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OGIL Lite.
May 21, 2014, 11:30 pm

The blackboard said “facon sandwich”. “There’s no f in bacon” say we. “No, but we do have sausages”, says she. So it was sausage sandwich times five, and every sandwich appeared to have five sausages in it. But she had used granary bread, so that cancels it out.

Last time we had visited the Sea Spray Café at Porthtowan it was because the Blue Bar was shut, and it was significantly on the wetter side of wet. Today it was our first choice, and apart from the fact they had less bacon than the Loe Beach Café, the choice was a good one.

Kath had already given her apologies but where were the others? What could be more pressing on
a sunny Wednesday morning than a gentle cycle ride out with good company? Failing that there is always the OGIL ride.

So it was just Bernie, Ian and myself who met up with Fred and Chris at the new Halvasso request stop. Portreath/Porthtowan was quickly accepted as the likely destination; the route would unfold as we went along. And unfold it did; across to Lanner, down through Carharick, Wellington Mine, Chacewater, Mount Hawk and the long sweep down into Porthtowan.

With the sun shining we could enjoy the outside tables and for once, almost, serious conversation – about professional cyclist’s performance, although there was a moment when the subject veered towards a comparison with sexual performance.

On leaving Porthtowan there is really only one way to go; that is up Rose Hill, around by Nancekuke, through Portreath and up again. Then it was bear left to cut back to Pool, Bolenowe and Four Lanes, where Chris left us, then on to Carmenellis, and up to Crane Garage. Whilst Bernie and
Ian kept on the A394, Fred and myself once more turned through Halvasso and home. 47 miles for me and, according to Mr Garmin, 3600
calories burnt, so no guilt over the sausage sandwich. As if there would be!


Twins conquer Granite and Serpentine Way‏
May 19, 2014, 9:58 pm
My twin brother, Shane, and I decided to attempt the longer of Martyn's audaxes as Shane needed a good 100 miler in preparation for the Dartmoor Classic in june. For those of you who have difficulty in telling us apart, Shane has a slightly darker beard!
This year there was a new venue for the rides at Devoran. Before the start Shane and I disappeared into the toilet
for our normal pre-ride ritual (maybe normal is not the right word). I have now been informed this is against the law in most parts of mainland Britain, which is a shame as it made excellent use of over applied chamois creme.
From the start, we teamed up with Helston Trev, Raymond, Simon and Phil Eagles, and followed the route along the Bissoe valley to our first climb of the day up past Wheal Jane and then on a flatish, fast paced ride to St. Agnes. On leaving St. Agnes we had great panoramic veiws towards Gwithian and St. Ives with the sea glinting in the morning sunshine. We now looked forward to two of the biggest climbs of the day out of Porthtowan and Portreath respectively. On climbing out of Portreath I could hear Shane breathing and grunting behind me, even louder than in the toilet at Devoran! I turned around and told him to stop what he was doing, pull his shorts up and get back on his bike as we
had a ride to complete. It wouldn't have been so bad but he was standing in the middle of the road at the time!
We carried on through Gwithian, Hayle and onto the back road around St. Ives. It is now I have to report an assault on my person by one of our club officials! After climbing the short nip from the Watermill pub I had stopped at a large farm entrance about 1/2 mile further on to wait for everybody to catch up. It was here Simon decided to ride straight into me. I managed to unclip and save myself from going over but the damage had been done. With his handle bar and brake lever he ripped
a hole in my shorts exposing my right buttock, not a pretty site! Just imagine the effect this might have on Margaret, or even Martyn, when I would eventually get back
to Devoran. It seems Simon will go to any lengths to quash any opposition to his tyrannical reign as club chairman. Luckily we didn't have far to ride for respite at Merrythought cottage Where John and Linda supplied us with teas, coffees, cake and biscuits.
We now followed the ups and downs of the coast road to Morvah, our furthest point west. Turning back inland we rode through Madron, Gulval and onto Marazion
and Townsend. I still don't know which town it is the end of!  Shortly we arrived at Little Pengelly Farm tearoom for a well deserved lunch. Having replenished our
energy levels we pushed onto Helston, Goonhilly and the Lizard. Here Chris was waiting for us with what seemed a whole plantation worth of bananas.
Now on the final part of the ride we split into two groups of three, the Helston boys and rest of us. I was trying to get away from Simon, he kept chasing me
but I was on my guard to any further attacks he had planned for me and arrived back at Devoran relatively unscathed. Except for certain incidents this was a
great ride in lovely sunshine and many thanks to Martyn and Margaret for making it all possible. Also congratulations to Shane for completing his 2nd 100 miler.
Owing to tiredness we postponed our post-ride ritual!
Should this be published I would like to say thankyou for allowing me to plum new depths in report writing.

