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Tea Treat and Freewheeling contest
Sep 7, 2014, 7:17 pm

Many Wheelers gathered at Stithians lake for our annual Tea Treat, many thanks to Caroline for going around all the local bakeries to get the Buns.

Richard ran the Freewheeling contest but there was some controversy, was waggling the front wheel to and fro cheating, were the super smooth bearings on Robins wheels allowed.  After some debate Trev2 declined the winners prize and Chris was declared winner, only then did he realise he now had the problem of carrying the cake home on his bike.

An enjoyable morning with perfect weather.

In the picture Richard presents the prize, Dean's head, sorry Cake.

Pathfinder ride to Stage 5 of Tour of Britain. Meet 10 am, Thursday 11th September @ Ashburton
Sep 4, 2014, 2:08 pm



Linhay Business Park Ashburton TQ13 7UP.


We'll meet at the entrance of the business park which is situated on the left just before the B3352 re-joins the A38. You may find parking within the industrial estate but you might need time to find alternative parking in case it is full. Give a couple of hours for the journey from Falmouth

We will ride up to Haytor either by a direct hilly route or a longer flatter ride – we'll decide on the day. Then we'll ride the tour route to decide on a good spot to watch. The tour will pass through between about 12.20 and 12.45 depending on where we end up. Once the “Sag Wagon” has passed we should find it easy enough making our way to a pub for lunch – the Tavistock Inn in Poundsgate might be a good choice as the tour passes close, but not through the village. There is a small pub just outside Widecombe which might be worth looking at first.

Our returning route back to Ashburton will be governed by the size of our lunch but we'll be heading mainly south with a good bit of altitude on our side and expect to be back at the cars between 3 and 4 pm.

For more information on stage 5 click on this link:



The last of the summer whines.
Sep 3, 2014, 5:10 pm

It was going down Hillhead Road, into Penryn, that I remembered that last time that Fred went on extended holiday and Richard 2 took over as OGIL coordinator, he took us up and down about every lane he could find, and most of them weren’t of the flat variety. Today, I feared, would be no different. Ok, the reason we were going into Penryn was because Bernie wanted to arrange a service on his new banger, a funeral service I think. Arrangements made, it was into town, out to the point, which wasn’t quite so crowded as on Sunday, then along to Swanpool, with a little diversion off to the side along the way. By Maenporth Bernie was suggesting a coffee break might be in order but as Richard turned into the beach café car park, Bernie and the rest of us carried straight on. We didn’t go to Budock Vean Hotel this year, just past it, and along the creek to Port Navas. There were mutterings by now as to just where we were heading; the Waymarker was mentioned, but I remembered last week Richard suggesting we might head out towards Fat Apples. I kept quiet. A compromise seemed to be Potager Garden, which would have been good, if it had been open, a fact that brought a comment from Nigel that this was the most badly organised OGIL ride he could ever remember. I couldn’t comment, having had to take notes just to remember this one. With Bernie declaring that he didn’t mind which way we went as long as it was towards home, there was only one destination in the frame, Stithians Lake, and we headed back towards Lamanva and, dare I say it, Halvasso turn. Neither Chris nor Jim was still waiting there so we did not stop. At least it was an opportunity to practice for the downhill event next Sunday, although with a head wind I was pedalling again before even getting to Menherion. I dawdled after that with the thought that if the Stithians café was also closed there could be fisticuffs, but no, the café was open and all was well and the sulks subsided. It was here that Richard reminded me that I hadn’t sent a text to Trevarno Dave to tell him where we were heading. He wouldn’t know – that would make five of us.

With tea/coffee and cake inside us the conversation lightened, though the sky did the opposite, but the rain held off. As we readied for the depart Bernie spotted Sonjia, Sonjia’s friend, and Liz arriving, but realising they had seen us we didn’t sneak off. By the time we had dropped Bernie back at Trevales, seen Nigel on the right path back to Penryn and paid our respects to Halvasso again I had done a tad less than 37 miles. Dean

Trip to Dartmoor
Sep 1, 2014, 1:59 pm

 The Tour of Britain  

    Who fancies a pathfinder ride that takes in the Tour of Britain stage on Haytor? 
    Once Robin knows who's interested he can plan an appropriate route so please let him know at Thursdays meeting. Amanda.



