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Another day another ride.
Jan 16, 2014, 6:29 pm

I can’t remember when it stopped being pleasant but certainly the last half hour or so was not. We had taken the usual OGIL route to Tehidy, via the back of Stithians, and returned via the back of beyond, with Bernie entertaining us during the first half with glowing compliments on the new tyres he had fitted. I had been late starting so caught up with Bernie and Fred at Halvasso turn. Then it was over to Jim’s where we were to meet up with both he and Richard(2), but they had decided not to wait and met us near Kessel quarry. With Jim in charge of route, and hill, finding we turned right to go through Stithians, turning of by the church and down secret lanes to come out by Penhalurick. Then it was 4 Lanes, Pool and Tehidy, where the staff was eagerly looking out of the window awaiting our arrival. Bacon baps, some with egg and some without bacon, seemed to be the order of the day; conversation touching on the likelihood of finding anyone who can mend anything electronic these days and outline plans for the longest OGIL ride of the year.

As usual the route back took us past the air crash memorial at Roscroggan and a visitation on Bernie by the P fairy, within 100 yards of where he got a puncture the last time we rode that way. I tried to cool the proceedings by remarking on the video on facebook of the chap who only had half an arm but could still change an inner tube with the stump, teeth and feet. “But it wasn’t raining for him, was it?” Was Bernie’s reasonable response. Still, with helpful advise from all it was only 11 minutes standing about in the rain and then it was up to Tuckingmill, across to Bolenowe and the usual route home, the wind and rain increasing all the way back. 35 miles for me.

Oyez Oyez Oyez is this really a ride report from the 10 o' clockers
Jan 13, 2014, 1:57 pm

Just for a change I thought I would write a ride report. Having ridden down to Marazion with the OGIL on Saturday and the prospect of an early bath on Sunday I decided to join the 10 o’clockers for a more leisurely trip to Trebah gardens. Emma made good use of her New Year’s resolution to be more assertive by cutting short the discussion on route and destination, leading a good dozen or more down through Budock. After leaving Nomansland there was mention of stopping for a minutes silence to remember the fallen but with a leaden sky threatening precipitation thoughts were more on coffee and cake and back before the heavens opened. Bernie, another OGIL from the Saturday ride turned off at Halvasso turn, Denise had already deviated at Lamanva, and the rest “sped” on, only to meet up with Ironman below the Waymarker. He was dismantling his bike to stow in the car that Jill had thoughtfully left a hot bath to rescue him with. The story of the chain gang I will leave to the 9 o’clock report writer to elaborate on, but I think that is going to cost you more than just a new chain, Steve.

It was long after riding down through Constantine that I noticed that I could no longer hear Red Leader’s encouraging calls of “that’s the last hill now” and whilst the others rested I turned back to find him. Not very far though as I remembered that Lance would have his phone number and could confirm that he had stopped to help Alan with a puncture.

At Trebah it was a surprise to see that Denise was already there, having finished her third slice of cake and second coffee. For me it was the second successive ride without a bacon bap, but the banana cake was good, and neither Kate nor Phil could finish their helpings of rich fruitcake.

The rain arrived bang on cue but as the ride split, Phil being within spitting distance of Trebah, Trevor taking the road back to Lamanva with Lance and the rest of us still following Emma’s ample leadership towards Maenporth, the rain was light. Fortunately there is provision for walkers and cyclists through the road closure.

Only just over 17 miles for me but with good company. Dean

Good Weather for Ducks - OGIL ride 08/01/2014
Jan 8, 2014, 11:16 pm

No Dean! Where was OGIL numero Uno? We hope not still incapacitated after Black Ice Sunday. Maybe the answer is revealed on, what’s it called….Facebook. Meanwhile OGIL life has to go on.

Seven joined up at the bottom of Halvasso with no destination in mind. Richard 2 suggested the boating lake. Since the one at Stithians is closed Wednesdays it was Helston then. No rain before midday was forecast. But doubt was cast on this when Bernie arrived as we set off with the sad news that some of his fowls had fallen foul of Mr Fox in the night. His last cockerel lay mortally wounded and so had not been in good voice to provide his usual forecast on the weather.

