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Horses, P Fairies and Wasps
Jul 16, 2014, 10:21 pm

Those who have previously commented on the fact that I often write a ride report as soon as I get home should know that my short-term memory can be so bad that I forget even the most interesting happenings on the ride. Last week, for instance, I forgot to mention the white horse, galloping, galloping across the plain; or at least chasing us up the lane near King Edward Mine. It was last seen disappearing over the horizon, heading goodness knows where. I also forgot to mention Fred being stung on the helmet. Sorry, I mean in the helmet. These two facts may not seem that interesting to you, at least not interesting enough to put in this week’s ride report. However, although I am writing this within a few hours of todays OGIL ride, I can’t remember that anything else happened that was more exciting.

So where were we, and more important, where were we going? Well, there were the 4 musketeers, plus Chris and myself, and we went to Helston boating lake, via Trevano, and bidding Jim “good morning” as we passed below Crane garage. Spargo insisted on telling each that joined the select group that he hadn’t been out on Sunday morning as he had had a puncture, or was it two, so had gone out for a pre-lunch drink instead. Such constant talk of the P fairy had its logical conclusion as I clipped a rock in the road going down towards Helston railway and was forced to stop to change the rear inner tube.

Helston boating lake café was quiet. We were well behaved. There were bacon baps.

The ride back took us up to Wendron School, where Chris left us, and via Jim’s hidden lanes to Wendron Cricket Club. Bernie had earlier referred to his epic DVD account of last month’s tour so we were then invited to Trevales for a preview. I was, to say the least, impressed, the highlight of the ride. 36 miles for me.  Dean

Sunday Ride 13th July Perranporth
Jul 15, 2014, 10:08 am

Steve Hudson was at HQ with Ian's old “reincarnated” crashed Boardman, now a single speed. I think Ian was pleased with the result; it's difficult to say as Steve was sent off to make some minor adjustments. Ian had other things on his mind – he was leading the 9 o'clock ride to Perranporth. 

The usual route - Lower Treluswell and Carclew then along the Bissoe valley turning right to Twelveheads. Ian directed us up the climb to United Downs but some; I think four, carried on to Twelveheads. There had been talk of Porthtowan and the pretty girls serving in the Blue Bar – and Nigel doesn't do hills. 4 Ogils gone, 7 riders left, once 11 – memories of my grandmothers Eau de Cologne. We've got our own pretty girls with us. 

Amanda doesn't like hills either but despite her protestations she really is quite a good climber and we chatted/argued about the different techniques of riding hills whilst making steady progress passed Mt Wellington mine. Social climbing. 

Through Crofthandy and Scorrier and on to Mt Hawke - I complimented Ian on his creative route -   he then over enthusiastically led us to Mingoose and Towan Cross and back to where we'd started – a bit of a wild Mingoose chase. No complaints, not one, I think we all enjoyed the detour – it certainly sharpened the appetite. “Stepping Stones Cafe” in Perranporth stepping up to the mark as usual making us most welcome – coffee, as much of it as you want, comes with the breakfast. 

Our numbers, now swelled by the addition of Trevarno Dave, we headed back via Ventongimps and the Idless Valley and a quick detour to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on Lemon Quay. Not a fiddle in sight – should have let them know we were coming. Thoughts now of a pint and a decision to try the Coppice in Lanner after hearing some good reports. Out through Penweathers to the Bissoe Valley again (dizzy ride) and Comfort via Cusgarne where we lost the tandem and Richard 2. 

The Coppice is one of four pubs that have been bought from Punch Taverns by the Kelteck brewery. We sat in the sun and sampled between us three of the five brews available. All were excellent and welcome fuel for the gem of a climb that has remained secret to me all these years – Chapel Hill. Amanda and Richard 1 declined the challenge leaving just three of us to revel in its steepness. Amazing views over both coasts greeted us at the top as we made our way to Four Lanes and eventually home. Some miles, some beers and some hills – living the dream.

