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Jun 20, 2014, 9:38 pm

We set off about 10pm still in the light from Windsor Race Course through Feltham,  Twickenham, Fulham  passed Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament the illuminated London Eye, over Westminster Bridge, through Admiralty Arch- and reached the halfway point at St James Palace. On through Hyde Park, Chelsea Embankment across the river again at Putney ( 60k under our belt ) out through Kingston-upon- Thames and Hampton Court Palace, Stains, Runnymede (no time to look where the magna carta war signed) The home stretch, only 20km left now. It was fantastic to ride right through the night and see the dawn breaking. There were a lot of potholes between Windsor and London and we passed a lot of punctured tyres! Loads of people waved and cheered at us outside the pubs and houses along the way.
We were on the road from 9.45pm till 4.45am- about 6 hours actual cycling time, plus millions of traffic lights, one quick dash behind the bushes, as usual, and although there are 4 feed stations, we only stopped at two. As we came in to the finish line we were presented with our medals. A professional photo was taken and we enjoyed our bacon butty for breakfast.
The whole ride has raised £900,000 so far, all going to Women v Cancer, Ride the Night. We heard many emotional stories from other women doing the ride and would recommend it to anyone thinking of taking part next year.

Irish Tour 2014
Jun 20, 2014, 9:32 pm

I counted them all out and I counted them all back – save for four! Martyn and Margaret are now in Wales having crossed the Irish Sea from Dublin and are figuring a route back to Cornwall on the tandem. Don and Sue are still in Ireland and are currently visiting Sherkin Island – so difficult to say when they will be home!

It has been a hugely enjoyable holiday with more pints of Guinness drunk ( approx 150 ) and more miles ridden ( just short of 400 ) than in 2012 and with plenty of laughs - there was a party every night!

Most credit goes to the “Not So Bright Girls” who amazed themselves (and us all) by cycling the route from our hotel in Dingle to our Hotel in Kenmare – it was over 60 miles and included two mountain climbs. With new found confidence they joined the long ride on all but one day.

If you haven't already, please read Susan's ride reports on the website. And if you're reading this, Susan, have you any recollection of day 6? We are patiently waiting. Two clues - a sheepish motorist and a cycling fish?????

I believe there will be a more detailed account in the news letter. Robin

"With it being my birthday ............................."
Jun 12, 2014, 10:27 pm

With it being my birthday on Wednesday I'll write a quick OGIL ride report. 

We met as normal at union corner and nice to see a couple of additions to the usual crew. There was myself, Bernie, Phil, Admiral, Rocky and Richard 2.  The French trip boys rode fully laden which was going to give me a fighting chance of keeping up.  How lovely it was to see Jim waiting for us at our new Halvasso meeting spot. After a rendition of Happy Birthday we headed for Stithians lake cafe.  Lacking a birthday cake the owner of the cafe stood me a piece of Raspberry Crumble cake. Don was already there having come out for an early ride and we all sat and enjoyed our coffee and cake in the sun.

Not sure where we went after that but we eventually ended up at Fred’s house where I gate crashed the final arrangements French trip meeting. But with the sun shining and bacon rolls on offer I don't think anyone was in a hurry to move on.

30 something very pleasant miles and a lovely way to spend my birthday.  Clive gave me a Garmin for my birthday so no more not knowing where I am.



Push and shove till yer Saddlesore
Jun 2, 2014, 9:16 pm
To arrive at Lands End after a 1,069 mile cycle ride from John O' Groats is an emotional moment. To see a welcoming crowd with the Falmouth Wheelers' flag flying high and family waiting, was overwhelming.
From the three of us, Charlie, Tony and Nicky, we extend our sincere appreciation to everyone who made the effort to travel to Lands End to meet us. Your support and interest is greatly appreciated.
From: "Push And Shove Till yer Saddlesore" - Pastys (for short).

