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To baldly go
Nov 7, 2013, 11:40 pm

Just 4 OGIL set out this morning and for once the weather forecast let us down. Jim didn’t turn up at Union corner as expected so we set off for Halvasso, thinking we would meet him on the way. A short stop at the turn whilst we discussed a potential destination and gave Jim a few more minutes, but no show.

General consensus was that the mizzle was the tail end of last nights weather and it would soon pass. Bernie opened the bidding with “Trebah”, which was upped to “Tehidy” but finally trumped everyone with “The Blue Bar", Portowan. In an attempt to provide a little shelter it was via the Greek Church and secret, and very muddy, lanes but by the time we reached Penhalurick enthusiasm was waining and all readily agreed to turn left to Stithians Lake. The cafe, it seems, is now closed on Wednesday but after a hasty rethink, to go to Kroji, the door opened and we were welcomed inside. The owner was there and opened up just for us! And there was cake.

Conversation centred on fit (athletically) female cyclists and whether Joanna Rowsell was an attractive woman even without her wig, and almost took a nose dive over the difference between a Mohican and a Brazilian. At that it was time to leave, Nigel and Simon to make the most of their day pass by pressing on West and Bernie and I calling it a day and heading for home. The drizzle didn’t let up so a short 25 miles for me.  Dean

What's YOUR fitness age?
Nov 4, 2013, 10:49 pm

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The Shepherds were warned, why weren’t the Wheelers
Nov 4, 2013, 6:21 pm

Beautiful red sky at Dawn. Adrian said that we had to go to St Ives so off we obediently went, via Hell’s Mouth to pick up Robin and Ryan after their hill climb event. I won’t mention Susan’s puncture, on first club ride with her new Bianchi (wooow). Temptation of the full English at Hell’s Mouth was too much for some so it was a reduced number that headed for St Ives. Usual cafe stop, looking out over the bay as the rain came in. The lack of a ride leader then became evident as everyone seemed to leave St Ives by a different route, only regrouping at Lelant. After that it got windier and wetter, oh, and colder. Shivering alarmingly by the time I got home. 30 pleasant miles, and 30 miserable ones.   Dean

Ps. where did Adrian go?  Adrian went to Poldhu with our leader and got back to Union corner just as the rain started, Phil wanted to put his jacket on at Halvasso but I said "You'll be home before you get wet".

The Tapas Run
Nov 1, 2013, 10:59 am

Had a request last night at the Wheelers’ meeting, from a Mr. Parkinson, to post a link to a video of the Falmouth Wheelers Tapas ride. I have never seen this video before. Looks like an epic in the rain from Santander to Roscoff. Did you “old people” really do that sort of thing in 2008. Nice paceline and back up team.



Club ride from Trevarno Dave's
Nov 1, 2013, 12:47 am

  Trevarno Dave is planning another ride from his home at Sithney Green. This ride will be suitable for all riders, the 10 o'clockers can drive to his house, ample parking, and the 9 o'clockers can ride down.

Nov 17th 9.00 from HQ and 10.00 from Dave's.

Wheelers Time Trial 13th October
Oct 30, 2013, 4:04 pm

Sixteen riders met for our annual time trial at Goonhilly Downs Nature Reserve car park. The weather conditions were overcast with no wind but slippery from overnight rain. This year’s route was set out by the Helston Mafia and was exactly 10 miles with all left turns. First rider away was Charlie on the new start line followed at minute intervals by the other 15 riders. The youngest was 8 year old Carn Edwards son of Lee one of our new Wednesday night riders, the oldest riders being 70 (not mentioning any names) This year there was a new sprint finish line which was just back from the cross roads to Kruggar. Tessa was the only rider who had a tumble but thankfully she was OK. The fastest male rider was Phil Eagles and our fastest lady rider was Amanda. The hardest task of the day was trying to find a coffee and cake stop, the cafe in the old Earth Station had no cake so we all decided to go to the Grange but it is now under new management and does not open until 12 noon. Riders finally got coffee at the Waymarker. Overall another enjoyable Wheelers outing. Thanks to all who turned up and took part.   (Results under Time Trial tab). 


A few reminders
Oct 24, 2013, 9:36 pm

Club meeting this Thursday 31st October.

Includes Cycle Jumble and Swap Meet (whatever that is).

Pantomime tickets. If you have not already done so, give Richard 2 your order at the Thursday meeting.

Adrian, Jonathan and Richard 2 are running the website.  Contact them at news@falmouthwheelers.co.uk or, individually if you prefer.

Messer’s Fuller and Snelson have so much to contribute!!..... they now have their own pages on the website (see the menu to the left).

Ed’s mince pie and mulled wine Audax is on December 1st this year. It is always oversubscribed, so do not forget to enter in time.

Penrose Water Garden
Oct 24, 2013, 7:13 pm

I know that some people are not up to date with technology but I have never before heard of a Wheeler who turned up at the start of the ride to say that he wasn’t coming today!

With uncertain weather forecast I suggested a short ride but to a new cafe, the Penrose Water Gardens, Shortlanesend, but it was Mr Garmin who had the route sorted out, though, perhaps, he was no better at this route planning than I am. First mutiny came in Truro when the route straight through was abandoned and Simon led us around by the viaduct and up to the Kenwyn Road. By now Mr Garmin was chirruping away to tell me that we were someway off his much thought out route, and even going through Idless didn’t soothe him completely. From then on it was route by Committee, which did, I admit, mean a few new “hidden” lanes for me, and a few new hills. 

The Cafe was a surprise to everyone; to me that it was, in fact, open. No bacon butties on the menu but Adrian negotiated the supply of bacon baguettes (BBs) for himself and me and it was cakes, various, for the others. A pale Autumn sun tempted us outside to the decking overlooking the lily beds. “Watch the decking” warned the waitress, “its very slippery when wet”.  It was a lovely morning and the staff were very pleasant; especially the young girl who fell for Nigel, in a big way; bacon baguettes scuttling across the decking as she demonstrated the dangers, previously pointed out by her colleague. Fortunately the BBs were the only serious casualty and she refused Jim’s offer to massage her leg, gamely hobbling off back to the kitchen. We settled for another long wait, Nigel ordered another coffee and the conversation led from Malcolm Drew washing his coal stocks (allegedly), to audax routes we have ridden and loved (allegedly) and the potential of the cafe as a suitable destination for the 10 o’clockers.

The BBs were worth waiting for but not the cheapest I have eaten. The shortbread was, I understand, lovely. Mr Garmin’s route back skirted the back of Treliske, crossing two fords, to come out at Langarth Park and Ride. Then down through Tomperrow, down past Wheal Jane and up through Bissoe village. Jim, again, mutinied at this point and taking pity on the old fellow we turned towards Stithians, much to Mr Garmin’s disquiet. With Adrian running into penalty time we bad farewell to Simon and then Jim, and turned down through Mabe and up the bypass to home. Mr Garmin had planned 30 miles, I did 35, but another grand ride out. Dean

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