Despite a fall off (not on the ice this time) in fitness due to festive gorging we took the hilly road to Helston via Pork-(minds still on food it seems)-ellis, before some downhill relief from Releath. Jim was showing the way, confident of a nice easy way down to the boating lake. A nice descent to the River Cober in Lowertown challenged that when he realised the only way forward, or back, was up, and up again. When the rain made its premature arrival there was little debate over finding the nearest place to stop, even if it had to be Mr Tesco’s. A nice smile from the lady road-mender was the only ray of sunshine today.

Talk was as thought provoking as ever, topics including Admiral giving his ideas on developing Falmouth’s waterfront so the public could enjoy the view of the water, “but don’t get me started”. Time for an early bath, and time to test all those new items of waterproof clothing recently received from nearest and dearest as we set off into a nice steady downpour.

Jim more than retrieved his reputation. Not only did he take us home along Under Lane to miss out 3 hills, he also lent me a fiver! A new one for me (the lane that is) and a good one to remember. The other members of the cast not yet mentioned were Fred and Nigel. A good 30 mile ride despite the amount of water from above and below.


Wheelers New year night ride - 30/12
Jan 1, 2014, 7:04 pm

On a clear mild, Monday night, ten riders met at Goldsithney for the 3rd Mousehole lights ride. Robin & Simon had cycled down, whilst two of the Helston boys came down on their mountain bikes (the 3rd having wimped out & driven..).

With a blustery onshore breeze we opted to stay on the road rather than take the coastal cyclepath.  Approaching Penzance we were caught up by Ironman who had decided he couldn’t face another night of turkey leftovers & crap television.

This being the lights' 50th anniversary and a dry night, Mousehole was heaving with visitors. Managing to invade a pub on masse we found a good corner to set up base camp for a enjoyable pint.  Back to Newlyn for great fish & chips and then with 25 knots up the chuff we flew back to G’sithney.  A very pleasant twenty miler although the hardcore boys were looking at more than double that. Riders: Trevor 2, Raymond, Sheila, Steve L, Bernie, Robin, Simon, Red Leader, Lance & JB

Achievements awards & Golden Spokes awards
Dec 30, 2013, 10:22 am

London/Edinburgh/London Audax  - the blue ribbon event of the Audax calendar. 

Commemorative cycle caps presented to: Simon, Robin &  Martyn 
Trevor 2  was not at the presentation evening (Shane took the cap on his behalf) 

End to End

Commemorative cycle caps were presented to:

Red Leader, Phil Conroy, Dean Evans, Graham Smith - End to End 2013                     
(Special mention to RL for raising£2000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association)        Dale Scarr - End in 2009 for local charities 

Commemorative cup was presented to:- Dave (Lance) Moerel 
For riding from John O' Groats to Lockerbie in 2013

Golden Spokes roll of honour 

Sir Chris Hoy award: Richard Fuller for hitting the barrier at the Newport Velodrome. 
Tom Daley award:  Jan Wardle for diving into a ford on the Cotswolds tour. 
Missing in action award: Phil Conroy for getting left behind in the toilet, on the ride to Perranuthoe. 
Over the Hedge award: Dale Scarr for going the hedge on Dartmoor, during a training ride for the Irish tip. 
Spinning Obsession award: Robin Snelson for spinning around the clock nine days a week! 
The Missionary award:Fred Pullen 
for missionary work in France & Spain and having the nerve to come back looking all chilled and tanned, just to make us all feel jealous! 

On the 7th day before Christmas
Dec 18, 2013, 5:36 pm
On the 7th day before Christmas, my true love said to me “You’re not going out in this weather are you? You must be daft!”
Its Wednesday, my alarm has woken me, it looks a lot better than forecast, its the last OGIL ride of the year, so why not. But, whether everyone else was put off by the thought of another trip down to Gurnards Head, or whether they had less faith in Mystic Meg than I have, I don’t know, as it was just Billy Nomates and I that set off from Union Corner, with no request stop at Halvasso Turn.
Even Helston Boating lake cafe was quieter than usual, though it had stopped raining by Gweek, but still blustery.
Usual route back, at times with a favourable tail wind, through Porkellis to check whether the roasties were in the oven yet, Halvasso and home. Back before 12.30 and 30 miles. Dean

Just the usual Wednesday report
Dec 11, 2013, 11:23 pm

I’m sorry!

