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Important Consultation Due Soon - New Cycling Infrastructure‏
Apr 10, 2014, 11:40 am

Falmouth and Penryn are due to get new cycling infrastructure and as part of this process there will be a public consultation from next week. This is very important for anyone wanting more cycling infrastructure locally so find out more at http://www.falcc.org/recent-activity and feel free to pass this on to whomever may be interested.

Tehidy by a different route
Apr 9, 2014, 9:11 pm

A sunny start called for at least a different route to the suggested destination and with Fred, nominally in charge, we left Halvasso turn to head towards Longdowns. Five of us had set off as usual from Union Corner for the rendezvous with Fred, Simon, Pheelfree and Phil Eagles. Mr Garmin showed that the initial pace was a little faster than usual; was it Trevor 2 or guest rider, Chris we had to thank for this. No sign of Jim chopping logs so it was on through Porkellis and over the Helston/Redruth Road. When the sun was out it was warm but as soon as it dipped behind the cloud, of which there was plenty, it felt chilly. Turning right at “This Dog Bites” and down past “These dogs bark” we approached Black Rock. Pheelfree stopped for a rest at the base of the hill, but not wanting to waste time he decided to practice taking his rear wheel out and changing tubes. It was clear he needed the practice. Bernie and I stopped to watch the fun and after a while Chris returned down the hill to see what was up, or in this case, not. A pump that works seems, to me, to be central to the task of inflating a tyre, and knowing how it works appears to be of almost equal importance.

By the time we regrouped at Black Rock the others were in conversation with Steve, from Bristol who had just set out on an end2end, using a published route that was far from being the most direct. Simon’s directions soon had him back on track and he left back the way we had come, heading for Porkellis, Stithians and then to cross the Fal by the King Harry Ferry. If you read this Steve, we hope it all went well.

The quickest way from Black Rock to Tehidy might be through Troon and dropping down through Tuckingmil. I doubt if any of you would think that Barripper would come into it. It was, perhaps, good practice for Sunday’s Audax and if anyone wants to know the date of the Chapel on the corner, I forgot it with in 100 yards. After Barripper it was Penponds, across Treswithian Moore, and the red river, before doubling back to Tehidy Park.

Tehidy was heaving, it being school holidays and with the absence of the usual rain, but suddenly, through the trees we came across the lesser spotted Trevarno Dave. It would appear that he had met up with Big Bob at Portreath, we had passed him earlier, and heard of our intended destination. Although the car park at Tehidy was over full, the café was virtually empty so we sat in the sun and enjoyed the break. Bernie said that the conversation on his table was about moles taking over the world, but I think he had had too much sun. On the table at which I sat it was the usual “When I was young, etc”.

After watching the motorists queue to get into the car park, realise there was no room and then queue to get out, we set off back, by a more well known route, past Miss Molly’s, Brea, Bolenowe and Carnmenellis. Trevor had left us to go and spend vast amounts of money at Ricci’s, Simon had headed in the same general direction and others peeled off as they needed, leaving just Chris and myself to return to Union Corner. 42 miles for me. Dean

No rain until the afternoon!!
Apr 2, 2014, 3:46 pm

According to the BBC weather forecast that is. Just what do we get for the licence fee? Wrong again!

I found myself promoted to the dizzy heights of senior OGIL this morning, in the absence of Jim, but fortunately the others were sensible enough not to expect me to navigate the route to the choice of the day, the Melting Pot, at Redruth. I’ve had to plug Mr Garmin into the laptop to remind me where we have been!

Ian, Admiral and myself met up with Fred, Simon, Bernie and Richard 2 at Halvasso turn and then it was well-known roads and lanes to nIne maidens, Bolenowe, Treskilliard, Carnkie St Euny and Krowji, Redruth’s cultural centre and the home of the Melting Pot. It is warm, welcoming and wacky and whilst coats dripped dr(ier) we absorbed the ambience. Bacon sandwiches seemed to be the choice of the day though I spotted a couple of traditionalist with cake. Food is good and meets OGIL expectations; the surroundings encouraging a more intellectual level of conversation. Frozen pigs arses, if I remember right. The actual subject was frozen anus - in the plural, but I don’t know what the plural of frozen anus is, “OGIL on a winter ride” I suppose.

The way back we have done before, down through Blowinghouse to St Euny, and after a short diversion up a no through road, retracing the lane back to Carnkie but turning left at the chapel to take us up to the Great Flat Lode, 4Lanes and Stithians, where Simon left us. After that the bikes were switched to auto pilot as for a few seconds the sun threatened to make an appearance and we wended our way home. 33 miles for me. Dean

Mission: Reconnoitre Audax course. Rendezvous at Marazion. Check for potholes.
Mar 31, 2014, 11:04 am

Charlie, Bernie, Jo, Ian, Jim, Amanda and myself set off from HQ at 09:03 (BST) but not all went to Marazion.                               Porkellis came before St Erth, for some of us.                                    I counted 374 potholes, but lost count by Halvasso.                         Amanda went all the way, but not all the way back.                          Truthall Halt was no sweat.                                                        There were already five Wheelers there when we got to Jordan’s but only four bikes outside.                                                         Trevarno Dave made it nine, but he never saw the chapel at Beacon.                                                                                 Amanda saw four lanes that none of the others did.                          Three wheelers crossed the Helston road both ways at Trevenen but only one passed Gweek garage twice.         Six wheelers stopped at the Dirty Duck and one went past. The latter did 62 miles. Dean

OGIL ride report ‏ 26/3/14
Mar 27, 2014, 3:32 pm

“I want to ride my bicycle”  -so I did.

