going through Idless didn’t soothe him completely. From then on it was route by Committee, which did, I admit, mean a few new “hidden” lanes for me, and a few new hills. 

The Cafe was a surprise to everyone; to me that it was, in fact, open. No bacon butties on the menu but Adrian negotiated the supply of bacon baguettes (BBs) for himself and me and it was cakes, various, for the others. A pale Autumn sun tempted us outside to the decking overlooking the lily beds. “Watch the decking” warned the waitress, “its very slippery when wet”.  It was a lovely morning and the staff were very pleasant; especially the young girl who fell for Nigel, in a big way; bacon baguettes scuttling across the decking as she demonstrated the dangers, previously pointed out by her colleague. Fortunately the BBs were the only serious casualty and she refused Jim’s offer to massage her leg, gamely hobbling off back to the kitchen. We settled for another long wait, Nigel ordered another coffee and the conversation led from Malcolm Drew washing his coal stocks (allegedly), to audax routes we have ridden and loved (allegedly) and the potential of the cafe as a suitable destination for the 10 o’clockers.

The BBs were worth waiting for but not the cheapest I have eaten. The shortbread was, I understand, lovely. Mr Garmin’s route back skirted the back of Treliske, crossing two fords, to come out at Langarth Park and Ride. Then down through Tomperrow, down past Wheal Jane and up through Bissoe village. Jim, again, mutinied at this point and taking pity on the old fellow we turned towards Stithians, much to Mr Garmin’s disquiet. With Adrian running into penalty time we bad farewell to Simon and then Jim, and turned down through Mabe and up the bypass to home. Mr Garmin had planned 30 miles, I did 35, but another grand ride out. Dean

TdeF 2014: will the race hits the cobbles?
Oct 23, 2013, 11:18 pm


The 2014 Tour de France that starts in Yorkshire (will the club organise a weekend away? ) will be spiced up with five mountain-top finishes and a significant trip on to the cobbles of northern France, plus a series of tough stages in the Vosges mountains at the end of the first week.

It is a blend that was greeted with mixed feelings by defending champion Chris Froome, who will find stage finishes at Pla d'Adet and Hautacam in the Pyrenees to his liking, not to mention the race's return to the site of his first stage win, La Planche des Belles Filles in the Vosges mountains. He has, however, expressed his fears of racing on the cobbles, which always bring a strong element of the unexpected to the race.

Click here to read full article >>

The "P" Fairy returns
Oct 20, 2013, 10:23 pm

With some 9 o'clockers away at the CTC AGM there were only 9 of us at HQ, Caroline tried to join us but the P Fairy caught her on Bickland Water road.  Ironman led us off to Helston Boating lake but the Fairy caught up with us at Lamanva as Nigel had a p...... as he had a problem inflating the new tube some of us carried on knowing the others would catch up.

We had just sat down at the cafe when the rain came, after watching Richard finish his breakfast and the bits which Amanda had left on her plate for later, we stood in the doorway and watched the rain come down.  Eventually the rain eased and we set off for home but just up the road the Fairy appeared again and this time caught Sheila.  After fixing it we headed for home knowing we should be safe after three on one trip, then even the sun came out to cheer us.


Heart rate monitors for dumbos
Oct 20, 2013, 8:58 pm

Using a heart rate (HR) monitor isn't rocket science, it's just a case of getting in the right zone. Here, Harry Blackwood – who finally cracked HR training after returning to cycling at the age of 50 – explains how to do it.

Eddie Fletcher of Fletcher Sport Science is amazed by how many people have HR monitors and download all the numbers but haven’t a clue what they mean. “Men are by far the worst," he says. "They like to brag about how high their HR was during a session and for how long. That’s not good training at all.

Click here to read the full article on the Bikeradar site >>

Oh Yes it is.......................
Oct 19, 2013, 9:03 pm

Its Panto season.

The Mylor Yacht Club Panto is a seasonal tradition for some of you; just like Ed’s mince pie Audax. If you don’t know what I am talking about, ask me at the next Wheelers meeting.