 I have a confession to make dear readers. Ever since Fred went off to warmer climes I have been making up the OGIL ride reports. You see, the others didn’t want to come out with me anymore and, not wanting to appear as Billy Nomates, I carried on as usual, cycling to some distant café and sitting on my own, composing the ride reports you have so much looked forward to. The other OGIL, of course, were either to gaga to notice or were happy to accept both the kudos of a mention on the ride report and a couple of extra hours with wife/partner/dog or “classic” car.

However this week, he has returned. My heart leapt with joy as I approached Union Corner this morning. Almost blocking both the pavement and the road, all the old faithful and more. 32 wheelers in total, all wanting to pay homage to the returned. Caroline, Kath, KK, Jill, they were all there. “Where we going?” “We’ll leave that to Fred shall we”. And so it was to be. The scene at Halvasso turn was even more exciting; kisses and hugs; the handing out of tiny, but expensive, and lovingly chosen, gifts. And then, He spoke. “I thought we could pop down to Penzance”. “I'm up for that”, says Sonia. “Then we could cross over to the Gurnards Head Hotel”, added Mikey. “I’ll pay” said Trevor 1, settling all arguments.

And so it was to be, dear followers. A lively pace, Theresa and Solo taking the lead as we swept down the ridge and then turned south to Penzance. It was only a moment before we were off again, climbing back towards St Ives, stopping at the summit to wait for Robin to catch up.

Gurnards Head looked beautiful in the morning sun but the warmed plates and chilled wine were too tempting and we settled to a leisurely early lunch. As is the norm for OGIL rides the conversation was varied and intellectual; Thoughtful and spiritual. So it was only when Red Leader jumped up to pay the bill, that we realized that we needed to be off again, to turn our bikes eastward, for the journey home. There was still laughter in the air as the group went their separate ways. It was a day to remember. Dean

The Mevagissey Ride
Dec 10, 2013, 1:02 pm

It's always good to see Don Gunner ready for a ride on Sunday - however Don was going to Portreath and it looked like he might take a number of the others with him. Was it the draw of the “Tideline Cafe” or was this something to do with the arrival of Andy, a friend of young John's, whose well defined leg muscles screamed “give me some hills”? The average age of the ride was tumbling! We all left together, but in Penryn, rider after rider followed Don and Adrian as they carried on up the gradual incline to Lower Treluswell and only six of us turned right up Truro Hill (the designated cycle route!).

 A puncture, a wheel change at Mylor and some general faffing made catching the 10 o'clock ferry a bit tight and with some old bones not quite fully warmed up we settled for an easy jaunt around Feock before catching the 10.20 ferry. Roseland was new territory for four of the riders so a guided coastal tour was called and after seeing Mellinsey Mill, we visited first Portloe then Portholland. The sun was out but rain had left the roads quite slippy and sadly John took a fall on the treacherous descent before Caerhays beach. Both rider and bike were able to continue, albeit a little more cautiously, and we finally descended into Porthmellon. 

“Taste Buds” in Mevagissey is now “The River Street Cafe” but has the same lady and the same wonderful food and the cooked breakfast was simply the best ever! No, it really was! Water bottles topped up, we headed off up the long steep hill towards Kestle picking our way through the lanes to Polmassick then Tregony where Ryan left us to catch the St Mawes ferry. On we rode to Tresillian and after a steep climb we found Pencoose Farm and an Art Show! Nicola Marsden had a showing of her pottery and paintings and plied us with hot drinks and exquisite mince pies – the best ever! Her husband, Chef William Marsden, owns the house at the end of “suicide alley” and was keen to hear our plans for a safe cycle route. Heading north on the high ground we descended into the Idless valley by way of at least two “new” roads. Phil Eagles left us at Devoran and Ian and myself gave the lads a lesson in rehydration at Ye Olde Quay Inn. Some miles, some hills and some beers. Just another Sunday.  (Robin)

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