There were no “fat bottomed girls riding today” so it was just potholes to look out for. No one waiting in the rain at Union Corner, but there was Bernie at Halvasso. Jim had texted his apologies but with a chance that Fred could still be persuaded to join us we set off towards Gweek. However, no amount of banging on the door or calling could raise him from his slumbers; no doubt he was keeping his strength up for tonight’s spinning session, the last of the season.

Helston boating lake seemed the obvious destination but on approaching Culdrose, with the wind and feet getting colder and the rain looking like it was here for the duration, Sainsbury’s seemed a more desirable café stop.

By the time we had put the world to rights the rain had eased a little but not enough to make us want to extend the ride, so it was Penboa and Trevenen, keeping to the main road for a while before turning off towards Wendron Cricket Club. By Crane Garage the rain had stopped and leaving Bernie here I enjoyed the sun back through Halvasso and home. 25 miles.- Dean.

Project R – a look into the future!
Mar 25, 2014, 11:57 am

Since I have been incapacitated there have been a few comments from various Wheelers about my situation, and a few suggestions (not all necessarily polite) about plastic, triples, Zimmer frames and so on.  This started me thinking about whether I should try to design the ideal bicycle for someone in a predicament such as mine.  I have come up with something that could indeed be fit for purpose; although that this should be seen as ‘work in progress’, in that I realise that I may not have got everything quite right just yet.  I acknowledge that there are a few minor adjustments and ‘tweaks’ still to be made.  I would like to receive any technical input and recommendations from Wheelers as to where I go from here.  Is this a great leap forward or just a dead-end?    R1

Please keep all recommendations clean and decent, Richard has rather left the door open here. Web Master

Perranuthnoe it is!!
Mar 20, 2014, 11:36 am

There were strong feelings about today’s destination, “Not bloody Poldhu, again!”, so a suggestion of Perranuthnoe, with an option to cut short through Rinsey back to Porthleven, was agreed without dissent. Just Jim and Fred to collect at Halvasso then it was 8 wheelers, head into, cold, wind, down the spine; through Porkellis, Nancegollan, Godolphin Cross and stopping, briefly, at Godolphin hill to consider whether we were going to Porthleven or continue to Perranuthnoe. The latter won, so on to Goldsithney and a left turn to the A394, across and the short drop into the village. You could see the sea, you could hear the sea, and you could smell the sea, or at least the seaweed washed up during the storms. If the Stepping Stones is the best café on the North coast then the Cabin beach café is the best on the South coast. The only downside is one of size; on a cold day it is not suitable for other than a small group of cyclists. One other disadvantage is that Cornwall Council has closed the public toilets during the week, a fact that Amanda found after cycling (??) back up to the car park in vain. They do still charge £3.50 to park, and you can stay all day if you have sufficient bladder control. The alternative is to visit the cafe. Good for business for them but must p-off the visitors. So it was a steady stream of wheelers asking for the key to their toilet before we set out homewards.

Did I miss the decision not to turn off to Porthleven on the way home? It appears I did, but the others waited for me to retrace my steps and catch them at Breage. Then it was inland and the long drag up to Truthall Halt, which all but Nigel and Admiral did, to measure progress on relaying track at the Trevarno railway. However, on reaching the turn off to Releath there was no sign of the two. Had they turned off or carried on to Farms Common. Leaving Fred to try to phone them the rest plodded on. If Malaysia can loose an aircraft then it’s no great embarrassment to admit to have lost 3 wheelers, as we didn’t see Fred or the others again. His response to Amanda’s call was that he was heading for Carn Brea! Reduced to 5 it was best to keep the route simple – Wendron, A394 and back up to Wendron Cricket Club. Leaving Jim at his gate just Amanda, Richard 2, Kath and myself turned back through Halvasso and on to Falmouth. Another 45 miles done. Dean






Seven Go – cycling
Mar 16, 2014, 11:05 pm

“We went at 10” “We went at 9”.

It rained all day? “No, it was fine.”

“Oh yes, I remember it well.”

The truth of the matter is that I don’t remember it too well these days, and one reason for writing these reports is to get it down on paper, before I forget it. Of course, I am not the only one that has this problem as several Wheelers have on occasions responded to a particular report with “I can’t remember that bit”.

Hopefully there will be no dissent over today’s ride, to the Stepping Stones café, Perranporth, one of the best of the Wheelers “cake” stops. Excellent food, excellent service, excellent prices. The only downside to the morning was the weather; one of those Cornish spring days when the weather just doesn’t know what to do; a cold chill in the air, no sun to take on the mist and a feeble attempt at rain from time to time. It will improve “Drekly”.

There were seven Wheelers that took the route out, via Penryn, Norway Inn, Bissoe, Helston Water and Truro. A slight deviation took us down Dobbs Lane and through Hendra, to avoid the road works in Truro, but then it was back to the usual Idless lanes, Goonhavern and the long sweep down into Perranporth.

After breakfasts all round, and a quick check to see if the sea was still there, the way back was the well used route up the Coombe and towards Blackwater, but the number of Ogil on the ride then biased the decision making, taking us on to Wheal Rose and Scorrier, Treskerby and Lanner Hill. At Penhalvean, Alli headed for home whilst the rest turned to Stithians and, except for Richard 2, a pint at the Seven Stars. Here Amanda was introduced to the art of OGIL conversation, although, if Steve is reading this, she wasn’t there at all.

The last few miles saw Jim peel off first, followed by Robin; then Fred at Halvasso turn and finally Amanda at Mawnan crossroads, allowing me to quicken the pace back to Falmouth and home. Just short of 49 chilly miles. Dean

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