This year:

“The Mylor Yacht Club Annual Pantomime 'Robinson Cruise Oh!' - The MYC Company once again use their well-honed skills both on and behind the stage to bring you an evening of entertainment worthy of the West End - welcome to the world of make-believe!”

It’s all for charity and the date allocated for the Wheelers is Thursday December 5th.

Fred is still away on his 3 month sabbatical and Bernie is up to his eyes in props, scenery and a starring part; so I have been commandeered to organise our (Wheelers) tickets.

The tickets go on general sale in a couple of weeks, but we can pre-order now.

£10 each and all proceeds as usual to charity.

So if you would like tickets can you email me, text me or speak to me at the next Wheelers meeting on the 31st.

                                        Richard 2      Richard@falmouth.ac.uk       or    07899 676051

Oh, what a beautiful Morning.
Oct 17, 2013, 7:46 pm
It would appear that only Simon was put off by the weather forecast as OGIL started out from Union Corner on Wednesday morning;
Richard 2, running out of excuses not to be there, myself, and Adrian, sporting a non regulation but colorful top. We met Bernie a little later on and then Jim, but still went via Halvasso turn, waiting just a while in case Fred was back. Then, with a quick agreement on destination, if not how to get there, it was off again, via Porkellis, Aunty Gills and Nancegollan. The dull start to the day had given way to blue skies as we reached higher ground and by the time we arrived at Porthleven the sun was shining.
The Hideaway was the choice of the day, a welcoming and very reasonably priced café in the High Street. Space was limited but fortunately it was warm enough to sit outside to await Richard’s full English and soak up the diesel fumes. As usual there was a diverse, if not eclectic, mix of topics discussed over the next half hour or so. The editorial policy of a certain website, the number of different ways three wires could be connected to three other wires without the correct arrangement being found, a number which it was agreed was greater than 3, and the probability that Richard would carry out the necessary repairs to his bike, or even buy a new one.
With appetites sated it was onwards, and upwards, around the coast road to take in the view down to Tater Du and beyond, down through the Penrose estate, Helston, Wendron, a short stretch of the A390 and, for Adrian, Richard and yours truly, Halvasso. It was just less than 40 miles for me, and back by 1pm. A grand morning to be out on a bike.  Dean

CTC Cornwall AGM
Oct 16, 2013, 9:07 pm

CTC Cornwall member group AGM is on Sunday 20 October at
Trethurgy Village Hall, Carclaze Road, Trethurgy, St Austell PL26 8YE


Grid reference SX 036 553

St Austell is 2 miles away by road and there is car parking at the hall.

Start time is 11:45am, to allow time for anyone who wants to ride in. There will be refreshments at Trethurgy and the meeting will be followed by a led ride of about 25 miles which will include a café stop.

Non-members may not vote in the formal business of the AGM but are very welcome on the ride.

Trethurgy from Falmouth area is about 30 miles so the full house of ride to Trethurgy do the led ride and ride home is feasible provided you have lights needed for the last part of the return trip. Riding there and back without the led ride should be all in daylight or you could drive up for the led ride.


Jim has suggested that any Wheelers wishing to ride up meet at the Norway at 9.00.  The route wil be King Harry Ferry, Tregony, Sticker going through the village to avoid the main road, Joining the A390 at St Mewan dip, going through St Austell and out to Trethurgy, as Martin said it is just over 30ml from Falmouth ( Jim is not certain that he will be there so is not offering to lead ).

Audax Kernow 2014
Oct 16, 2013, 8:42 pm

Following a meeting of Audax organisers the calendar for 2014 is taking shape.   Cornish 100 and Bunny Hop 13th April, Granite and Serpentine and Lizard Loop mid May to be finalised, Mines and Minerals July 6th, Celtic Coastal and Canter Aug 10th.

Peter Hansen has retired as an organiser, Chris Rayne has taken on the Celtic Coastal and Canter but at the moment the Golowjy ha Bal will not take place unless another organiser comes forward.

On a brighter note members of Probus Peddlers are planning to organise a new ride from Probus this will be a 100km route and is being run to raise funds for the Merlin Project, either through riders being sponsored or making extra donations.  This event is planned for mid June.

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