The petit depart.
Jul 13, 2014, 7:31 pm

Fresh (?) from their tour, “Le Manche to the Med”, Bernie, Richard 2 and Fred joined Chris and I for “le grand retour à la normalité”, the Wednesday OGIL ride. Today, “normality” took the shape of Tehidy Country Park, though the changes were rung by going the other way round. That is, from the pick up point near Halvasso turn it was across to Four Lanes and via Pool.                                                     Whether the others were ultra fit through their European adventures; and Chris has been spending his time recently seeking out some of the “100 best hill climbs” in the South West; or whether my 4 weeks holiday has made me even softer than before, I know not but I was struggling. Mr garmin had been left at home with a flat battery so the truth will remain unproven.                                                              The sign at Tehidy said “Closed” but fortunately they were not, though only one couple sat outside with an early cream tea. It was bacon baps all round, with or without egg, some also taking the healthier option of brown baps.                                                                                                                                              Conversation, discounting the one between Bernie and Mary Crow, and the others between Bernie and the little girl that had just fallen off the bench and seemingly loosened a tooth, was minimal. Apparently what happens on tour really does stay on tour, unless they are just keeping the disclosures for their own tour report.                                       

 The way back, as you might have guessed, was the route normally taken to get there, via Bolenowe; Chris dropping off somewhere along the way and the rest of us, as usual, at Crane garage, halvasso turn, or Bosmeor Road. Its usually about 35 miles so I figure that was about what we did.


30 gils!
Jul 3, 2014, 9:05 pm


Just 3 OGIL's met at Union corner, Dean, Chris and myself. Where were the others? probably catching up with the washing after their incredible trip through France.

With me having lots to do in the afternoon, Dean just back from New Zealand, and it was looking like a hot one we opted for an easy option.

With no-one at Halvasso turn we headed for Gweek. We considered calling for Fred as we went past his house I'm sure he wanted to come out really.

After Gweek I shot off up to the St. Keverne roundabout as I had lost my Queen of the Mountain on that section on Strava. I'll just have to be quicker next time as I didn't get the Crown back - 6 seconds short!!! I'm sure I can make that up somewhere, next time!

We then went through Trelowarren estate and popped out at Cury crossroads. We were going to Mullion but Dean pointed to a road that we hadn't previously ridden; to my dismay the signpost said Poldhu! So on to Poldhu it was. It’s a good job their cafe does the best bacon baps ever and we had the healthy option today as he put them in a granary bap. The beach was filling up nicely with families as we set off back up the hill, will I ever get used to that hill!

Back to Helston where Cormac (or whoever it is that repairs roads) were giving hundreds of car drivers their worst Wednesday of the week. The tailback was immense; I never knew that many people used the roads past Culdrose and beyond.

We said cherrio to Chris just past the pitch and putt and Dean and I continued to the school, took a right, first left and went down Jim's new lane to Wendron and home via Halvasso.

Strava tells me we did 33 miles. Good ride out.



Club Officers
Jul 1, 2014, 9:53 pm
" Following Don Gunner's decision to stand down as  club Treasurer at the next meeting in July, nominations are invited for his  post. Club Secretary Sonjia Cooper has indicated she will be standing.  If  anyone else wishes to stand please get your nomination in to Sonjia or club  Chairperson, Simon Jones. So nominations will also be needed for Sonjia's post  as Secretary.
Nominations to be received not later than Sunday 27th  July, in writing and signed with the consent of the person nominated, and  delivered to Sonjia or Simon."