The sun has got its hat on!
May 15, 2014, 9:35 pm




Can there be any place better than Poldhu of a sunny Wednesday morning?
For the six OGIL that turned out today the answer was no.




The others can post their feeble excuses on the message board. Richard 2, was lured from his death
bed, Bernie put off chopping logs to another day and Kath was up since before dawn so that the
washing could be out on the line.
There wasn’t a cloud in the sky worth talking about as we set out to meet up with Fred and Chris at our new meeting place, a gate way about 50 metres before Halvasso turn. Though we were a wee disappointed that Little Miss Angry didn’t make a show.
There was little dissent over the suggested destination and we set off via the usual route of Gweek, Trelowarren estate and across the downs.
Bernie, who today answered to the name “Bernie the Bolt”, and who had said that he didn’t want a
long ride, took the lead, perhaps with the thought that a longer ride would be shorter if done faster. Perhaps it was just that he wanted longer to sit in the sun, partake of a bacon bap and indulge in good conversation. 2 out of 3 is not too bad.

The hill out of Poldhu was almost a pleasure to climb, as was the well travelled route back through
Cury, Helston bypass, Wendron, where Chriss left us, Wendron cricket club and Crane Garage. Here we bid fairwell to Bernie, as those left went right, to Halvasso and home. 44, quite quick, miles. Dean

Up Coming Rides
May 15, 2014, 10:33 am

Having looked at the Calendar there are some interesting rides coming up at the start of June.

1st June Bob Mansbridge memorial ride, organised by Truro Cycling club, entries through their website.  http://trurocycling.org/bob-mansbridge-memorial-ride/ 

8th June Various Audax rides from Brentor near Tavistock, there are rides from 50km up to 200km, as these rides are around or over Dartmoor there should be a good bit of climbing. Entries through Audax Uk http://www.aukweb.net/ or e-mail jim@wilkinet.demon.co.uk

15th June Merlin's Coast to Coast, a 100km Audax starting at the Merlin centre.  As this ride is raising funds for the Merlin centre the entry fee is higher at £10 plus sponsorship forms are available but it's all for a good cause.

All of these rides give a chance to ride some different routes for a change.

Secret Seven go Cycling
May 12, 2014, 10:06 am

Yes seven riders met at 9.00 full of joy and enthusiasm for the ride to Mevagissey. I jest of course it was decided to make our way to Portreath and see how things progressed. We set off through Brill, Seworgan to Coverack Bridges. Charlie left us at Wendron to head for Stithians that left six. So on to Releath, Black Rock, Bolenowe through to Brae where Dean said he had be home by 1.00 so we entered the magical world of Miss Molly’s tea rooms and had a cup of lovely instant coffee was it black or was it white tricky question. Anyway Dean then shot off home followed by Amanda who did her own thing that left Four we continued on our way to Tehidy and then Hells mouth where it become very obvious (as if we didn’t know already) that it was windy. We pedalled down to Gwithian and on towards Hayle going straight over roundabout at Lidl that well known cycle clothing supplier. Up the long hill towards Leedstown, past Leedstown then first left making our way to Nancegollan then on to Porkellis for a well-earned Pint. Thanks to Phil 1 Phil 2 and Ian for good company on Breezy ride.


Sunday's 10am Ride (11th)
May 11, 2014, 6:42 pm

Seven riders today, and I considered that good given the weather forecast.  Today Don M took charge and lead the way. Now you'll have to forgive me as I still don't know all the road, hill and lane names, but as I was elected to write up the report, I can only give you the general directions.