Ireland Trial Run - Sunday 25th May
Jun 2, 2014, 4:52 pm

Nine of us were in Gill's kitchen drinking a welcome cup of coffee on Sunday morning with a view to getting ourselves and our bikes organised for Ireland. Once the bikes were safely strapped in the trailer, we set off in two cars. Robin and Gill took Phil E, Paula and Liz while Ian, Don M and me were in Shane's rather spacious van. It rained on the way to Par but luckily by the time we arrived there, it had stopped. We headed through Par and Tywardreath up to the top at Castledore junction. That was quite a steady climb to start and a few of us shed some clothing as we were rather warm. After a breather and a drink, we cycled towards Lanlivery. Unfortunately we missed our turning and came out on the A390. We decided to retrace our route back down a short distance and took a rather steep and muddy lane to Milltown. Now, as all you riders know, if you go down you've got to go up!!!I had a small problem with my brake pads but it turned out to be muck on the wheels.
   On through Lostwhithiel then Lerryn where we stopped at a pub for coffee and hot cross buns. The landlord made us very welcome and ensured we had enough coffee. Then more climbing out of Lerryn, through St Veep, Penpol, along Lanteglos Highway and down to Bodinnick Inn for a well deserved break and a spot of lunch. Sitting on the terrace we had a beautiful view of the river Fowey. All too soon it was time to hit the road so we crossed over on the ferry and headed out along Passage Lane and up Penventinue Lane. However, at the top of Penventinue it was a mud bath so we had to retrace our steps, but we didn't mind for two reasons. One, it was down hill and two, we saw two 'living statues' at a guest house. One was a horse and the other a dog. They were absolutely brilliant.
  We soon saw ourselves meeting the St Austell road and back at Castledore junction and joy of joys, a long downhill ride back to our cars. Gill had made a delicious carrot cake and some tasty flapjacks. All that was missing was a cuppa!! - next time... Once the bikes were safely packed up, we made our way home. A brilliant ride and although it was only 23 miles, with the hills, it seemed longer but very enjoyable and no mishaps. Hope the Ireland trip goes just as smoothly.

Falmouth Wheelers Committee
Jun 2, 2014, 1:30 pm

The Falmouth Wheelers elected the following officials to its Committee on Thursday 29th May 2014:


  • Chairperson        - Simon Jones
                              (this formally confirms Simon's position following the club meeting in April when Steve Lightfoot stood down)
  • Vice Chairperson - Fred Pullen 
  • Secretary           - Sonjia Cooper
  • Treasurer           - Don Gunner

These are our representatives so feel free to approach them on any club issue you want to raise.  The Committee will be meeting regularly.
  As usual you can still raise things at club meetings.


Don is looking to stand down as Treasurer in August/September after 13 years in the job. If you are interested in standing for club Treasurer and want to find out more, speak to Don.  If you decide to put your name forward please get someone to nominate and second you and give your signed nomination to Sonjia.  Nominations will close on a date to be announced once the date of the club meeting is known when the election will take place.

The Girl and the four men pop up.
May 29, 2014, 3:37 pm

Well there were 5 at one point but they all rolled over and one rolled out, clanking his bottom bracket as he went.

Penrose Water gardens are lovely in June, but today it was still May and the darling buds of May were nothing when compared with the flowers that bloom etc.

Those that know just where the water gardens are situated will know that Halvasso turn is not on the
way. But for OGIL this is no disadvantage and a nifty descent down deaf cat alley and across to 5 ways had us pointing in the general direction. But there were no feelings of euphoria as we went
up-up-up-up-up-up-up”,and we went “up-up-up-up-up-up-up” many times before the ride was complete. And yet the Old Carnon Hill, the Old Coach Road and Hendra Road were mere undulations compared
to the narrow lane north of Idless, chosen by Richard 2 solely for the reason that we hadn’t turned off
for some time, and which set my “new road”alarm bleeping, well, alarmingly. Surprisingly this brought us out at exactly the spot I would have chosen if I could have remembered the way, with just a short down hill bit remaining, to the Lilly Tea Room.

Compared to, say, Miss Molly’s, the prices are expensive, but you do get a bit of green stuff with the bacon baguette and the view from the veranda over the Lilly ponds is more than pleasant. Whilst Richard, Bernie and Kath discussed their arrangements for their upcoming epic rides, Chris tucked into his baguette and wondered why he had broken so many spokes recently.

On the way out we had passed Cornwall’s first major hospital and returned past its present, via lanes, fords, and hills. Whilst 3 of us turned off
to dib dib dib down by Tomperrow, Bernie and Chris continued on to Dangerous Crossing and homewards. We were not so lucky, Richard having another go at navigating, and we went “up-up-up-up-up-up-up” to Cross Lanes, where we finally spied a sign to Devoran. The traffic was light along Suicide Ally and hangman’s Hill came and went. Finally we parted company with Kath as she took the low road to Falmouth and Richard
and I turned to Hillhead and back to Union Corner. 36.3 miles for me, and according to Mr Garmin, as hilly as I thought it was.


Denise's Women V Cancer ride through the night.
May 26, 2014, 1:22 pm
For those who have not donated yet a last reminder.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         On 31st May 2014 I am taking part in 100k bike ride through the night in London to raise funds for womens cancer.
Women V Cancer ride the night will support Breast cancer care, Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, and Ovarian Cancer ac...tion.
This is the first women only night cycle challenge to raise fund to fight breast, cervical and ovarian cancers. I am writing to you all
in the hope that you will help me to raise as much money as possible for these great causes. Every woman who is diagnosed with
one of these life threatening diseases is someones Mum, Daughter, partner or friend. I can remember the shock that I first felt when
I first heard that my young Niece had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now in remission and we are all keeping our fingers crossed.
So, please help me to raise some money to fight womens cancer.  
Please visit my justgiving page to donate:
Thanks Denise
Remember Vanessa is also doing the ride with Denise.

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