Looe Pathfinder Ride, June 29th.
Jul 1, 2014, 9:52 pm
Thirteen Wheelers enjoyed an excellent ride from Tregoad Park via Seaton, Crafthole, Millbrook, Mount Edgcumbe, Kingsand and Cawsand, and back to our starting point via the coast road, Portwrinkle and Seaton.
Robin and Gill, Dale, Simon, new member Joe, a young writer specialising in bushcraft, who has recently arrived in Falmouth - Welcome, Joe! - Caroline and I travelled in two cars with the trailer carrying seven bikes.  The 50 mile trip went well and all the other riders met up on time: Denise, Graham, two Phils, Kath and Clive.  A few dark clouds threatened to dampen the event, but in the end we only had a few drops during the whole day. 
Setting off towards the coast, the long downhill stretch gave us wonderful sea views but 'what goes down must come up' especially in Cornwall! and we soon found ourselves grinding up a serious hill out of Seaton.  Denise, fresh from her London night ride, gamely brought up the rear, always accompanied by one of the chivalrous guys; typical Wheelers' support, and much appreciated.  Yours truly wasn't much ahead of Denise - those hills were hard work!
The roads flattened out somewhat as we made our way through the curiously-named village of Crafthole, down to Millbrook, very attractive with its mudflats, birdlife and old cottages.  After 16 miles we arrived at mount Edgcumbe Park, where we enjoyed lunch in the old stable block.  Passing a group of Segway riders as we left, we headed out of the park and had our only fall of the day when Joe stopped rather suddenly and Kath, behind him, couldn't get free in time. She hit the deck hard but luckily only suffered a grazed knee.
Onward towards Kingsand and Cawsand, stopping to admire the view over Plymouth Sound and the breakwater; down to the twin villages, where we inspected the the old Clock Tower, which had narrowly escaped being destroyed in last winter's storms.  Repairs are on-going. We continued along the coast road, deciding against a visit to the the Rame Head Coastguard station, enjoying more great views and a pleasant drinks-and-icecream stop at Cliff Cafe.  Past Tregantle Fort, Downderry and then Seaton, where a long climb out of the valley brought us back to Tregoad Park.
Thanks once again to all the drivers, to Robin for lending and loading the trailer, and for the excellent organisation, and to the weather gods for keeping the rain at bay.
34 miles and about 4500 elevation of climb.          Liz

Mines and Mineral Railways ON-road and OFF-road
Jun 23, 2014, 10:43 pm

6 July, 2014 Starting from Carharrack Organiser Simon Jones

These two rides explore Cornwall’s mining heritage in the ‘Copper Kingdom’ between the Channel and the Atlantic, with the optional extra of a pasty lunch and clotted cream tea.

The on-road route is a classic Cornish randonnée using quiet lanes and minor roads. The off-road event covers similar territory using old tramroads and bridleways. A revised route this year is 90% off-road – mountain bike recommended.

Order food for £3, payable with entry – choose veggie or meat pasty, and either rice pudding or scones and jam.

Get your entries in at the meeting on Thursday.

Jun 20, 2014, 9:38 pm

We set off about 10pm still in the light from Windsor Race Course through Feltham,  Twickenham, Fulham  passed Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament the illuminated London Eye, over Westminster Bridge, through Admiralty Arch- and reached the halfway point at St James Palace. On through Hyde Park, Chelsea Embankment across the river again at Putney ( 60k under our belt ) out through Kingston-upon- Thames and Hampton Court Palace, Stains, Runnymede (no time to look where the magna carta war signed) The home stretch, only 20km left now. It was fantastic to ride right through the night and see the dawn breaking. There were a lot of potholes between Windsor and London and we passed a lot of punctured tyres! Loads of people waved and cheered at us outside the pubs and houses along the way.
We were on the road from 9.45pm till 4.45am- about 6 hours actual cycling time, plus millions of traffic lights, one quick dash behind the bushes, as usual, and although there are 4 feed stations, we only stopped at two. As we came in to the finish line we were presented with our medals. A professional photo was taken and we enjoyed our bacon butty for breakfast.
The whole ride has raised £900,000 so far, all going to Women v Cancer, Ride the Night. We heard many emotional stories from other women doing the ride and would recommend it to anyone thinking of taking part next year.

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