Went through Budock to No Mans Land. Going towards Mawnan we turned right into the lane. At the bottom we turned right and headed to Constantine. Until then I marked Don  10 out of 10 but at the top of Constantine the score dropped dramatically to 1. After a breather we reached Gweek. The coffee thief from last week was with us and as I didn't have any sustenance, he kindly gave me some of his banana (so he's forgiven). I wasn't looking forward to the climb out but Don surprised us and we turned off to St Kevern (now that was a lovely climb so Don's score rose again). We the made our way to Culdrose and down to Helston lake for refreshments. After coffees, teas, cakes and bacon butties, we cycled up through Helston and crossed the main road down a farm track (and a very pretty one it was) and came out at Helston dump!! We girls certainly get taken to all the best places!! Further on we crossed the main road again to Poldark. It was then on to the Star
Inn, but sadly we didn't stop there, Carnkie and Halvasso. Here I said goodbye to everyone as I headed down the main road. It was another great ride and it didn't rain so Don's final score is 10!!


You’ve let the club down, and you have let yourself down!
May 7, 2014, 9:26 pm

Or so thought Miss Angry who had trouble getting by our melee of bikes at Halvasso turn this morning. And though she had a “Cornish”sticker on her needlessly oversized car she objected to Admiral saying “Ok, my luv”. But she did have a point; perhaps we need to rearrange the rendezvous; though it didn’t strengthen her point to keep repeating it. However, the distraction flustered Fred and meant that the choice of a destination was hurried. Bernie had previously said that Stithians was open again mid week, so, with prospects of rain, a loop around and an approach from the rear seemed sensible. There were 7 of us, average age plummeting with the presence of Mark and the ever youthful Kath. Kath wanted to keep to the small lanes, and of course, in Cornwall, small lanes are usually the hillier ones. So, it was out towards Gweek but turning off to Seworgan, Wendron, Releath and over to Black Rock before heading back to 4 Lanes and Stithians. We hadn’t gone far before the heavens opened and we pulled over to shelter. If that’s what heaven is like I think I’ll go somewhere warmer.

Stithians’ café was shut. The obvious alternative was Ricci’s at Bissoe; Good old dependable Ricci; so off we went again, via Burncoose and Frogpool. Ricci’s was shut.

Third time lucky, we headed to Carnon Downs and the garden centre, where it was the staff’s turn to be flustered, which resulted in an over supply of bacon baps. It didn’t go to waste.

Leaving Carnon Downs, Ian turned off to go to Truro, Fred headed towards 5 ways and the rest of us went down through Perranarworthal, up Hangman’s Hill and home. Viv had used his car to get to Union Corner so had to return there rather that peeling off at Perranwell. Just 40 miles for me and back for 1. Dean

When it’s night time in Italy, its Wednesday over here
Apr 30, 2014, 3:59 pm

I have found that the way to avoid being late for the OGIL ride is to get up earlier, so I was first to arrive at Union Corner, followed by Richard 2 and finally Ian.
Why did Robin flash by us, briefly waving, and heading back towards Falmouth? We thought that he was going to join us and perhaps that was his intention but just couldn’t catch us.
The briefest stop at Halvasso turn, where Chris, Simon and Fred joined us and we were off again; destination chosen but route to be sorted out as we went along. The forecast was heavy rain later so, naturally, we wanted to be as far away from home as possible before it started.

It was a straight forward route; Stithians, Burncoose, Bissoe, Chacewater, and as there were a few drops of rain in the air, around the back of Blackwater just to add a couple of miles, to Lilly the Pinks. The café was busy when we arrived so service was slower than normal, giving plenty of time for adult conversation.
Pity there wasn’t any.
But with the new Chairman present we were relatively well behaved. Generally it was a catch up on news and gossip; just who was upset by reference to "il grasso a fondo le ragazze";  who went hunt the sausage at Perranporth last Sunday;  and such like.
We waited until the rain was particularly heavy before venturing out again, leaving to advice from T’pau not to push too hard, and headed for home. Simon turned off at Scorrier, Chris didn’t at Treskerby turn, and the 4 of us left pushed on, not too hard, to Lanner, Stithian’s Lake, and Crane garage.
The rain had just about stopped when I arrived home. A fast(ish) 36 miles for me. Dean

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