     Click on the link above for the stage route

A Sunday in Spain
Sep 1, 2014, 11:57 am

Years ago we used to ride frequently in the Clay Country – but not so much these days. We perhaps needed to find out why.Eleven wheelers gathered at HQ but only 9 left at 9 o'clock and Nick Williams left us at Carnon Downs. A further four branched off at Playing Place so just four of us headed North.The sun was a welcome companion as we worked our way through Truro and up the Ladock Valley, chain gang style. Through Fraddon and Indian Queens and then over the A30 and finally to the quieter road that led to St Dennis. Here we were given our first indication of why rides don't come this way so often – the clue is in the names – Brewers Hill, Currian Hill, Cleers Hills. But they're just hills and in the glorious sunshine the surrounding landscape had more the appearance of the Spanish Sierra. We rode up to the abandoned ski station at El Pase Cocksbarrow Montana to view the snowy mountain tops of La Cordillera Gunheath and the galacier running down its side. Far in the distance you could just about make out the Mediterranean twinkling in the intense midday heat. Time to find some lunch.

We descended from La Arcilla de China at 1000ft to the cool plains below, finding refuge in La Cafeteria del Museo where we were served excellent tapas and wine - though I think Amanda had egg on toast. Come to think of it, I had a pasty and a cup of coffee. St Austell was just down the road – the spell had been broken!
We made for home through Sticker and Tregony and found welcome early refreshment in the Roseland Inn in Philleigh before timing it perfectly for the King Harry Ferry ( years of practice ).   Cycling passed the Old Quay Inn (a first) we headed to Falmouth to watch the Armada leave but were distracted by The Seven Stars on the Moor. By the time we reached Pendennis Point the Spaniards we mere dots on the horizon.
Qué maravilloso día montando.   Robin




Seven plus one equals OGIL
Aug 28, 2014, 11:46 pm

It was during the Wheeler’s meeting at Wood Lane that I realised that I had forgotten to write this week’s ride report so my normal standards of accuracy may be affected. Let’s start with the basics; we left Union Corner at 8:50am and we went to, err, the Blue Bar. Caroline had faithfully promised to be there but no show. I am sure it must have been something really dreadful that kept her away, it couldn’t have been the weather forecast; but Kath was there, along with Richard 2 and Bernie, and Fred was at (near) Halvasso turn when we arrived. With a consensus on the destination we were about to start off again when first Mat sailed by and then Nigel came along.

There is an unwritten rule in Cornwall that the weather on the North coast is generally opposite to that on the South coast, so with rain forecast for the Falmouth area, the Blue Bar would be a fair test. I remembered to text Trevarno Dave to give him a heads up.

The best way to get to the Blue Bar is probably down past the Greek Church and across to Burncoose, so we went out to Stithians, across to Lanner and down to Carharrack. By now the weather had arrived and one of the OGIL, I can’t remember who, turned back. I only hope she got home OK. Passing through Scorrier there were murmurings about short cutting to Smokey’s, but brave souls as we are, we struggled on and low and behold sped down towards a dry and fairly sunny Porthtowan. I was surprised just how many there were in the water.

The Blue Bar was busy, as one would expect, but we crowded around a small table to enjoy the various offerings. I think I am doing pretty well at the moment so don’t expect me to remember much about what was said. We were almost finished when Dave made his appearance. That reminds me, Ian was with us too. How could I forget him? (suggestions on a postcard please.)

The agreed route back was to Portreath and past Tehidy, so after Chapel Hill, and the onset of rain, Bernie turned left when we joined New Portreath Road, and headed for home, as we turned right. Our determination, however, slipped a little, as we were tempted to turn off at Bridge, past the Cornish Arms and up to Illogan. Here Richard (2) showed us a short off road section bringing us out near the College and a short hop across to Pool. I was ready for the main road back past the Countryman but played follow the leader down to Brea, Bolenowe, and the usual way back. 42 miles for me but a fairly early return; soon enough, at least, to miss the heavy rain that closely followed us home. Dean

The Big Breakfast
Aug 27, 2014, 2:34 pm

A group of enthusiastic cyclists rendezvoused at the old packet offices on a bright sunny day! Whoops dreaming again anyway we were there and it wasn't raining we warmly welcomed Ryan and Nick grunts all round and Chris back from talking to Robots so he was comfortable with us lot. Anyway off we went to Marazion via Gweek, Helston, Porthleven and Goldsithney. We avoided most of the rain which appeared to be falling heavily in land. At Marazion we continued to Penzance as it looked as if the rain was about to find us. We had an excellent lunch made all the better by having to wait nearly an hour 4 serving 1 cooking logic somewhere I am sure??? After lunch we headed back via Carnhill Green, Nacegollan to Porkellis where a small pint was consumed by some I have since heard that several were consumed by persons unnamed. A great ride 60 miles. Fred 

A Camel's Tale
Aug 21, 2014, 11:16 pm

 “Right” said Fred

And it was that which led us to the subject of Kath’s photos. But let’s start at the beginning by saying that it was Kath who put us off going to Poldhu this Wednesday. She did vote for Coverack but qualified this with “where’s Coverack?” Trevor’s warning that it would rain at 11 o’clock was dismissed as 4 OGIL set off in full sun from Union Corner. The young unknown female cyclist in front added to the anticipated enjoyment of the morning, it is not often one experiences the full moon on such a sunny morning, and with a lively pace we reached Halvasso turn (near) just as Fred arrived. An amendment to the route gave an option of diverting to Fat Apples if Trevor’s prophecy came to pass. At Gweek I tried to phone Trevano Dave, who’s had the uncanny knack recently of second guessing our destination and joining in part way. Unfortunately, my phone or me  hadn’t saved his number. He was on his own this morning.

Cutting up through the Trelowarren Estate we kept to the left, rather than the shorter
track directly on to the B3293, a more scenic route giving us a better view of the black clouds approaching from the East. Though Trevor was nominally leading the ride we responded to Fred’s authoritive “Right”, setting off my “new road” alarm.
A mile or so further on I began to wonder just how far we had ridden as
we spotted a collection/herd/flock of camels blocking the road ahead. They were certainly not impressed by seeing the alternative mode of transport that had made them redundant and were in no great hurry to move on; clearly deciding that caravans had as much right to use the road as cyclists, or even the red Mini Cooper stuck the other side of the blockage.
There were only about a dozen
camels, insufficient to do a trade for Kath but Trevor did manage to swop his bike for the Mini, though he handed it back after a few minutes,  not fast enough for him!


  Before Richard could leave his name and phone number   with the pretty
  (relatively speaking) young blonde in the photo we were  on our way again.

The road down to Coverack is seriously steep. The young waitress at the Fat Mackerel was very welcoming even though she seemed to be working entirely on her own and the café was busy. The only table available was the children’s corner, complete with paper table runner and a collection of crayons. We could not resist. The food was good and service was surprisingly quick. At 2 minutes past 11 a few spots appeared and by half past, as we were ready to depart, the rain started. Quick to respond to the situation, Richard ordered another coffee, and cake, and for some reason we stood outside, in the rain, whilst he finished it. Never mind, we were amused to watch a huge refrigerated vehicle weave slowly along the narrow street past the café, and then reverse, even more slowly, to drop off a package no bigger than a shoe box. As he started to reverse again, guessingly another couple of hundred yards to a point he could turn around, Richard reappeared and we set off. The road out of Coverack is seriously steep.We took the scenic route back to Gweek, through Newtown, St Martin and Gear Hill before tackling the longest hill, allegedly, in Cornwall and, saying goodbye to Trevor, dropping back to Brill. Somewhere along the way I received a text from Dave, he was at Poldhu.   
So near yet so far!
41 miles for me but surprisingly only 703 metres climbed.  Dean


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